Saturday, May 30, 2009

There must be an angel...

playing with my heart... Because today I fell in love, several times...
First with this adorable babydoll dress I received from the DSN, you can find it at a shop called Subtle Submission. There is a matching collar and as much as I hate collars, I must admit this one is really pretty and subtle, not shown on the pic because it takes my wings off (by the way have you noticed the wings? Thanks to a hint from Serenity Snook I sent a notecard to Xaja Denja and she sent me the 5 lovely pairs of wings that she made... you should do the same!)

Then I unpacked my weekly group gift from a Piece of Candy and fell in love again... What? You still haven't hit the subscribo yet? It's free, doesn't take one of your group slots and you get a gift each week. Unfortunately there is no history but you won't miss next week's gift if you run there!

You think it would be enough love for just one day? Well, there's more... I also found these eyes at a place called Ashes to Ash where the designer, Ashirin Oakleaf, sells lovely eyes, among other things...

Oh and just when I thought it was enough and was about to publish this post, I received this sexy bikini from the {CIPRIA COUTURE} DSN selection which is the same Immortelle posted about a few days ago, with a different texture.

And suddenly my heart goes "boom"!

Other pretties:
  • Hair from Bryce Designs (it's supposed to be for men but I think it gives me and angelic look)
  • Shoes from 50Flats (can't remember if they were free, don't think so but cheap anyway)
  • Skin from Curio
  • Background? My place....

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