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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cozy ...

So many great events going on the grid at the moment...
Have you visited them ? Have you checked Stumblebum's round ? Have you been to Culture Shock ?
If not you better hurry both are ending soon. First Culture Shock which will close its door on 26th and Stumblebum will make room for a new round of pretties on 28th.
But let's have a look at the said pretties !

Plus some deep pink and lemon chiffon (or almost) for those who makes Luna Jubilee Color Challenge

All credits after the cut

Monday, January 16, 2012

And then.. there is a doll.

 I owe you all to catch up on latest pretties from Blue Blood.. so here they are !
 Annabelle, the babydoll diva.
 Halfling, the sensual and secret doll.
 And Rogue.. the one not to piss !

Style 1 : Annabelle
Outfit by Blue Blood
Hair : Pretty Please by Shag
Skin : Angel by Curio
Pose : Everglow

Style 2 : Halfling
Outfit by Blue Blood
Hair : Antonia by Dark Mouse
Skin : Angel by Curio
Pose : Glitteratti

Style 3 : Rogue
Outfit by Blue Blood
Hair : Aesop by MADesigns / Kmadd
Skin : Angel by Curio
Pose : Everglow

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun !

Yeah for this one, I didn't simply state that it'll be for Luna Jubilee's Color Challenge... but it is !
So this week we have the exquisite dress from Alice Project called Aurora and of course.. in Electric Indigo ! You'll note the subtle hint to next week color with Sua's belt: Iron !
And .. if you are one of Shay's readers, you'll not have missed that it is a gift for her blog B-day !
And just because I totally love that dress ... one more pic. Just because it's cute!
On Sua:
Dress : Aurora in Electric Indigo by Alice Project (pumps included in the gift)
Hair : Antonia in Red by Dark Mouse
Skin : Angel by Curio

On Mae:
Dress : Aurora in Electric Indigo by Alice Project (pumps included in the gift)
Hair : Nicole by Wasabi Pills
Skin : Sakia by Al Vulo

Poses (except the chair one) : Glitterati

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back to the essence of love itself

Sascha has created a totally stunning gown called Essence.
The gown can be worn in different styles, depending the skirt you pick, if you wear the collar or not etc.
My favourite is this one.
Jump after the break for more pics and credits


 Back in time when I started SL ... I think one of the first thing I went to buy were my Seraphim wings from Material Squirrel.
I so loved those and they still rock if you ask me !
But back to our actual subject... which is the Starlight Hunt going on at Material Squirrel.
Search for 15 littles stars hidden all around the sim and get the Starlight wings for free in many colors!
The delicate skin show above is from {.essences.} .. and I seriously need to take some time and show you some more pretties from them as they have a lot ! The silks are from the incredibly talented Evie Miles of Evie's Closet.

A little more of Evie and of the Starlight wings in another range of color.
Red for the Wings and for the Tuala gown, some touch of red in the hair from Exile as well.
Don't miss it out, the hunt ends on January 31st.

Wings: Starlight Wings in Pearl and Red by Material Squirrel
Outfits: Ariel in White and Tuala in Fortuna by Evie's Closet
     Style 1 is Ytta by {.essences.}
     Style 2 is Sakia in Bronze by Al Vulo
     Style 1 is Kana in Black by Dark Mouse
     Style 2 is Pulse in Raven/Sin by Exile
Poses by Everglow
Location: World's End Garden

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make a wish

I've been a long time love of  Wisp Jinn's creations, the talented lady of Wishbox and the cutissime dress available lately in the lucky chair isn't any less gorgeous than the usual !

The State Fair dress in Yellow is a sweet doll look ... specially when matched with the gia heels from Maai!
 And don't forget to pick up the Xmas gift, still there at the moment, but who knows for how long!

Outfits: State Fair Dress (yellow) and Christmas Dress by Wishbox
Hair : (blonde) Taleen by Wasabi Pills - (red) Antonia by Dark Mouse
Skin : Angel by Curio
Pose : (state fair dress) Groove pose by Status

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Color me Champagne !

Yes ... I'm giving a try to the Color challenge !! More info about it on Luna Jubilee's blog and next color is ... Coral !!

So here it is for Champagne !

Skin : Angel Petal Dark by Curio
Hair : Dark Mouse Antonia (red)
Pose by Elisa (closed now)

Feline fashionita

Glam look of the day! Running wild while shopping !
Enjoy it fashionitas !!

Outfit : Wild Leopard by Sascha's Designs
Skin : Angel Petal Dark by Curio
Hair : Dark Mouse Antonia (red)
Glasses : Lucky Leopard by Le Poppycock
Boots :  Booty fur white by Woot
Poses by Everglow

Stumblebum Round 1

If you haven't read yet, please go check the roundup I've made for this wonderful event for Shopping Cart Disco !
And do quick to get all those pretties before the next Stumblebum !
As for myself, I had to refrain from buying everything ... but this pen necklace by Miao is just a must-have.


Necklace : Joan Pen Necklace for Stumblebum by Miao
Top : Chubby Cat in Sapphire by Miao
Skin : Angel Petal Dark by Curio
Hair : Antonia in Red by Dark Mouse

Pose by Everglow

Oh Maai Goodness

 I discovered not long ago Maai store, thanks to some blogger friends like Rose.
And I must say it was love at first sight.
Casual look but always rocking your avie. And mesh. Lots of mesh goodness !
But let's start with the group giftie, so cute that I'd want that irl !
Snow outfit includes : pants, sweater and shoes
 And a few pretties ! Like the Edy dress, retro doll look to fall for and the Gia heels.
Oh yes... the shoes...
 What about the shoes ? Well they're fabulous. Of course you might resize them but you may tint the sockets in a quite wide range of colors to mix and match it with your favourite clothes!
And of course, that applies to all the shoes... so you may play with the Sugar heels as well !
Picture  1 & 2 : Snow outfit by Maai
Picture 3 : Edy dress and Gia heels by Maai
Picture 4 : Zoe lace shirt and Sugar buckle heels by Maai
                 Pants are part of Farmer Girl (white) outfit by L`Abel & Ivalde

Applies to all pictures:

Skin : Angel Petal Dark by Curio
Hair : Dark Mouse Antonia (red)
Poses by Everglow

Friday, January 6, 2012


First ... and yes I know Neida already blogged those gorgeous gown by Kouse's Sanctum, but those were a total crush for me.
For two reasons. One, Isabella is the name of my mother, and second, by sheer coincidence, it happens that this gown looks very similar to my mother's wedding gown !
So it was not possible for me not to blog about it ! More pics of Isabella after the break!
Second is Eira by the Princess Shoppe

Quick !! Click !!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Etheria has started and well.. what could be the bestest word to describe it.
I think the best I could come up with without writing a novel would be : . . . . . w o a h

Let's start with the little detail that counts a lot for me ... and I'm pretty sure most of the people who bought it just thought nice and poof .. delete .. but for me .. when you get to rezz such a cute box, there is no way that was is packed inside is ugly.
Pretty please Mouse Mimistrobell, don't make me lie and don't place ugly stuff in it !
But let's get back to Etheria itself now.... The idea is to team up clothes and jewelry designers to make together one unique outfit. I invite you to check the event directly here or check Shopping Cart Disco roundup to see all the creations !
First up .. Somnia and Miao creations. Christine dress and Heather Stones jewelry.
Both of them come with 7 different colors to chose from and the jewelry also offer a wide range of choices between main and accent stones and the metal parts.
A great result!
No no .. I have *not* forgotten to add the ruffle part.. But ain't it cute like this too ?
Second .. and I here matched two elements from two different collaborations ... is Whippet and Buck for the outfit and Dark Mouse for the jewelry.

I love both of those at first sight. The retro underwear set from Whippet and Buck had such a cute doll look .. and matched with My Lady Love set from Dark Mouse, it was a perfect femme fatale look. So hurry, it'll end on January 8th !

Style 1 : Miao & Somnia collaboration for Etheria
Style 2 : Whippet & Buck (teamed up with Undefined Lilies) and Dark Mouse (teamed up with Lark) for Etheria
Hair : Veronique Autumn/Fawn by Exile - holidays gift (look in the subscribo)
Skin : Al Vulo - Not for sale edition of Maddy
Poses by Adorkable (Chill Dork Pack) except the one on the sofa by Hopscotch (Available as gift at Pose and Prop Fair)
Skybox : While the background for Style 2 is home made, the one shown with Style 1 is one of the adorable creations by Harlow Heslop under the brand Honey I'm Home

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vampire Weekend

So Goti tp-ed meh to the lucky chair at Warholic Vampire and i found... WOOT... there's a new dress in the chair! YAYZ!!! Cuz i luv Warholic Vampire... and the dress is a bit of a stunner actually. The skirt and sleeves are all black raven feathers well im saying its raven feathers anywayz cuz it looks like that to me ^.~   Cute sexy lace-up corset with a red bow on the back. Comes with stockings and socks and pants. And free. Really wots not to like? LOL.

Its the Bloody Lady dress, a darkly brooding vampire kinda dress so i went to hang out in the graveyard at Transylvania Vampire Empire. Where an aloof shy ghostie joined meh... at a distance... lurking behind a tree hehe ^.^  i needed good stomping shoez to go round the graveyard.... and these were free/cheap at Dilly Dolls some time ago... and they did the job heh. (the spiky collar n cuffs is by Violet Voltaire but i don't think u can get this any more since she closed her shop)

The dress isnt the only wonderful thing u will find at Warholic Vampire... there is a whole box of all the Lilly skins for only ONE linden for the whole box whoo hooooo @.@  Some of these skins are faves of mine... and the Lilly So Black skin wuz the perfekt darkly brooding skin to wear with the darkly brooding dress. 

So i needed darkly brooding hair... and i found it... freeeee... at the wonderful Dark Mouse... this is the Basha hair it is completely free for *twelve* colours and its gorgeous ^.^

You need to see the awesum skin and hair close up... so here u go...

PS there wuz a special offer when i wuz at Warholic Vampire... for 15 L a punk vampire outfit in same room as the Lilly skins... kinda latexy shorts with stockings and ripped bandage top... maybiez its still there if u like the sound of it u could check...