Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's get a closer look at ... some talented designers I got the pleasure to discover this morning. As some of you may know, all join the DSN by hitting one of their subscribo [I went at Pffiou to join it -hugs hugs Laleeta] and you can join different channels which are:
*1*Avatars (Full avatars) *2*Gadgets (Gadgets, Vehicles and Weapons) *3*Anims (Animations and Poses) *4*Tools (Business, Tools and Services) *5*Skin/Hair *6*Accessories (Jewelry and Accessories) *7*HomeDecor (Home and Garden) *8* Female (Female Fashion) *9* Male (Male Fashion)
Once you've done that wonderful thing (hit the board and pick all the channels you want), every morning you'll receive something from a new designer. So you can discover new awesome places to go !
Now let's look !

This morning from the DSN (Designer Showcase Network), I received the stunning Illyria gown from Lace&Steel and I was really delighted by the quality. I did not know L&S before so..of course .. I checked the LM. And dear goodness, the best word i have is "wow". Great items, more than reasonnable price (Illyria is only 295L) you must check this store if you enjoy medieval (or pirate as well, she has some) style. You prefer casual and modern... only two items so far but the new year dress is just supa cute.
From DSN i also received the Neeley shape, and that is very very nice. My usual shape is a tad smaller and more curvy but I like this one too. The face looks sweet matched with my Rockberry skin (from lucky board). Again I went to see by myself more of Extreme Make Over Shape... and again you have to check it. The creations are nice and if that isn't enough for you to go... well they have lucky chairs, a magnifying glass to find (SLDiscovery hunt) and for newcomers to SL.. starter packs for ladies and gents.
And last but not the least, the bikini dress from Irresistible .. When Suri blogged it on Free*Style I just knew I would need it... moreover when you know it only costs you... 15mn of camping !
And they have lucky boards around and two other camping items to get... just wonderful isn't it ?
Enjoy !!

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