Sunday, October 30, 2011

World's End Garden

I've been wondering a long time about how I could describe World's End Garden... but seems muses weren't with me tonight.
So I'll borrow a few words from the lovely Rose who also made incredibly nice pictures about World's End Garden.
"Imagine a place that looks like the end of the world has come and gone, and all that's left are ruins of a long vanished happy era."
Rest of a past whispering you its happiness and inspiring you as well little sadness, but the whole sim is so amazing that you almost can't escape from its magic.
But World's End Garden is also a store and, needless to say it, loads of gorgeous items to get there. And even more if you join the group. Because, if you do, you'll be able to get all the pretties shown in the pictures below.

Hair: Vivid by Elikatira
Skin: Filthy, Ana in different tones
Poses: Everglow

Nocturne Dreams

If you are, like Rose and me, total fans of Evie's work, you will be soon drooling and hitting the Log In and TP buttons. Nocturne is Evie's Closet latest release and no need to say it is a somptuous work.
Rose and I had much fun taking those pictures and I think they will probably deserve the beauty of creation way better than any word could do.
So... here it is, a few of them and more after the break !

Dresses : Nocturne by Evie's Closet
Hair : On Rose - With by Elikatira * On Mae - (in the open field) Mochi by Wasabi Pills - (on the swing and the carousel) Vivid by Elikatira
Location : World's End Garden
Props: Butterlies poses (on Rose) by Lauria * Fireflies poses (on Mae) by LAP

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Piper is Adam & Eve's latest skin, and it's discounted today only :1200l$ instead of 1800l$ for the fatpack, including the nude skin (my personnal favorite), cleavage an blush options (blush shown on first pic), and a gazilion tattoo layers (eyebrows, eye make-up, lipstick and hairbase - smoke eye shadow and red lipstick shown on second pic). I love the freckles on that sweet face!

Credits :
Skin : Piper by Adam & Eve
Hair : Little by Elikatira in red 08 (Sale ends tomorrow!)
Eyes : Banana Banshee Venus in Hope (clear)
Piercings : Ellabella
Top : Fri.Day

Special thanks to Sachi Vixen

A walk with Miranda

No.. no.. I'm not being late posting that dress... Absolutely not. And even if I would be, the dress worths it !
Latest creation by Skyler John from Mystic Sky, Miranda.
It comes in 8 colors, three of them shown above (blue, copper and black) and 5 others (teal, green, red, pink, purple) all available at the store.

Hairstyles are from RAW House and Wasabi Pills. Blonde one is Angela by Raw House (group gift - hurry, it might still be there) and black one is Bambi, brand new mesh style by Wasabi Pills.

All poses by LAP.

Yes, I'm not dead.

Don't tell me I am as much present as sun in middle of a night lately... I know.
But .. it didn't mean I wasn't impatient to come back to you all ... and even more impatient to show you all the pretty things released by our fabulous designers!
Just like "Funny Girl" by Poised, brand new release or the gorgeous Bambi hair by Wasabi Pills.

And yes.. since I logged in the gorgeous garden of LAP... the pose is by LAP !

Friday, October 28, 2011

4 minutes

It's the time I have left before I leave for work... Will I be able to make it? C'est Moi has just released new tartan and jean blouses and tunics, and they're... nope. Didn't have time! So here I am, back from work, and what was I saying? Oh right! They're adorable.

By the way, this post took me waaay more than 4 minutes.

Credits :
  • Tops : Tartan tunic, Jean tunic and Tartan blouse by C'est Moi!
  • Pants : Wide Leg pants by Jane (mesh)
  • Hair : Rush in brown 08 by Elikatira (Hurry! Sale ends on the 30th)
  • Skin : Fall Nude by Curio
  • Freckles and eyes by Banana Banshee
  • Shoes : Suede Ankle boots in Ink by Duh!
  • Piercings : Signs by Ellabella
Special thanks to Marcantonio Beaumont and Gala Phoenix.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Goodnight fireflies...

Evie's latest miracle was for me a simple ticket for the loveliest places in my imagination, but since I cannot take pictures there, I decided to wander in SL. And well.. when you are at Evie's Closet, you don't have to search for long. Oubliette sim (and Ode next to it) are breathtaking. So here's my little dreaming of the evening.

Dress: Eden in Fall by Evie's Closet (99L)
Hair: Maryam by Catwa (actual groupgift till October 22nd)
Poses: Firefly Frenzy by [LAP] (100L)
Place: Oubliette

In the Garden...

Been long time loving Severed Garden creations, but the last two outfits are just stunnningalicious... First is Aki, a sexy native American inspired outfit. The outfit comes in brown and black (pictures are showing the brown one only). It includes tons of accessories from the face native tatoos to the little squirrel on your head, not forgetting about the boots and the jewels.
But there is also Katy which is... somewhere between water and flower nymph, but totally cute and romantic ! It comes in purple and sky colors. And you can also wear it as a swimwear... Well.. sexy swimwear.
Outfits: Aki & Katy by Severed Garden
Skin: Al Vulo - Jenny in Bronze - Makeup Natural 2
Eyes: Banana Banshee - Venus in Eden Clear
Hair: Red Mint - Black is hair n°10 and blond is hair n°11
All poses by [LAP]

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Taste of a babydoll

Lingerie: BlackLace - Bra and Boys Shorts (TOSL hunt gift)
Skin: Al Vulo - Jenny in Bronze - Makeup Natural 2
Eyes: Banana Banshee - Venus in Eden Clear
Hair: Tribal Soul - Helena in Platinum
Poses: On my Knees by Magnifique Pose

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cherishing the Cherry...

I always enjoy showing you new creations from Kouse's Sanctum, and these two won't be an exception. On the first pic is Alicia, a gown originally designed as a wedding dress for Alicia Chenaux, a fellow blogger and sweet lady. Kouse has now released it in several colors, including this gorgeous deep red, my favorite as you know.

Beulah is yet another little miracle from dear Kouse, the skirt looks so smooth and the top part is so detailed, it's simply another must have.

The cute haircut is the latest wonder from Magika, and you know you want it, especially since from now on, Sabina sells only 2 color packs (one natural colors, one fantasy colors) for 250l$ each, that's 25 colors in each pack, a steal!

Other items worn on the pictures are my usual favorites, Curio Pout skin, Ellabella piercings and Banana Banshee eyes (these are the exclusive group gift)

Making friends with Jane

I first came across Jane a while back when looking for a new skirt, I popped in, hit the subscribo (as, for some reason, I do with EVERY subscribo!) and wandered off again.
My random subscribo hitting pays off every now and again especially when I get some lovely free mesh jumpers, tights and a onesie!

I've included some other items that I've blogged already over on Saffron's Place:
the shoes are by R2 (44L) and the poses are by Cherry and Cream Poses (44L) from the 4.44.444 event thanks to FreeStyle,
the skin is part of the No Strings Attached hunt at Mango Mango! (free)
and the hair is by e! (88L) and the capri pants by The Sea Hole (88L) from Collabor88!

Saff xx

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jazzy Sunday

What do we have today ?
A dress by Tainted, gift for TOSL hunt, hair by Wasabi Pills, totally lovely as per usual, skin by Al Vulo, glasses by Acid and Mala (for TOSL as well) and all that on some jazzy poses by Diesel Works.

Oh lovely sunny sunday !

Dress: Night Out Brown by Tainted (heels and jewels included) [TOSL hunt gift]
Glasses: Reader Glasses Magenta by Acid & Mala (comes in several versions) [TOSL hunt gift]
Hair: Long one is Eve (available with or without pearls) and short one is Mimi (available with or without ribbon) by Wasabi Pills [not free]
Skin: (except the left one which is Red Mint) skin is Jenny Fairy by Al Vulo [not free]
Poses: All that Jazz by Diesel Works [actual gift in store]

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I have a wish

Hello there ! Sorry for my silence over the past few weeks, tons of thing changing irl! Today I have some pretty and free things for you ! Wishbox has changed some time ago the lucky chair and midnight mania prizes and no need to say they are somptuous.

First the Harvest II gown which, as its name lets you guess, matches autumn's colors perfectly. So if you're lucky enough to have your letter on the chair, jump on it !
And the second one is Enchantment, and yes, it's pure enchantment. The Midnight Mania offers the Midnight Blue version of it.. but if you fall in love for this creation, don't hesitate to check the five other colors of it in the store! Enjoy !