Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do you hear me, talkin to you ...

... Across the water, across the deep blue ocean...

Because I do tell you to run at First Look and grab those stunning outfits for the supa expensive price of ... 1L each. Duh.. Yeah .. get them.

Now a bunch of schmexydelicious dresses.. from left to right:

[AV] Vlodovic group gift : Cocktail Roses.. one good reason to join the subscribo no?

Sugarcube dresses : Chopsticks holder dress (0L) and the House party dress pink (1L)

Leezu pretty gifties ... Satin Rose, Jen in Blue and the two hairstyle shown with them are gifts too ! Lizza on the right and La Vie en Fleur on the left. Oh the jewel set show with House party dress is a gift to grab at Leezu as well.

And for the dessert we'll have a hawt set of lingerie from Black Lace but not only, Oh Baby you must get the Midnight Mania from the French Farm. This adorable dress is perfect !

And.. about the beautiful skin I'm wearing.. It's Tuli last group gift. There is a 250L fee to join the group, but really worth if you consider the gifts you receive! Since I first tried the skin she sent out as a gift for bloggers, I did find my "human" skin. Suavana is often a drow, but Tuli makes the most perfect skins in my opinion.

No heavy make-up, gentle face and soft touch of blush on the cheeks, I luv it ! Thanks Tuli.

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