Saturday, June 26, 2010

Allow me to....

to apologise. I've not been around SL much recently due to my job but I'm trying my best to be here to blog and be around my roleplay sims!
So without further ado....
The Dressing Room has a gorgeous new blue collection out and this dress is another by Baiastice and is only 70l. Ok.. so I know it's not blue but it is beautiful, I love the frilly details and the lovely shade of green. Perfect for a hot summer night out!

Saff xx

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue Room

The Dressing Room has a new section to it "The Blue Room" and as you can see the items for sale are very blue orientated
The dress is lovely, I adore the little details of this shift dress, the skirt has ao animations in it and is easy to fit to your avs size (it's made by Baiastice) it's only 70l
The shoes I just fell in love with, they're sexy, unique and only 70l also (by Kookie)
The eyelashes are gorgeous, I never used to be a fan of lashes because I struggled fitting them but I read this article and It showed me how to fit my lashes easily and correctly, these were only 40l (by [glow])
So take the tp to The Dressing Room and have a look around!
Saff xx

Friday, June 11, 2010

Amacci Sale

Truth be told I'm not all to keen on Amacci hair but when I hear the word hair and sale in one sentence I have to come a running so I paddled on to Amacci and had a peek around, tried on all the demos (minus the guys hair but there IS male hair in the sale)
and found these two pretty styles, I'm wearing Janet on the left and Svea on the right
I was only keen on the up-dos but there are long, mid length, short, pony tails and many others so do go have a look and see what takes your fancy!
Oh yes, all the sale hairs are ONLY 35l!!
Saff xx

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Dressing Room

I went for a peek around The Dressing Room and found these gorgeous avant garde lashes by [glow], they're striking, easy to fit and a great price, only 55l and they include two pairs!
I really reccomend having a look around the dressing room as it's a great variety of SL's designers and all the items are specially made for there!
Saff xx

School's Out For Summer!

Now this hair was a cheapie sold at Magika recently, and it has gone back to full price but I'm having a day of appreciating the best of second life and in my opinion Magika hair is one of the best places to go for hair that's normal or quirky! I love this hat and makes me think of school girls who have to wear the boater hats.
Magika has free, discounted and full price hair in plenty of splendid colours.

I'm also a fan of all things Tuli and this skin is part of "The Dressing Room" set, it's under 100l and I adore the details, lovely luscious lips and smokey purple eyeshadow
I can't get enough of Tuli, in my opinion she's one of the best skin makers around!
Saff xx

Gung Ho!

Ok... so usually I'm not very gung ho... I'm not cool and, unlike Dag, I don't have any guns so I have to do it the kiddy way with my index finger and thumb...

But it doesn't mean I'm not willing to get out there, fight and kick some butt!!

Join the PVC army and hit the MM @ Silk & Passion
(Hair freebie @ Magika
Skin new release @ Tuli)
Saff xx

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cupcakes... num num num

Here are three of cupcakes' 1l skins, there are about 9 skins, all 1l each and LIMITED EDITION so I think they're only available for today, they're gorgeous, highly detailed and shaded and I love the cute little effect of rainbow eyeshadow, it's something I'd wear in real life!
Saff xx

Rabbit Hole

Magika released a lovely new hair as a special gift on the subscribo so I decided to go for a walk. I accidentally fell into a book and around me were lots of mystical things
Thankfully what I wore blended in rather well as I dressed rather quirkily and the rabbit decided to let me go!
Hair - Rebecca @ Magika
Shorts (to my memory) can be found @ the Gnubie Store
Shoes @ Duh!
Saff xx