Monday, May 25, 2009

Spell Bound!

This is my favorite place in all of Second Life to shop! Spell Bound is owned by Kendall Dagger and Mike Sohmers and they have it all. The shop is beautifully set at the Nautilus sim. This is is a true reflection of the owners. Fun, classy and quirky! When you are done shopping, have a look at the sim, its art all by itself. When you shop Spell Bound, you will find Men's and Woman's Clothing, Casual, Contemporary, Medieval, Gorean, Stunning gowns,Sexy silks,and...Chickens...yesh..Chickens..with theeeee best chicken coops!
While looking around, i found a lucky chair near the camping area, and won these gorgeous silks. After seeing these, my Inventory is now full of their many beautiful silks they sell.

Next, i found a gorgeous freebie called Cotton candy. This beautiful gown comes in full ballgown, and a short fae dress as well. Included are beautiful ballerina kid slippers.Notice the detail and ribbons!

This next outfit is called "relic" and sells for 300L and is prolly one of my favorite outfits. I love kilts, details, swords, and a nice flow to a garment. This outfit has it all!

Come take look, there are things here to explore, games to play, and you are bound to leave with a chuckle, a freebie, and something you simply had to have!

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