Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diesel works me... and I'm loving it

Ok so, i've been following Diesel Works for quite a time now.. and if you're reading us for some time too, you'll remember the stool as a group gift, and the eggs for the Easter hunt.. and those are just some of the pretties we got.
Join the group is costing 125L, but Rogan is a very generous designer.. and he often offers gifties.
Like this ballet pose.. one free as he released the whole pack. And if you buy the whole pack.. you'll get a free ballet outfit.

And .... he is organising a hunt in his shop... 8bags.. full of great gifts, like the two poses shown under. The other bags contain the posing stool in different versions, the easter eggs, another couples poses and single ones. Awesome no ?
So head there and thank Rogan if you see him 'cos he rocks ! A big thanks to Sue Sveiss without I wouldn't have been able to find the very last bag !! Thankies !

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