Monday, May 18, 2009

Be Drow(ed) up by Ashia

*smacks herself* I did not know Ashia had her own skin store untill I learnt someone "borrowed" her creations. Then Ashia has decided to sell all her skins for 1L, which I can't hardly believe as the work put in them is so amazing.
And honestly... did you ever expected to such a more lovely drow priestess than Suavana as she presents you the skins ?
So honestly, go at Ashia Designs and show her some love. I would even say everyone can consider dropping a few more coins on her while shopping there.

Sua's look n1:

  • *AD* Timeless Fantasy - Snow Drow (1L) by Ashia Designs
  • White Priestess Outfit from Avilion Mist (non free)
  • Hair: Tuli from House Of Heart (non free)

Sua's look n2:

  • *AD* Timeless Fantasy - Moondust Drow (1L) by Ashia Designs
  • Red Priestess Outfit from Avilion Mist (non free)
  • Hair: Bonita by ETD (discounted hair)

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