Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm ba-ack!!

Ok so the rp world and my birthday and my exams have taken up alot of my time but I was booted up the bottom and my rear is now in gear for some blogging!

So first off we have three gorgeous dresses, the first is part of e!'s 50l sale and I grabbed it cos it's pretty and the other two are Midnight Mania boards from Arwen's Creations (1 and 2), they're very popular so you're best to slap them fast!

Next we have two skins, they came from eStyle, one from the MM (which has a very high target but is popular so reaches it easily) and the other from the 60 minute lucky chairs.

Full length
Followed by a close up of the two

And lastly I'm doing some shameless self promotion, ALL the poses used were created by me and can be found on my xstreet page, and soon to be inworld shop.

Saff xx

Friday, February 19, 2010

Status Quome: Drive-By Shopping!

Y'all, I am beat! Life doesn't always give you lemons, sometimes it throws them at your head over and over till you learn how to catch or get knocked out. :-P But we're here to talk about FUN things, so here we go!

Today's 50L Friday was pretty good and also had something that I see a lot of in my real life.

This barn is from Turnip's Homes & Stuff. All the doors open and it comes with fencing too. There's an accessory pack (also for 50L) that has the haybale table, crates, and hay groundcover. Hair from !SyDS!, 80L... there's a black version in the group-only lucky boards. Boots from M'z, not free.

This pretty dress is from KYOOT. It has a gorgeous lowcut back and nice sheer lace in the front.

This one's from &Bean and comes with two skirt options, with/without belt. The hair is from Tiny Bird called By & By. There's other shades of brown available too.

This isn't a 50L Friday outfit. Even better, it's free! I saw this on Karla Scorbal's blog and RAN to Donna Flora to get it. There's a pair of dollarbie earrings also, and if you look around, the Shoe Hunt gift is nearby. I love Donna Flora! The perfectly matching necklace is on the Midnight Mania at Ganked, or you can buy it for 75L if you're impatient. Two other free/cheap sets and a lucky chair there as well. If you like statement-making jewelry it's an awesome place to go!

Hurry and get your 50L Friday fix before it's over!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Your body Is A Wonderland

At Gothic Dreams u will find a nice range of cool goth clothes, a nice dark wonderland themed build, and a whole lot of MM boards to hit.

Look at this *uber* cute Wonderland backpack which i got from the MM board behind the front desk. Its got maps and badges and stuff and a really cute bunneh to cuddle and as soon as Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is released ur going to so need this backpack so go get it now *here* at Gothic Dreams... and of course, have backpack... will travel... so i packed up and ran away from home for a while:

 Shes Leaving Home

Which is how i found u all some really cute free and cheap skins! But don't wait around, they are limited time so u need to go now and get them.

At Dilly Dolls, Oriana Kuhr has started making skins again. She has a free skin out for Valentine's Day... the Sweet Valentine skin. Its free for a limited time and its awesum and its *here* at Dilly Dolls:


At Leafy, Kaethe Dyrssen has started making skins as well as her awesum shapes!! This is her prototype skin, Miso in Natural. For one week only u can buy this skin for just 125L. That week is now half over... SO GO NOW GO NOW *here* at Leafy:

Above U

And there is a skin in the lucky chair at Leafy... the Miso Strawberry Fields skin.. and once again its awesum! Next to the chair is a lucky board with some cool green and red goggles. Stalk that chair and board *here* at Leafy:

Rest And Be Thankful

Enjoy ^.^

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Red Queen And White Queen And Alice And All

Oooooh i got some nice stuff for u today ^.^

Do u know about Ruru@Pino? The most amazing japanese shop full of glowy jewel-like clothes and accessories. And with a stunning rose garden where i went mad with a camera today hehe...

AND two lucky chairs YAYZ!

From one lucky chair at Ruru@Pino i got this most beautiful lolita dress, the workmanship is so lovely, its the MAZE dress. U will feel like a junior princess in this dress, i sure do! SO AWESUM *dies*:

Welcome To My Nightmare

From the other lucky chair at Ruru@Pino u can get this uber-faery words-fail-me-its-so-awesum set of wings, mini head-wings, rose headpiece and rose choker, the Monarch set, IT IS SO AWESUM IM DYING OF CUTENESS HERE:

Dark Fae

These wings have an amazing rose wreath at the back, and they do this little flutter and release a cascade of cute little green leaves... awwwww.... bless...... *dies of cuteness*

And im wearing a mega cute glowy butterfly bracelet, this is also from Ruru@Pino *here*, its a shop opening giftie though its now 10L since the shop has been open a while, totes gorgeous any time u wanna do white and innocent:

Not So Sweet

If im too cute for too long i get seasick. So i gess u have noticed my totally amazing dark-fae grunge skin which grounds my outfit back into some kind of proper goth credibility (to keep Alecks happy):

Dark Heart of the Rose

This uber-awesum skin is the latest Red Queen group gift, the Envy skin. U should join that group and get it now it is also to die for lol *dies of awesumness*.

And. See the white crystal flower necklace? It's free also at Ruru@Pino, group giftie i think, find it *here* along with some other freebies and cheapies.

Then there is the ZERO linden PA*N*DA dress that is a giftie at the same spot at Ruru@Pino with a real carnivale feel its so cute *dies....* nah i won't say it u get the idea lol:

Roll Up Roll Up

And this skin? Yeh i know its also to die for. Its one of my all time favie skins, the Feline skin from the late lamented Fleur skin emporium par excellence that is no more (though happily it has metamorphosed into the equally awesum 5th & Oxford). So, u can't get it any more i think. Maybe there is still an outlet shop for Fleur somewhere round?

i've died so many times during this post of cuteness and awesumness that its amazing i can still type my closing sentence really ^.~

But that's wot i'm gonna do... so bid u farewell and enjoy ^.^

(pssst! Don't miss the pose ball camp for a mystery item in the rose garden at Ruru@Pino! A mystery for u to solve since i haven't unpacked it yet ^.^ )

Monday, February 1, 2010

Status Quome: Heartfelt

The Valentine's Bazaar started today! Everything (with one exception I found) is 50L or less... skins, hair, jewelry, clothes, shoes, skyboxes. It's a one-stop Valentine's Day shop. Here's what I picked up last night:

(L) Dress and hair, Nushru "Wayward Heart" gorgeous!!!!
Shoes, A-Bomb "Dorothy" colorchange
(R) Dress w/tank and polo shirt options, Frop! "Pink Luv"
(Hair, Maitreya "Sasha" Red Cross item, not at VB)

(Top L) Skin, Pink Fuel "Skye" Chai freckled, comes with 4 options
(Bottom L) Jewelry, ((Ripe)) "I Heart You" (click pic for detail, you have to check this out!)
(L) Sweater, Sn@tch "Cush Sweater"
Pants, Nomine Rusted Jeans "White Roses" (3 versions on 2 layers!)
(M) Hair, IrEn "Leila"
Outfit, Holli Pocket "Bubble Yum"
(R) Outfit, Sn@tch "Saloon"
(Not at VB: Hair on right, former gift A&A; other skins, Tuli group gift)

There's so much more out today, here's your taxi!
Valentine's Bazaar