Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dear Isabella...

Evangeline, the wonderful and talented designer of Evie's Closet, just released her new gown... It is called Isabella and comes in 5 luscious colors and two different skirt options for each... Yes, that's 10 dresses, plus the hair (in 4 colors, shown on Rose) and shoes!
This gorgeous piece of art is to be found at her main shop (including in a fatpack, here only) or in the Avilion Vale market...

On Rose:
On Sua:

And to match all this sweetness the Insolence DSN gift is the perfect lingerie set, simple and delicate...

Hair: Exile Laynie (not free but for a good cause: help Laynie from Tea Lane get her RL son to diabetes camp)

It's been a long day....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

lucky chair dresses!

So, first of all. Yay! Icing has finally put a lucky chair in their store. I love Icing. Amazing, and absolutely gorgeous dresses. They certainly did not fail to deliver on the lucky chair dress. The dress is superb! Full of colour and great detail with the gorgeous florals! It makes me swoon. /me smiles! Go stalk it now. There is sure to be lag. So keep the prims down!

The next dress is a lucky chair prize from idk. The store is called IDK. I do know the name of the store. LOL It's super tight and sexxxy. I love the shading. Some outfits have no shading if you have larger breasts and it makes the outfit look kind of weird. This dress completely defeats the weirdness with some wonderful handrawn detail and shading!

and OMG, the look what the cat brought hunt is tomorrow!
I cannot believe it! Are you as anxious as I am?



Hello Anastasia here again with my next installment on amazing SL jewellery designers. Many of you are familiar with the amazing work of Miriel Enfield. I had seen her work when I first started in Second Life but the news that her sim and shop would be closing sent me back there today to check it out before it's gone forever.
It's an amazing sim, beautifully built an a great way to explore it and get some amazing Miriel jewellery is to do her Golden Cage hunt. You get the starter notecard in the main store and you're off. This is not an easy hunt, you really have to think about the clues and explore the entire island to find all the prizes. There are 5 in all and they are all gorgeous.

Everything is currently on sale, which includes all the jewellery as well as 2 styles of hair and a gorgeous selection of eyes. So you should go do the hunt then buy out the store like I did!

All of the photos here are taken on the Miriel sim, I bought this beautiful Victorian style "Gibson Girl" hair and dug through my gowns to take the photos in character. In fact I loved it so much and it reminded me of Anne of Green Gables so I went back and bought it in a red as well!
The wonderful thing about Miriel's jewellery is the options, you choose your metal, stone and perms. All are mod, so you choose copy /mod or mod / transfer on any items including hair. All demos are free and there is a set of 10 eye colours free which double as demos.
The store and the sim will sadly be closing in the next few weeks so you should go now before it is gone forever.

Do the hunt, spend some money, take home some of Miriel's fine prim jewellery before she too escapes her Golden Cage and closes her store and her lovely island.

#1: Fleur necklace and earring set, L$185 peridot / Silver version is a hunt prize
#2: Medallion necklace in gold / ruby L$150
#3: Bauble necklace (colour change!) in silver L$60 and earrings L$25
#4: Blossom set in silver / jet L$180
#5: Secret necklace L$165 gold / mandarin garnet is a hunt prize

Hair worn throughout is Gibson Girl in Chocolate

Status Quome: Excited!

Hi everyone! I mentioned it would be fun to be a guest blogger, and Rose kindly invited me to try it out here, so yay! *waves* My style is kind of mixed, usually classic/retro couture or frilly pinky girly type stuff, but at heart I'm a country girl. This is one of the first outfits I put together in SL and guess what? It's all still available (mostly) free! It's a little different than the usual high fashion I see on blogs, but if you're into "redneck chic" well here ya go!

Top/Pants/Belt: (outfit includes wings and brown denim skirt, not shown) -Ray Skin La Bala Wing II Peach2, 1L - lots of dollarbies here! All sooo cute!

Boots: Studio M'z Western Boots brown leather- lucky chair prize

Hat with hair: W & Y hair 5 pack B (now 100L, hat has color changer)

Skin: Adora Skins & Shapes, May gift, hurry! (includes shape, not shown)

Taken at AM Radio's "The Far Away"

There must be an angel...

playing with my heart... Because today I fell in love, several times...
First with this adorable babydoll dress I received from the DSN, you can find it at a shop called Subtle Submission. There is a matching collar and as much as I hate collars, I must admit this one is really pretty and subtle, not shown on the pic because it takes my wings off (by the way have you noticed the wings? Thanks to a hint from Serenity Snook I sent a notecard to Xaja Denja and she sent me the 5 lovely pairs of wings that she made... you should do the same!)

Then I unpacked my weekly group gift from a Piece of Candy and fell in love again... What? You still haven't hit the subscribo yet? It's free, doesn't take one of your group slots and you get a gift each week. Unfortunately there is no history but you won't miss next week's gift if you run there!

You think it would be enough love for just one day? Well, there's more... I also found these eyes at a place called Ashes to Ash where the designer, Ashirin Oakleaf, sells lovely eyes, among other things...

Oh and just when I thought it was enough and was about to publish this post, I received this sexy bikini from the {CIPRIA COUTURE} DSN selection which is the same Immortelle posted about a few days ago, with a different texture.

And suddenly my heart goes "boom"!

Other pretties:
  • Hair from Bryce Designs (it's supposed to be for men but I think it gives me and angelic look)
  • Shoes from 50Flats (can't remember if they were free, don't think so but cheap anyway)
  • Skin from Curio
  • Background? My place....

Friday, May 29, 2009

hunts & such.

Hair: All prizes in the Pasch Hunt.
Skin: Freebie hidden among the skins at L'Oring.
Tops: Dirty Mouth Shirt (0L) at barbee . Other Tees and hoodie are prizes from the Pasch Hunt.
Pants: White Velour Pants from Zaara Sale! Not Free! Sale ends June 1st.
Scarf: Prize from Pasch Hunt.
Shoes: Sneakers from Pasch Hunt. Red checkered clogs (0L) at Sakka's Studio.

The Greatest Love OMG Hunt starts today!

Really short post.
That's it!

Grace Kelly

I tried to be like Grace Kelly (ooh ooh)

As did Lemania with todays retiring Dollarbie, which I think is stunning! It's 1l (obviously) and is around until about 11am slt grab it while you can!!


Look what Kouse brought

I heard the wind whispering, there is a new gift at Kouse's Sanctum...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Paper Couture

Hello everyone! My name is Anastasia and this is my first post here on Look what the cat brought. I am going to share some of my favourite things with you, starting with a series on jewellery. There are some amazing jewellery designers in Second Life and I would like to shine a little spotlight on some of them.

This week I am looking at Paper Couture and the creations of Cora Lu. All of the photos are taken on the Tableau sim where Paper Couture's mainstore can be found.
Paper Couture is well known for Haute Couture type clothing, jewellery and accessories and they release a new line each season. All of the items featured in this post are from past collections and can be purchased on XStreet as well as upstairs at the PC mainstore.

Both the design and the quality of Paper Couture jewellery are excellent and pieces run the gamut from simple to outrageous. But they are all gorgeous and exquisitely crafted.
Here I am trying to choose a piece from the latest line. I am still torn between the Glass Flower necklace and the Enamel Butterfly necklace. They are so beautiful I will likely end up with both!

Paper Couture also carries unique skins, hair, clothing, shoes and accessories by the Lu Sisters.

#1: P.C; I Dream of India necklace and earrings L$450 Fall 08 Collection
Hair: ETD Tiana, Skin: LF Chai Double-shot Trinity Tone 4, Dress: Zaara Calengute Strawberry
#2 P.C; Crystal Bloom Set L$400 Fall 08 Collection
Hair: W&Y 37, Skin: Fleur Allure Alabaster Fall in Love 3, Dress: {Gisaci} Antique Rose Flexi Silk Organza
#3: P.C; Sapphire and Diamond Set L$300 on XStreet Spring 08 Collection
Hair: (VW) Flat Iron War, Skin: Cupcakes Seduction Cameo Berry, Dress: Skin Flicks Ashley Blue
#4: P.C; Faceted Dark Garnet Set L$400 Fall 08 Collection
Hair: ETD Mira Espresso, Skin: ::Tuli:: Kalista Base Skin light, Dress: Aoharu Bias Dress Brown

Summer Love

In a hurry but still with love...
DSN treat this morning, the Jade by Vivianne Fashion (two different styles show on extreme left and right of the picture).
Corset shown in the middle is a treat to grab at Malt .. the freebie stuff stand is full of gifts from all the designers there !

My love for Phoenix Designs & Firefall keeps growing and all those lovely things are to get from the chairs.. new prizes ! (not the clothes but the jewels, belts, cuffs, boots for male and female and arm wrap)

Another gift from Malt is the featherish outfit shown in the middle, and the cute flower to chew on !

The red dress is from Irresistible lucky board ! yum yum

All along the post are shown the skins from Tuli... previously blogged and delightful for Sua's ones and the one Mae wears is a gift to find in the store; Kalista ! I love Tuli !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name, oh yeah

Hey hey new blogger alert yayz! ^.^ I'm Titania and i'm gonna be showing you stuffs i like, mostly freebies or cheapies, maybiez sometimes stuff that costs lindens cuz i've fallen in luv with it and begged/borrowed/camped for lindens to get it... and its soooo awesome its just gotta be seen... you know how it is... okiez so i'm really bad with txt spk LOL but i've made an effort to be grammatical in this post (with apostrophes even @.@) so if i'm still toooo incomprehensible pls lemme know and i'll try harder next time :-P

Anywayz for my inaugural post i thought i'd look at some awesome free stuff from a couple of fave designers ^.^   

See this dress? Awesome or wot? Who is it by u ask? Its by Star Fairymeadow of Wretched Dollies fame, but really, did u need to ask? Cuz the dress is called Logo Wear and its... well... covered in Wretched Dollies logos LOLZ. i *so* luv this dress... it flounces... it moves like a dream... i can smoulder darkly in this dress... perfekt for lurking in graveyards... some designers try to sneak a logo onto their clothes but i think if ur gonna have a logo on ur clothes then u may as well have a *LOGO* on ur clothes u know? Also what i luv about this dress... is its freeee yayz from the Wretched Dollies lucky chair. The awesome boots are from Studio M'z, were free in a hunt but free no longer sowwy :-( howeva equally amazing brown boots are in the Studio M'z lucky chair.

So lemme just show u a closeup of this outfit, bcuz, u so need to properly see the skin which is all kinds of wonderful... and yep thats also made by the amazing Star Fairymeadow as well :-D Its the Harlequin skin, it is so not free but u so know that u want it.... its upstairs at Wretched Dollies with the matching Harlequin dress. And look look look ZOMG are these demon horns cool or wot? See i can hang round looking cool and languid and... catch the moon with these horns woot! These were free from the MM at Nedria Cyr Designs, no longer in the MM but as she changes stuff in it pretty often they might reappear one day... meanwhile they are not so expensive really... 

There are other amazing stuffs in the Wretched Dollies chair, like this yummy pants-and-coat Pretty Paisley Cyan outfit (thrs a mens version also in the chair). This is so saturnine and elegant and also its practical for a gurl with a BIG sword it doesnt get in ur way when ur fighting lolz... which brings meh to... yeh the sword... every gurl needs a sword like this... its b-i-i-i-g its scripted no one is gonna mess with u wen u got this sword ^.~  u know u want it.... go hunt for it at sick the hunt is on until 7 june so *run* sick hunts are neva easy but alwayz so worth it... the hunt starts here click on the poster tht haz the piccie of the sword, get hud, wear hud... hunt for black data boxes with glowy blue lights... fill hud, find supercomputer, ask supercomputer nicely to give u ur enormous big sword... then go kick ass ^.^

So u need to see that skin betta also, it is from another fave designer - Roslin Petion of Fleur... lemme show u a close-up of it....  yummy huh i so totally luv it... guess wot.... this skin is freeee its Fleur's newbie skin in several skin tones AND u can get it even if ur over 30 days yayz...  pssssst Fleur is having a 50% off sale for a coupla weeks, i dunno when it ends so i would go there asap... when the sale ends i think that *all* their old skins will be disappearing like foreva cuz a brand new range is coming out... so bottom line is, if u want this free skin, dont mess about, go get it NOW at Fleur!

So here is my last piccie, wistfully abandoned all alone in a big spooky forest... im a leetle scared cuz the forest is *very* big and spooky but i got my teddy bear to keep meh warm... where did i get him? The Wretched Dolliez lucky chair of course yayz ^.^   Also in that chair is this impossibly womantic super awesome tophat... this hat does wistful so well... it sits so well positioned on ur head and is just the right size unlike many tophats that i've tried... and the skin is one of my most fave skins in all of sl.... its the Fleur Feline skin.... its in the Fleur bargain basement along with a coupla other skins and... all those skins are only 250L @.@  true! Get it before all the old Fleur skins disappear...

All the jewellery im wearing in this post is Violet Voltaire, the purple stuff wuz an old freebie, the cuppycakes set a cheapie, and i think these are not available any more... but she has other sets equally yummy... she is no longer running her sl business but still has 2 small outlets here and here.

Yayz! tht wuz my first blog post! Woot! Now im gonna press 'publish' and i so hope it works ok LOL ^.^

Do you hear me, talkin to you ...

... Across the water, across the deep blue ocean...

Because I do tell you to run at First Look and grab those stunning outfits for the supa expensive price of ... 1L each. Duh.. Yeah .. get them.

Now a bunch of schmexydelicious dresses.. from left to right:

[AV] Vlodovic group gift : Cocktail Roses.. one good reason to join the subscribo no?

Sugarcube dresses : Chopsticks holder dress (0L) and the House party dress pink (1L)

Leezu pretty gifties ... Satin Rose, Jen in Blue and the two hairstyle shown with them are gifts too ! Lizza on the right and La Vie en Fleur on the left. Oh the jewel set show with House party dress is a gift to grab at Leezu as well.

And for the dessert we'll have a hawt set of lingerie from Black Lace but not only, Oh Baby you must get the Midnight Mania from the French Farm. This adorable dress is perfect !

And.. about the beautiful skin I'm wearing.. It's Tuli last group gift. There is a 250L fee to join the group, but really worth if you consider the gifts you receive! Since I first tried the skin she sent out as a gift for bloggers, I did find my "human" skin. Suavana is often a drow, but Tuli makes the most perfect skins in my opinion.

No heavy make-up, gentle face and soft touch of blush on the cheeks, I luv it ! Thanks Tuli.

I kissed a girl...

It's not what good fae do, not how they should behave...
Well, not exactly, but as Ulaa says: "This tuli skin makes me wanna make out with myself."
And it is soooo true! The ever so talented Tuli Asturias has just released a new skin series, called Hope, and as usual she is giving out the nude version to her group members. There is a 250l$ joining fee for the group, but honestly, it is well spent money. Take a look at the 5 gorgeous skin tones that she gives out:

Each comes with 4 different eyebrow colors... G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! I can't help showing you the whole thing...

The eyes I'm wearing are from Poetic Colors, but I am not sure they're out yet, hair is from Maitreya, the dress is from Kouse's Sanctum, the wings from Fairy Pearls (all of this not free) and the shoes from 50flats (old freebie)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The post without title

A quick update post on goodies to get !
First DSN is spoiling us with the lovely shape from Kunstkammer .. nymph shape simply lovely.
I also enjoyed very much the poses from TorridWear but I'm showing you also poses from Elisa.
Elisa is a very talented pose maker and I got very sad when i received the notice about her closing sale.
*me cries*
Anyway, she is putting all her delicious creations for 1L till Sunday May 30th so better grab them before they're gone.
Elisa, i loved your store and will miss you much !

Also shown here... the new lucky chair delight by Blue Blood ... PlaidStars in Purple is just lovely!
Add it the kitty paw print tatoo by ... dang !! was a MM and there is no LM inside the box.. I'll investigate tomorrow but Cat Powaaaa lol
And last but not the least, the silky outfit is Serafina by Mela'ryn .. not free but soooo nice!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spell Bound!

This is my favorite place in all of Second Life to shop! Spell Bound is owned by Kendall Dagger and Mike Sohmers and they have it all. The shop is beautifully set at the Nautilus sim. This is is a true reflection of the owners. Fun, classy and quirky! When you are done shopping, have a look at the sim, its art all by itself. When you shop Spell Bound, you will find Men's and Woman's Clothing, Casual, Contemporary, Medieval, Gorean, Stunning gowns,Sexy silks,and...Chickens...yesh..Chickens..with theeeee best chicken coops!
While looking around, i found a lucky chair near the camping area, and won these gorgeous silks. After seeing these, my Inventory is now full of their many beautiful silks they sell.

Next, i found a gorgeous freebie called Cotton candy. This beautiful gown comes in full ballgown, and a short fae dress as well. Included are beautiful ballerina kid slippers.Notice the detail and ribbons!

This next outfit is called "relic" and sells for 300L and is prolly one of my favorite outfits. I love kilts, details, swords, and a nice flow to a garment. This outfit has it all!

Come take look, there are things here to explore, games to play, and you are bound to leave with a chuckle, a freebie, and something you simply had to have!


This bikini is so need a swim to cool off! This lil number has been designed by the creative talents of Myla Vuckovic. Mylya owns a beautiful store named Cipria Couture. She has couture gowns, skins, eyes, full av's and so much more! She has lucky chairs..MM boards and daily gifts! This lil number is only 200L and comes in four layers....and if you have tats...layers are are so nice! So..if you wanna sizzle..come on down!

We're off to see the Wizard...

... the wonderful Wizard of Oz!

To celebrate the birthday of Franck L. Baum, the Magic of Oz sim organises a little hunt. Find the 15 books around the sim, click each book, it will ask you a question Oz related, answer correctly and you'll get a balloon that will tell you where to go. Go to the shops the balloons send you to, and when you're within 2 meters range of the big cupcake, wear the balloon and click it... it will give you a gift! So yes, that's 15 gifts, from amazing designers, that you can get while wandering in this beautiful place. Honestly the hunt is easy.

Here are my favorite things from the hunt (there are more, though):

Dorothy dress, Crie Style
Ruby slippers, Lou lou & Co

Scraps dress, Silent Sparrow
Cupcake survival kit, the Laughing Academy

Saiyge dress special edition, Evie's closet
The Wizard of Oz book (with 2 poses), MnM designs

Now all you have to do is follow the yellow brick road... Click your ruby slippers and say "There's no place like home"

Look What the Cat Brought Hunt.. One Week to go !

Yay one week .. and I'm excited like a little kitty in front of a cup of milk !
So little reminder of all that hunty-story.
Starting location : Ancient Dreams Market
You can hit the blog subscribo thingy there, we will send
interesting stuff for you through it !
Who is going to spoil you ?
Simply Fae ** Aria's Dreams ** Rosie's Thingies ** I~Mae~gination ** Black Wood **
Fallen Gods Inc ** Lemania ** Fredrik Writer's Creations ** Deadly Desire ** Geisha Dreams **
Steel Souls ** D'signs ** Ezura ** Miamai ** Sascha's Designs ** Psychotic Neko **
Phoenix Designs & Firefall ** Deviance ** Rebel Xtravaganza ** TrashPuppet Designs **
Golden Delish ** Nushru ** Happy Gurls ** Wasabi Pills

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goodies of the day !

Who can get enough of Ding's flats ... Not me that's for sure.. So when she posted on her blog that their shop had moved and that all the previous freebies were out... I ran to their new home !
And remember to eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day when you wear those cute flats !
Opening gift !

Plus all previous free poses are back here and a small prices on others (25L for the one shown)

*grins and points at Harmie's new smexy outfit too, from Phoenix and Firefall
On today's list was also Ezura's B-day hunt. 3 bottles, 3 gowns, 3 times more pleasure ! LOL
And last but not the least, I stopped at Never30 to grab this so sexy lingerie, free !
And one new tomorrow so hurry ladies !

What would he love ?

So as some of may know.. Aria just released new dresses, as lovely as usual. Delicate and detailled, they are perfect for evenings out with your special one and the only problem I met is... yes.. but what would he love?

Sirena in Crimson Bliss is very sensual

But Maeve in red is also adorable...

Would he prefer something blue ?

Or something fiery like me ?

Green would match my eyes.. will he notice?

The Twilight is just a dream to wear.

But I might go for the Sirena in Ocean.. I hope he likes...
Hair : Apple by Maitreya (200L)
Sirena gowns : 350L
Maeve gowns: 350L
Maeve in Aqua is the group gift !!!