Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Story of a little bird...
who had been looking for long at the world outside its golden cage...
then one day, it opened its wings... and flew across it:
Trista is the brand new gown by My Precious and it's just as usual a fabulous, delicate and breath-taking result. It comes in a few other pastel colors.
Ahren hat is as well new and can be found in black

Location: Cadeling Garden
Gown (Trista) and hat (Arhen): My Precious
Hair: Juliette by Wasabi Pills
Skin and ears: Red Mint

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Guess who's here.

Guess who I am? I'm the Anonymous Cat.
Think you've found my Identity?
Then Write (it) On Me ... so I cannot forget about it.
Sexyness freshly released by Beautiful Dirty Rich !

  1.  Outfit is Anonymous Cat by BDR - Hair is Celeste by BDR
  2. Outfit (including glasses and ballerina) is Identity in Cyan by BDR - Hair is Kyoko by Magika
  3. Outfit is Write on Me by BDR - Hair is Celeste by BDR
Rest is as usual:
Shape: Ana by Filthy
Ears and Skin: Ears n°2 (without butterflies) - N°9 Tan in Frost tone by Red Mint

    That's Ayla's Carla !

    And I've got those pretty tops for a moment hanging on my platform, yelling at me "Blog us ! Blog us!" and they soooo deserve it. So I finally kicked myself in the behind [don't ask how] and took a few pictures.
    Those sweeties can be won from the Gatcha vendors at Ayla.
    Tops: Gatcha by Ayla
    Puffy Shorts in Black by Sassy Kitty
    Boots: Wrapped Boots by Aluinn
    Shape: Ana by Filthy
    Hair: Kyoko by Magika
    Ears and Skin: Ears n°2 (without butterflies) - N°9 Tan in Frost tone by Red Mint

    Lazy sunday

    Been working my behind off all week and till this morning to get things done.. and I just feel so lazy, that "I just want to lay in my bed" like Bruno Mars would sing it.

    So you'll have to excuse me for not blogging much those last days. I have tons of boxes rezzed on my photo platform and I just want to blog them all. But gotta find more time before ! But for now, I'll let you enjoy ZOOM groupgift, the Lounge poseprop and some Y&R outfits!
    While the puffy black shorts are from Sassy Kitty (previously blogged here), all the tops are from Y&R. The pink dress top was a Lucky Board prize and the lace blouses are brand new. It comes in black and white and you can wear the lacy top part.. or not. Depends on the look you wish to get !
    Of course, I matched those with my Aluinn Wrapped boots! Still in love for those !

    Puffy Shorts in Black by Sassy Kitty
    Tops: All by Y&R
    Boots: Wrapped Boots by Aluinn
    Hair: Kyoko by Magika
    Shape: Ana by Filthy
    Ears and Skin: Ears n°2 (without butterflies) - N°9 Tan in Frost tone by Red Mint

    Saturday, June 25, 2011

    Skyler's magic touch

    ... is much appreciated in my pixelated life !
    New prize in the lucky chair... the delicious Serendipity gown in purple. But is it the *only* good news?
    Surely not ! Sp while you're waiting for your letter to show up, take advantage of the sale ending tomorrow!! Monday 27th at 10 am SLT ! And ...
    *whispers* there is also a gown marked down to 100L, and I'll give you a little hint.
    The Cat is my blog name.. but it's also very close to the gown name :)

    Enjoy !

    Dress: Serendipity in Purple - Lucky Chair Prize by Mystic Sky
    Hair: Kyoko by Magika
    Shape: Ana by Filthy
    Ears and Skin: Ears n°2 (without butterflies) - N°9 Tan in Frost tone by Red Mint
    Poses: Juxtapose sets (Independently Wealthy & Glamourous Life)
    Place: Happy Mood (soooo love this store!)

    A miracle can hide another one...

    Or even more when you're called Kousey !
    This is Mary.. latest gorgeous release by Kouse's Sanctum. In the picture below, you can see the Alissa gown.
    And in this one, you discover Daphne. As per usual, Kouse dedicated much time to the textures, making them rich and giving them a "living" look, just like the prims which flows softly around.
    Hop after the cut to discover the many looks of those pretty releases, all the credits and limos !

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Summer's Here!

    and the day after the solstice what do I go and do? Yeah I get a cold, off work for 2 days after only being there three!So Saff went shopping to cheer up!

    Playsuit @ The Sea Hole (free hunt gift)
    Hair @ D!va (2nd Anniversary Group Gift)
    Shoes, Bag & Sunglasses @ Pelletteria Morrisey (lucky board)

    Saff x

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Tuala's Myth

    Evie did it again ! Tuala gown is just stunning in all the attention brought to the details and how the gown can by itself tell you a story.
    I got a little crush on the Fortuna version, which tickled my vampire side, and which matched perfectly the Ana skin by Filthy.
    The outfit comes with wings and note that if you're not running a recent viewer, you'll not be able to wear all the sleeves prim parts (but it remains gorgeous!).
    The crown and collar comes in a separate set, each one matching the gowns colors!
    But let's now the pictures talk for themselves !

    Dress: Tuala gown by Evie's Closet
    Hair: (long blonde one) Thalion by Wasabi Pills - (red one) Yuria by D!va - (black updo one) Unbirthday Redux by Lamb
    Skin: Pic 1 and 3 is Ana Milk by Filthy - Other pics is RedMint n°9 Tan
    Locations: Pic 1,3 &5 = Emata Almarae * Pic 2 &4 = Akasha

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    Through the Window

    This adorable WINDOW pose is from Glitterati and is free.
    Yes. Free for everyone.
    Now if you're lucky enought to be one of the VIP groupmembers or VIP members, there are also the JUST pose and the ATTITUDE pose to grab :)

    Aloha from Luana

    And I sooooo wish I could be telling this IRL. Anyway, Skyler John from Mystic Sky is back [insert squealing here] and her creativity hasn't forgotten to follow her !!!
    So here is Luana outfit, as of course, all accessories are included in the pack. Gorgeous isn't it ?
    You can wear a simple flower in your hair or a full headdress. As well you may pick between a long skirt or a shorter one revealing flower anklets.
    And let's not forget the Lei, the typical flower necklace, as well as the hibiscus flowers on your chest [note the chest part comes in 3 options: gold, silver and green]
    Now if the natural Cherry Blossom tint is not your favourite, you can still pick one of the six other colors available: Purple, Pink, Lavendar, Yellow, White or Ruby.
    And here is the close-up on the chest prim option I told you about before !

    Luana outfits (new!) by Mystic Sky
    Hair: Curly one is Baby Cocoa by Analog Dog and Updo one is Akesha by Beautiful Dirty Rich
    Skin : Ana in Tan by Filthy

    Blind love and wet cats..

    Don't you dare touching this bunny ! Or I'll call the Cat Squad ! Wet Cat Squad even !
    Pose 1 out of 3 gift from Moolto Hunt !
    Blind Possession gift for Naughty Toy's Hunt
    One Fine Day - Dollarbie at the store
    Siren Multipose Prop is actual group gift!

    1 out of 3 pic: From left to right:

    Blind Possession & One Fine Day pics:

    Siren Poses pics:

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Queen Victoria

    She is the Lady of the Night. Soft fabric sounds, and she is yet kissing the skin in the curve of your neck. "Alive as never" she says...
    Click to see a larger version of the picture
    But as soon as the day starts kissing the night, she disappears... A mirage, a night vision fading with the dawn.
    And the sun fights it away as the delicate Lady of the Light appears.
    Click to see a larger version of the picture
    "Shhh" she says "We're sharing a secret. Victoria is her name."

    Those stunning gowns are the latest creations by Agnes Finney (My Precious) and they're called Victoria. Two looks, two faces of the same medallion.
    Click to see a larger version of the picture
    The skin are from the recently released skin line called Ana by Filthy. Fangs included in the fatpack. Eyes as well. Not shown here but the Milky tone is also available in a Milky Vamp tone which has "bloody" options, in case you got a vampy drink.
    Click to see a larger version of the picture

    Dresses: Victoria 1 & 2 by My Precious
    Hair: In "Dark" (1) version, Mae wears Thalion hair by Wasabi Pills / In "Light" (2) version Mae wears Turnsol by Calla
    Skin: In "Dark" (1) version, Mae wears Milky Ana Ice by Filthy / In "Light" (2) version Mae wears Tan Natural Ana skin by Filthy too.

    Abigail ?

    Yeaaaaahh.. I'm checking my heels because this week, I've been feeling like kicking some asses with very sharp heels !
    And ... because my boots are just so pretty!
    Yes it's once more Aluinn Wrapped Boots in Blue this time, matched with Malt Groupgift!
    And with the gorgeous Thalion hair from Wasabi Pills.
    I really loved the style of this one.. with the leather straps and the streaks surronding the face. G o r g e o u s !

    Hair: Thalion by Wasabi Pills
    Outfit: Malt Abegail Group Gift
    Boots: Aluinn Wrapped Boots

    Turn the lights on ...

    ... and let the show begins!
    Ghani has been a busy bee as of a late so ... here are her pretties, presented with TeaSoup goodies.
    Goodies set out as Tea Soup is closing [insert sobbing here]
    Concerning Blue Blood... I'm showing you here on the top pictures Caustic Corset and Noah pants.
    On the last ones, The pink,blue and black corset is Tanya corset... and that's still the Aluinn's boots.
    Oh ... the sexy hairstyles? Long red one is Thalion by Wasabi Pills and short one is

    Poses: Tea Soup box of goodies
    Outfits: Noah pants, Tanya and Caustic Corsets from Blue Blood
    Boots: Aluinn Wrapped Boots
    Hair: Thalion by Wasabi Pills and Carlos by Alli&Alli Designs

    Spider lady

    Expecting something ugly, hairy and gifted with 8 long legs to come out of this post ?
    Well then you'll be disappointed !
    It is simply the name of Schoen latest groupgift ! Gorgeous isn't it ??

    Outfit: Spider by Schoen
    Hair: Maya from Exile (Glance group gift)
    Boots: Wrapped boots by Aluinn (told you you'd see them often !)
    Skin : Filthy june group gift

    And for those who really expected to see the ugly hairy thing...

    Anyone for Strawberries and Cream?

    and the 800th post!So I discovered the strawberry hunt which is on 16th - 19th June and you're looking for, you guessed it, strawberries!
    Below are the items that can be found in the hunt

    and who they are made by, I won't spoil the fun by telling you where all the strawberries are but I will say that they're all at the flea market!

    All the chairs and seats have poses (which are adorable)
    The Zigana chair has multiple poses for both guys and gals
    The Stump comes in two sizes for the shorter avs (like Saffie) and for the taller avs
    The top and shorts are both in the hunt and match so well, like kismet!

    The shoes are NOT part of the hunt but despair not reader for they are free at Baby Monkey Shoes' Midnight Mania board

    Hurry before the hunt end!
    Saff xx

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Effortlessly Chic

    So I'm in a bit of a hippy mood (more to follow on this mood at Saffron's Place) and I had my whole hippy look going on but couldn't quite find a skin in my inventory to suit it, so I was rather happy to find out that Mamboo Chic have a new skin on their lucky boards! After a bit of a wait (and some guess work as my world wasn't rezzing so I had to hit the boad every time the letter changed because it doesn't shout like some boards) I got the gorgeous skin that was available!!
    Beautiful rainbow eyeshadow and the lips that pout perfectly and, to me, epitomise Mamboo Chic's look!

    PS The cheapie skin I blogged a few months ago is still there and is only 10L, it's gorgeous!


    Monday, June 13, 2011

    La Chanceuse !!!

    Never really been a "Chanceuse" or a lucky one.
    But with "La Robe des Chanceuses" (The lucky ones dress), I felt the luck tickling my pixelated soul.
    And this luck kept growing as ... while sadly Eolande is closing ... the dear one has been announcing she found in her invent a creation she never got to release before and... that she decided to place out at her store for free.
    The Cowry Shell necklace comes in two different style... one with a pearl and another one as a shorter style.

    Jewels: Cowry by Eolande - Closing release
    Dress: La Robe des Chanceuses by Le Poppycock - lucky board gift