Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well Courtesans Shed No Tears

im a happy little avie atm :-DDD

We are talking about the 2010 - The Future Is Now exhibition on the Greenies sim :-D

U might remember i broke my heart over one outfit at the exhibition? The stunning The Game Of The Courtisane by Violator? Stunning in terms of both awesumness and price LOL ^.~

And since i couldn't buy it i blogged the demos of the shoes and headdress? A bit pathetic i know but hey - i luved this outfit so much that i wanted to show u that much at least ^.^


Space Games

YESSS this IS the awesum outfit The Game Of The Courtisane by Violator! AND this is ME wearing it at the exhibition area at Greenies YAYZ.....

So what happened?

The totally gorgeous folk at Violator happened ^.^ Saw my blog post... AND GAVE ME COURTISANE *dies*

So i've been wearing The Game Of The Courtisane round the grid ever since and its created a bit of a sensation i must say hehe. i've been wearing it with my totally awesum gorgeous Droe Exotica skin by Skin Within from the same exhibition that i blogged last post... and oh my *oh my* do they go so well together or what :-D

Close up time:

Materialising by Moolight

Oooooh! Aaaaaah!

The other thing u might notice i'm wearing is the freebie Nebula Collar by alaMood, its FREE at the exhibition so don't miss out cos its wonderful... find it in a box *here*

Yeh i blogged this collar last post but it was a small picture, didn't do such stunning work justice and i promised i'd do a proper closeup foto of it for u so here it is... luv luv luv it ^.^

Cyber Flower

Where to find these stuffs? At the 2010 - The Future is Now exhibition... along with many other totes awesum stuff. Go check it out soooon cos im pretty sure this exhibition is only on til end of this weekend ^.^

The Game Of The Courtisane by Violator is *here* (3500L)
Droe Exotica by Skin Within is *here* (1200L)
Nebula Choker by alaMood is *here* (free)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One word... Shoes!!!

Hey yall, I've been away for awhile but I am back, you little fashion freaks!  ;)
On my quest on finding the right pair of white wedding shoes to go along with my dress, I came across a couple of awesome stores.

Some of my close friends know that I searched high and low for the perfect pair of pure, white heels and/or flats. Here they are! I found these pretty things at *abc* Shoes and Boots.

Diana high heel pumps: white gloss: L$33

A small, cozy and fabulous place! The prices go from $75 to as little as $1! There you can find sneakers, boots, flip flops, flats and heels. And while I was there I also picked up this wicked pair of sneakers with glowing shoe laces for L$39

She's So Unusual Shoes is another gem I found. This place is great! The style's are very creative and unique and I must have spent 45 minutes just looking around. There I grabbed these...

                                                    White Rose Petal Heels: L$95
Now their prices range from 95-25L$. Carrying styles such as fuzzy slippers, sandals, flats, platforms, wedges and all kinds of high heels.
A two story building, the first floor has some freebies/dollarbies on a display right up front and 6-seat Prize Chair Roulette.
On the second floor is a MM Board.

All of these shoes showed here from both stores all come in Various colors. :)

~ Roz ~

Friday, January 22, 2010

Floating to the edge of the world

So i found myself at the Rezzable fashion exhibition on the Greenies sim... "2010 - The Future Is Now". Have u been yet? And if not why not? LOL

Go now, its *here*

Prepare to be gobsmacked, there are about 40 designers who have all created something around the theme of future fashion, its cyber, its spaceage, its robotics and metal and futuristic and more, the stuff is awesum... and i dunno whether these things will be available after the event closes so u should go now ^.^

i can't show u much stuff cos i can afford almost nothing LMAO. But i got a couple of things and u may be able to afford something and if u can't well u can still look and marvel ^.~

SO... LOOK AT THIS SKIN!!! i practically *died* when i saw this!! i HAD to have it, and if u have to have it also it is *here* at the Rezzable exhibition:

Galaxy Grrrl

This skin is the ANA Cyborg skin by the oh-so-talented Ayesha Bisiani of Skin Within. It costs 1800L but then again, it is absolutely unique. i feel like a pagan spring goddess from some future cyber-land. Kind of cyber-Barbarella lol.

Okiez here is another shot of the ANA Cyborg skin... yeh i know, this is purely a vanity shot - cos i look so dam hot in this skin hehe :-P

From The Vortex

The face is so perfekt and the shape and detail on the lips is divine. i'm very fussy about the lips i wear. Lookee, close up of the face:

Lightening Strikes Twice

And as if that wasn't enough... prepare to die again, look at this *second* skin, the Droe Exotica skin also by Skin Within, find it at the Rezzables exhibition *here* (its 1200L):

Cyber Storm

Yeh, i *had* to have this one also LOL :-P The face is perfektion yes?

What else is there? Other skins, many awesum outfits, i can't show u cos i couldn't afford them :-s

But i am gonna show u a demo of parts of one extraordinary outfit, even if i can't show u the whole outfit, this outfit is called The Game of the Courtisane in Aluminium and its by Violator. i would soooo buy this outfit if i had the lindens.

Here is the hair/headdress and ONE cyber-boot (rofl... yeh the demo only gives one boot). The whole outfit is 3500L, but u can buy the hair/headdress separately for 690L and the Spikes and Roses Stilettos separately for 990L. Find these *here* at the Rezzables exhibition:

Asteroid Rider

And did u notice that necklace i'm wearing? It is a FREEEE gifty in a box at the landing point here! It is the Nebula necklace by alaMood and really i meant to do a better foto of it cos it is quite lovely u really *must* get this ^.^

Now here is something i *could* afford - the awesum Elda Wings by amazing designer Sakuradawn Lei of Lazy Places, which cost 300L. Aren't these wings awesum? They are real cyber, all glowy lights and metal. Find these *here* at the Rezzable exhibition:

Cyber Flight

U didn't think i'd do a whole post without any freebies for u did u? Of course not lol!

So did u notice the uber-great jade green tutu dress i'm wearing? This is the latest group gifty from DV8 yayz! Ur not a group member? Why not lol? It's free to join! Here is a better pic of the Danse Macabre group gifty dress:

Planet Tide

And then there is the DV8 lucky chair, which kindly gave me this dress:

I Glow In The Dark

And finally, here is the oomy-wonderful Lady Carnage dress from the MM board at the talented Putrid Gloom's Show Me On The Doll MM board:

Carnage Zombie

And as u would have noticed, i have not taken off my Skin Within skins throughout this whole fotoshoot LOL. And tell u the truth i don't think i'm gonna take em off any time soon :-DD

i think there is gonna be another Rezzable fashion show for The Future is Now this sunday 24th at 10:00 slt, and possibly also the following sunday 31st at 15:30 slt, and i think there is a closing party on saturday 30th... i can't guarantee that info is correct but u might wanna try and get into the sim then mwahahahahahahaha... well u can try lolz ^.^

And the awesum location for the fotos? All the planets and stuff? All at 2010 - The Future Is Now.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunset in my Home

I decided to model my new outfit in Avilion as it was such a beautiful in character setting, the dress is a MM from Wishbox (which is very popular so I advise you to slap it quickly) and the hair is from the half price sale (85l) at Tiny Bird which doesn't yet have a definate ending before they close to remodel the shop.
Saff xx

Sunday, January 17, 2010

You're so Hollywood she said

So i came across this cute shop called Cazimi Designs ^.^

Cazimi Designs has some luvly clothes... and ALSO it has a lucky board jammed with a lot of really nice treasures... AND a big box of freebies with some great stuffs in it. i got all inspired and went on a bit of a foto-fest at that amazing Immersiva sim lol.

First - a gorgeous dress called Nyx. Its not free, its 500L for one colour.... but it comes with a heap of options like different skirt types and lengths, several different leggings, AND an optional corset on a jacket layer.

Look! This long asymmetic skirt version of Nyx is my fave:

Imma Hollywood Babe

U can go really elegant in full long skirt, say in black.... and btw check out the beautifully done trailing scarf thing that dangles over ur shoulder and floats away down ur back... very Hollywood ^.~

Diva By Moonlight

Here is the short skirt version of Nyx in purple, worn with the optional corset and short leggings:

Columbia Pictures

Best of all.... the green version of Nyx is freeee in the lucky board YAYZ... so here is the green version showing u the asymmetric short skirt and the asymmetric leggings options:

Starlet Daze

What else can u get from the lucky board? Well i got this amazing gown, this is great for all u role play ppl out there... and btw as appropriate for a medieval theme i went to Oubliette to do this foto:

Medieval Baebe

And i got this cute dress... this one i fotographed at New Trails:

Snow Redz

And there is lots more stuff in the lucky board including some skins but i haven't won more stuff yet :-P

And then don't forget i told u there was a big box of freebies? Next to the lucky board. And... its got SKINS in it!! Really luvly skins! The skin i'm wearing in the last foto is called Pale Ugly Skin and its from the freebie box yayz and i don't think its ugly, its pale and freckly and full of character and perfekt for long red hair :-D

And the gorgeousness pale skin i'm wearing with the medieval gown? Its the Frozen Skin, also from the freebie box! And since its my favie skin i did a closup of it... isn't it yummy:


And finally, i made myself up an outfit out of all the stuff in that amazing freebie box and went back to Immersiva to play ^.~ That freebie box has lots of complete dresses with matching shoes but knowing me i took a bit from this one and a bit from that one. Everything i'm wearing is from that box including the skin and shoes! Only the hair and tatoos is not from that box ^.^

Mecha Gurl

Btw talking about hair all the hair im wearing is from magic hair shop Magika, the OTT headdress thing is from House of Ruin, the skin in the first four pics is by MJ+Dada, the boots in the first pics are old lucky chair prize from Studio M'z, and the tattoos are from Sn@tch ^.^

Well go visit Cazimi Designs, stalk that chair, play with those freebies, and enjoy yayz :-D

[Edit: PS the fishnets are my own they don't come with the outfits - tho there are a couple of pairs of fishnets in the freebie box]

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Glorious dresses

Newness at Kouse's Sanctum .. the gorgeous Gloria dresses with their incredible textures...
and the Diana gowns.. just so cute. I love how it underlines the waist .. and the little touch of wench dress is just so sexy. Well, yet another great proof of Kouse's talent.
Run to the store to get your copy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I ain't a plastic >.<

A Happy New Year gift from Plastic Flowers, the skins are priced at 25l and 15l, they're cute and great quality! I don't know how much longer they'll be around so get them while you can!
Saff xx

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Samara's Blogger Challenge

So Samara Barzane has issued a challenge to bloggers! Identify the three things in ur inventory u absolutely could not be parted from! Read her challenge here!


Seriously, Samara, do u *know* what size my inventory is??!!

Wow. What would cause me serious psychological injury if one day i logged into sl and it was..... **gone** (@).(@) happens we know it does..... :-P

Well it took me not as much time as i thought it would actually. Here i am wearing my most favie of all things isl:

Three Favie Things

And here is what everything is:
  1. Skin - GP Moonbeam Lovely Firehouse 2 - an old group giftie oh wow how i LOVE this skin!
  2. Hair - Diversity Natsumi in Charred Black - the one i alwayz turn to when in doubt.
  3. Eyes - House of Ruin Heart Spin: Love Shy - i love all House of Ruin eyes and these are my faves... they were a hunt prize yayz... omg the cute ickle hearts in them... to die for ^.^
U will see that actually i've been quite sneaky... yeh i've snuck a coupla other favie things into my foto hehe... well i had to wear something didn't i? So these are 4 and 5 in the favie stakes:
  • Piercing - Sn@tch Fleshbites Kiss Me - well i didn't have to wear this BUT since u will almost never see me isl without this piercing i couldn't take it off now could i.
  • Tops - Elv'an Magika Blood Elv'an Princess Top and Blood Rose Eastern Elv'an Coat - my standby for every fashion quandary... the amazing Elv'an Magika series of tops yayz :-D
And there is so much other stuff i had to leave out ;-; What about my Sn@tch tattoos? What about my Wretched Dollies and Rotten Toe dresses? And the others?! What about my other favie skins.... and hair... no i can't start naming names i'd be here all night.

Oh well. Three things. There they are. And two sneaky additions. Woot.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Gurl in Big Armour

i been gone a while i know :-P

The usual story... rl has been irritating, chrissie was... well... chrissie, and then i came down with the flu. Heh. But now im storming back with all kinds of new years resolutions about being a better blogger ^.~

And for my first adventure of 2010 i've picked something epic, and i've gone exploring black holes yayz. For which i needed appropriate clothing, u know to deal with the aliens who might wanna shoot me up. And the asteroids, which can hurt when they hit.

That means armour and weapons WOOT!! And what better place to get armour from than Boxed Heroes? So i got the most amazing suit of armour from the Boxed Heroes lucky chair, and then i mixed and matched bits from that and made my own gurrrrl outfit, see:

Cosmic Warrior Gurl

See i got big mega guns AND a missile launcher! I got cast iron chest and abdomen armour, and the rest. No one is gonna mess with me! ^.~

But. If ur a girl. Note. It is guy armour, and comes with shape and skin also - guys stuff. So, u could become a H-U-G-E muscle guy for a while and run round scaring ur girlfriends LOL. Or u could wear selected pieces and edit them for size and still retain ur femininity. Which is what i've done hehe. I've teamed it with my own skirt, from the late-lamented OMFG...

If u are a guy u will probly be in seventh heaven and just wear the armour as is and stomp around looking *really* mean and dangerous.

The Boxed Heroes lucky chair materialises now and then to general happiness and bliss cos its always got something amazing in it. Unfortunately i'm slowed down by this damn flu, and the lucky chair was only gonna be going for 24 hours, and i think this post is just gonna time with the disappearance of the lucky chair... waaaa... sorry... but u might be lucky. Get over there asap and see!

The workmanship on this armour is gorgeous, i most particularly like the chest piece, look:


And apart from the weapons and the missile launcher and the parts im not wearing cos im a gurl (like awesum big space boots, and biiiiig muscle arms armour) there is a HELMET!!! WOOT!!! For when the going gets really tough!!! And what i particularly like is, it is scripted for u to choose whether to wear the face shield or not, lookee:

When The Going Gets Tough

All in all.... i'm in seventh heaven! Apart from my flu.

So get u to Boxed Heroes for the armour and play with it to make up ur own gurl armour outfit (or not, if ur a guy lol). i hope the chair is still there for u... if not the armour will be on sale of course.

Wanna know where the rest of my stuff comes from? The hair is from Magika, from last month's sale. The skin is from MJ+Dada, from its new years Fukubukuro. The boots are from M'z, old hunt or lucky chair prize, i forget. The skirt unfortunately u can't get any more... it was from OMFG, which has gone gone gone ;-;

Monday, January 11, 2010

Loving the pixels

I realise I've been very lapse on my blogging recently because of holidays, exams and essays (oh the joy) which is why I've taken some time to hit every MM board I can lay my hands on and hunt down freebies.

So first I have the freebies from Pixeldolls main store location (I know Roz blogged one already but I thought a reminder was needed) the textures and details are absolutely wonderful and very detailed

At the Pixeldolls store in Dubya City there is a MM for a 175l$ gift card (only to be used at the Dubya City store) and so I slapped that and went shopping, the clothes are reasonably priced, wonderfully detailed and the card can get you two outfits whilst you slap the board again!
The middle dress is located next to the MM board and costs only 1l$ (all the outfits shown include a skin, shape and hair which aren't shown here)

So what are you waiting for? Get Shopping!!

Saff xx

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Status Quome: Delegating Jobs

I don't see too much guy stuff on here, so I corraled my friend D, who had just started the Just For The Guys Hunt. He reluctantly agreed to let me take pics of some of the stuff he found so far (OK, I had to barter with a Harley). Anyway here's D. To his credit, he rezzed his own skybox for most of the pics. =P

Outfit & Tattoo: WoE JFTG #1
Boots from M'z (not free)
Hair ??? He wouldn't tell me!
Skin: Belleza "Ewan" (not free)
Location: 19 Motorcycles

Hair: Audacity JFTG #8
Skin: Belleza "Thomas" Christmas group gift, still in notices (250L to join)
Eyes: The much-blogged Umedama freebies

Outfit: BlakOpal JFTG #20
Hair: Still no idea =/

Complete "Raven" avatar MF Designs JFTG #13
Kujisawa Guitar: FREE on XStreetSL

Outfit: BalAni JFTG #16
(Big Johnson shirt says "You got a hole? We'll put our caulk in it")
There's another hunt gift at BalAni too, but it was a sailor suit and D refused to be photographed in it. =P

All links to JFTG hunt locations and hints can be found on the blog.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Retrology !

AM Radio has set out a lovely gift with this amazing car !

Did I not mention I love those kind of items ?
A very detailled work, greatly done, and so realistic !
It also comes with a HUD in order to drive it.
Drive it to the retro photoscene of Garden of Dreams (shown here) to have to complete style !
See you next weekend now !
Hugs !

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Status Quome: Lost In Inventory

Happy New Year everyone! I have a wedding to be at soon so this will be quick!
First, I saw Samara's blogger challenge a little late, but it made me think, so here it is.
3 things in my inventory I can't part with... that's a tough one!

First has to be these Zanzara Planet Blue eyes. I got them early on and fell in love.
Second would be my AO, or any AO for that matter. Mine's simple but anything to avoid the duckwalk!
Third, shown in previous entries, are PM Kavika Sheen heels. They're my go-to shoes for pretty much anything I can't match otherwise.
I'm also showing two "firsts"... the first skin I ever bought, from CBW (which I think is now Corrupted Innocence) and my first non-freebie hair, ETD Roxie.
Good challenge! If I could add "friends" to the list they'd be at the top!

Free skybox at A.D.D Andel, nice window scenes and shelves.
Dress *Linc* Luck Inc "Nerdieh" 50L Friday (goes all weekend this time)
Hair free from Vignette
Belt from, shoes from [AV] Vlodovic, tights from MALT, former sales
Chair with poses 5L from Elisa's- moving sale till Jan 5, all singles 1L, all fatpacks 5L
Jewelry 1L from RIPE

.:HH:. Honey-Honey new group gift

Gifts gifts gifts !

Those ones are still available !! I just checked lol.
Two stunning dresses by Nicky Ree - Shine in Lime and Pink... Amazing aren't they ? Worn with Sweet hairstyle, gift for Christmas Hunt Stocking by Vixen .
Then you MUST stop at Madison's Creations, a amazing store that I just discovered, and am totally in love for her designs... The lovely pink and cream gown is POE (Peace on Earth) Hunt gift.. And to remain on the lovely side, stop at L'Abel and Ivalde and check the subscribo thingy. The Marie gown awaits you in there.
And well... you know me I'm a curious cat, so of course, I shop at Curious Kitties and here are some of the gifts (group and non-group members) that you can get there.
The winter cutie outfit (left) worn with the Nyanotech hair; the curious dress (so glamour!) with the free black wings (hairstyle is from the Magika discount section)
And some group Xmas gifties with the Nyanotech Xmas angel hair, the Angel Wings and the Xmas kitty! Worn with the cute dress courtesy of Stitch BY Stitch.

Enjoy !


Holiday sale at Mela'ryn .. some items got dropped to 0L by the mischievious Rudolph but I'm not too sure if it's still available or not >.> [Yeah meh hate not having internet during the week duh!]
But I thought the quality of those outfits was enough of a reason to show them to you ! Particularly the Eldalie in green. I just love the green and gold mix, so gorgeous ! But the Black Velvet gown is not any less beautiful ! Plus it has an awful bunch of mix and match possibilities.
Now to make it up for (probably) missing the sale... Here are two free gowns to get in both locations (1 and 2)
The Black Elegance (left) being a gift and the Black Sheer Elegance (right) being the lucky chair prize.
And let's thank the two wonderful designers, Vanilla Jessop and Erielle Clary for their talents and generosity !