Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goodies of the day !

Who can get enough of Ding's flats ... Not me that's for sure.. So when she posted on her blog that their shop had moved and that all the previous freebies were out... I ran to their new home !
And remember to eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day when you wear those cute flats !
Opening gift !

Plus all previous free poses are back here and a small prices on others (25L for the one shown)

*grins and points at Harmie's new smexy outfit too, from Phoenix and Firefall
On today's list was also Ezura's B-day hunt. 3 bottles, 3 gowns, 3 times more pleasure ! LOL
And last but not the least, I stopped at Never30 to grab this so sexy lingerie, free !
And one new tomorrow so hurry ladies !

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