Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Roger.. Roger... Target Acquired.. Tracking Elliandra now

Yep... I've been stalking.. lucky chairs, lucky boards, Midnight Manias and Elliandra.
Ooooh wait, nope.. not under her shower. Only her NCs. The babies she sent to Lucky Chairs Stalker group and which are always full of treasures.
Why do I love Elliandra.. Well for that? *points at the following pictures*
Because she is one lady with a certain taste and her advices always rock. Thanks Elli !

*Elli's tip n1: Elate's freebie dress - Claire pack comes with the teal/pink and mint color. Modelled with *Hair* Philotic Energy blogger's appreciation gift (Jake in Ash)
*Elli's tip n2: {Bingo} free dress. Modelled with *Hair* Philotic Energy blogger's appreciation gift (Portia in Kohl) *Tatoo* Seduction Inc blogger's appreciation gift *Flats* 50 Flats mom's day gift *Skin* Tea Lane blogger's appreciation gift (Amanda skin)
*** Ooops I got sidetracked to Blue Blood in order to get Lola dress in blue from the chair ! Modelled with *Hair* Philotic Energy blogger's appreciation gift (Flynn in Ash)

* Elli's tip n3: Elate's freebie dress - Bridget pack come with the Chocolate/Denim and Emerald color.

And oops n2... the HSC April Gift was calling me too loud ! Modelled with Rockberry LC gift

*Elli's tip n4: Golden Delish special offer - 7Poses for 25L (6shown above) - Modelled with Moxie Polano's Flora top in Peach

And for the 3 other outfits.... as you may have noticed, there is a bunch of items with the mention "Blogger's Appreciation". Well.. this week is the Blogger Appreciation Week and in order to thank all of us for promoting the shops, some designers are dropping on Fashion bloggers group members delicious gifts. I hesitated before to blog them. Not that they are not worth being posted !

But I hate to gloat. As a blogger, we may have sometimes advantages and even review copies. This is awesome, and it's true as well I couldn't offer all the items shown if some woudn't be gently offered to us by the designers in order to be blogged. My budget wouldn't allow me to buy them all.

But still, when I can I rather prefer to buy the creation than having it offered, as I think it's more fair to the designer. And to you. As I said, I hate gloating so I make it fairer for all and i rather keep it to myself. But these one gifts have to be shown, just for the love of blogging.

* Prelude's gift: Ambrosia Tangerine - Modelled with *Skin* Tea Lane blogger's appreciation gift (Amanda skin) *Hair* Magika (Babo - 25days of Christmas hunt)

* DCNY blogger's appreciation gift - Modelled with *Hair* Foam's freebie (Another Elli's tip i believe!) and *Hair Scarf* Total Betty blogger gift

* INSOLENCE's blogger gift - Modelled with *Hair* EXXESS Designs dollarbie

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