Friday, May 22, 2009

Marquise, dream of a night and night of dreams

It's free, for one more hour, at Phoenix & Firefall
It's delicious and sensual. And I'm not telling anything more.. *grins* I have plans for the evening and dreams of a Marquise.

UPDATE : Just a little something that I think need to be said. Did you know during those two hours, over 500 dresses have been sold?!? I mean 500 ! So yeah, I know, lag is a pain in the donkey and get inside the sim can be tricky but, heh, they are doing a *favour* to all of us by offering it for free. So please don't bug the designers, thank them. When there is a two hours free offer, come, pick your outfit and make room for someone else. Lucky chairs will still be there tomorrow.

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