The bloggers and their basic looks.

Who are the bloggers on LWTCB?

Rose :

Hello! I'm Rose, I'm French, in my late 30's. I've been on SL since 2007 and still enjoy it. I'm ususally a fae, and I've started roleplaying at Mischied Managed where I'm a 6th year Gryffindor. I own an eye store called Banana Banshee and will definitely do shameless self advertising. 

Unless stated otherwise, my eyes and freckles are from Banana Banshee, shape is homemade, and eyelashes are from Magika but no longer available.


Co-founder of the blog, Maelenn / Suavana is currently on hiatus, stuck in RL. But since I hope to get her back here at some point, here's what you need to know about her : I miss her!

Krystal : 

Hello There! Nice to meet you :]

Few things about me i love to do blogging :# i i do have a little thing for kawaii and chibi lol ") i love makeups an i do love urban styles also fantasy type stuff! Im  a giggly type of little bunny c; hehe im 17 in real life and i do enjoy doing things on sl ^_^ im friendly and also laid back. I  LOVE DIBBLING AROUND IN PHOTOSHOP! i love messing with my mesh head lol and i lvoe to change my skin every day here and there i do not stay with the same skin :x Sometimes i will share them on my blog post i do here but others i wont my style is quite open c; so you never know what ill pull out of my bag ^_^

Julianna :

Bella :

All about me: The quick rundown would be geeky gamer girl with an addiction to shopping. I can't say I have one set style, as it varies with my mood....but it is cute even when punk,goth,fantasy etc... I work hard at looking good. I shop lots, love finding great deals new designers and love enabling people!

My basics:

Maitreya Lara body (will wear my slink feet if I have to for cute shoes)
Skin: Glam Affair unless stated in credits that I have a different one on
Nails: Dark Passions Koffin Nails, unless stated as different

Eyes: #adored moon eyes, unless stated as different


Always wears:

Always wears: