Monday, July 26, 2010

BOO!! ^.^

rl... rl... rl....
What can i say lol
i've been long-term avie-napped by rl ;-;

But i'm about to start blogging again
Poor Dagmar has been left holding the fort
But her posts have been sooooo wonderful so that is cool :-D

Well i thought i'd just poke my head in here & say HI i'm coming back soooon
And what could i show you that would grab ur attention and make u remember that i said HI?!


Totally adorable RoboCat Avatar!!! :-D
RoboCat is free from the Boxed Heroes lucky chair yayz ^.^

But this lucky chair is only up for.... 24 hours.... @.@
If u get urself there in time and u are lucky then u also could look as adorable as i do here... and see the bunnies adore me u could be adored by bunnies lol ^.~


Get yourself to Boxed Heroes lucky chair asap *asap* ASAP *ASAP*

U have got until Tuesday 27th July until 10 AM sl time then the chair will poof

Here is ur taxi with speedstripes to Boxed Heroes

Go go go

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm up

I'm up well past my bed time.. Don't tell anyone! But I just had to show off my new PJs
and look! I haven't even taken off my makeup... the lipstick matched the night clothes so well i just HAD to keep it on!
PJs - Miseria July Subscribo Group Gift
Skin - Corrupted Innocence (Free)
Saff xx

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Allow me to....

to apologise. I've not been around SL much recently due to my job but I'm trying my best to be here to blog and be around my roleplay sims!
So without further ado....
The Dressing Room has a gorgeous new blue collection out and this dress is another by Baiastice and is only 70l. Ok.. so I know it's not blue but it is beautiful, I love the frilly details and the lovely shade of green. Perfect for a hot summer night out!

Saff xx

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue Room

The Dressing Room has a new section to it "The Blue Room" and as you can see the items for sale are very blue orientated
The dress is lovely, I adore the little details of this shift dress, the skirt has ao animations in it and is easy to fit to your avs size (it's made by Baiastice) it's only 70l
The shoes I just fell in love with, they're sexy, unique and only 70l also (by Kookie)
The eyelashes are gorgeous, I never used to be a fan of lashes because I struggled fitting them but I read this article and It showed me how to fit my lashes easily and correctly, these were only 40l (by [glow])
So take the tp to The Dressing Room and have a look around!
Saff xx

Friday, June 11, 2010

Amacci Sale

Truth be told I'm not all to keen on Amacci hair but when I hear the word hair and sale in one sentence I have to come a running so I paddled on to Amacci and had a peek around, tried on all the demos (minus the guys hair but there IS male hair in the sale)
and found these two pretty styles, I'm wearing Janet on the left and Svea on the right
I was only keen on the up-dos but there are long, mid length, short, pony tails and many others so do go have a look and see what takes your fancy!
Oh yes, all the sale hairs are ONLY 35l!!
Saff xx

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Dressing Room

I went for a peek around The Dressing Room and found these gorgeous avant garde lashes by [glow], they're striking, easy to fit and a great price, only 55l and they include two pairs!
I really reccomend having a look around the dressing room as it's a great variety of SL's designers and all the items are specially made for there!
Saff xx

School's Out For Summer!

Now this hair was a cheapie sold at Magika recently, and it has gone back to full price but I'm having a day of appreciating the best of second life and in my opinion Magika hair is one of the best places to go for hair that's normal or quirky! I love this hat and makes me think of school girls who have to wear the boater hats.
Magika has free, discounted and full price hair in plenty of splendid colours.

I'm also a fan of all things Tuli and this skin is part of "The Dressing Room" set, it's under 100l and I adore the details, lovely luscious lips and smokey purple eyeshadow
I can't get enough of Tuli, in my opinion she's one of the best skin makers around!
Saff xx

Gung Ho!

Ok... so usually I'm not very gung ho... I'm not cool and, unlike Dag, I don't have any guns so I have to do it the kiddy way with my index finger and thumb...

But it doesn't mean I'm not willing to get out there, fight and kick some butt!!

Join the PVC army and hit the MM @ Silk & Passion
(Hair freebie @ Magika
Skin new release @ Tuli)
Saff xx

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cupcakes... num num num

Here are three of cupcakes' 1l skins, there are about 9 skins, all 1l each and LIMITED EDITION so I think they're only available for today, they're gorgeous, highly detailed and shaded and I love the cute little effect of rainbow eyeshadow, it's something I'd wear in real life!
Saff xx

Rabbit Hole

Magika released a lovely new hair as a special gift on the subscribo so I decided to go for a walk. I accidentally fell into a book and around me were lots of mystical things
Thankfully what I wore blended in rather well as I dressed rather quirkily and the rabbit decided to let me go!
Hair - Rebecca @ Magika
Shorts (to my memory) can be found @ the Gnubie Store
Shoes @ Duh!
Saff xx

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plastic Flowers

With the horrible weather we're getting in the UK right now, my plants are getting soggy and drowned so I decided to settle for some Plastic Flowers!
This is Plastic Flower's new skin release, "gothly", I love the details and shading. The eye detail is gorgeous, sultry and smokey. perfect for dark moments or for being a sultry babe. The skin is ONLY 25l, I have no idea WHY they're sold so cheap as they're fantastic quality, stunning and beautifully made!
But you should definately go check them out, Plastic Flowers sells shapes for quite reasonable prices too and most of the skins are under 50l!

And before I get dressed fully I thought I'd step out in these beautiful shoes I snagged on the lucky chair at Baby Monkey they're texture change for the animal print, the leather detail, the sole and heel and the laces so they're definately worth the wait!

Saff xx

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coy Posing

Just found the monthly gift for Virtual Diva hiding away in my inventory, it's a very lovely skin, I love the cute blush on the cheek bones and the breast shading is very good.... not that I'm going to show you though!

Saff xx


Just had an exam today and I had to take a nice rest, so I settled down on a chair and suddenly I heard trumpets and saw flashing lights, turned out I'd sat on Mystic Sky's lucky chair and received their new prize!

Saff xx

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Quick Break in Revision

To explain why I've not been around (exams, revision, real life) and to bring you this lovely dress by Towa for having 500 group members. Join the group and get the dress but don't forget to look around the shop! They give us freebies so we discover their stores!


Saff xx

Friday, May 21, 2010


Narcissus and Bay, a new blogging couple (soon to not be using Saff's account) are modelling the skins on the lucky chairs at Nikita Freed (group tag needed) Bay also models the special edition hair that's 49l on Nikita Freed's XStreet (there's a link in world)
N & B
x x

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Watcha Waitin For?!

I was in a bit of a Gwen Stefani mood and decided I'd try and do the Harajuku look for my personal blog
but for the life of me I couldn't find a decent top, so I logged off SL to go and do a boring essay but as I logged a blog post on another fashion blog (can be found on the left hand side of our blog, who we follow!) and saw this cute top! So i teamed it with some old freebies that already have been blogged and go the perfect look!
Top - 1l @ Willow
Eyes - free @ Willow
Hot pants @ mijn.t
tights @ {SMS}
skin @ Tyranny Designs
Saff xx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

69l madness

Just before I had to run to work I got a notice sent by MoonShine Designs saying that they were selling three drow skins for 69l each on the hump day madness. I only grabbed myself one but there's one with a green tinge and a lilac tinge, I chose the one with a redish tinge, it can be used for drow or unseelie, whichever you prefer

The hair is from the sale section of Magika, a fat pack costs ONLY 99l so run and get them cos she doesn't know when she'll be removing the sale section!
Saff xx

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Touch Dutch

Yes we, the members of the Dutch Touch update group are lucky enough to have been given a special skin free, in different skin tones the quality of the skins is lovely
So first join the group
Next, tp here
and after that click on the free skins (plus there are discounted skins for group members only)

Saff xx

Sunday, May 9, 2010

On the Quirky Note

The new wings are from Pas De Deux and are the subscribo gift, there should be an outfit for it too..
And I'm loving this chunky victorian necklace which you can find for free (at the survey point) at
Saff xx
NB: Blogged minutes after Dag so didn't realise about the necklace
but it's that special it needs pointing out twice! XD


Naughty and Nice, Sexy and Cutesy, Bizarre and Outrageous!
I love the hair at booN and there's a massive sale where all hair is only 80l! So run and search, there's normal and quirky hair for both men and women!
Saff xx

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Underwear, group gift @ Carrie's Lingerie
500l gift card on the MM also

Saff xx

Working the work look

You know as a nurse I very rarely get to wear posh work clothes unless I'm being weird on a night out so when I got nudged in the way of this dollarbie I had to give it a try
I glammed it up with some hot red platforms and a cute trilby
Outfit - Dollarbie
Hair - Freebie
Shoes - Past Freebie

(there's also a MM at the outfit's location and I'll blog it if it hits the target which is only 11 so please go hit it if it's not locked!)

Saff xx

You know what....

Pink may be my favourite colour in both rl and sl but in both lives i VERY rarely wear it. Pink just isn't that becoming a colour for Saff and I, but I was working my way through my landmarks on a inventory clear out and I came across one of my friends shops (Ayla Serenity's) and I found she has a discount section in her shop (Oblivion Fashion) and everything in that section is 25l!
Thing is though, the rest of the clothes in her shop are cheap and spectacular quality so I do urge you to have a wander around if you like medieval roleplay or just like to dress up and feel like a princess!

Saff xx

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i'm bringing the hippy chick look back!

with the gorgeous group gift from W&Y, just join the group and click the box in the section of the shop on the left side!

Saff xx

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flounce your way through spring

I adore poofy flouncy dresses as a fae! Short, sassy, sweet and full of "poof"
these three dresses are all free and are group gifts, join the group and click on the picture of the outfit (not in group notices)
Top Dress @ PurpleMoon
Bottom Two Dresses @ Lo*Momo
Saff xx

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I made a wish

While my fellow bloggers run around at the Faire sim I decided to try out my new dress in my new little fae garden at my home!
Wishbox has a new item on the Midnight Mania board and it's this lovely dress in a beautiful purple shade, I love it!

Saff xx

RFL donations items ... Get yours now !

I have promised you a closer look to some designers donations items, so here it is !
But first, I want to thank every designers for letting me review their work, thank them for their generosity, thank them for making this event each year even greater and thank you reader, visitor for taking a look in it and why not... contribute to the RFL effort !
Thank you so much !!!!


The free Mer tail and outfit by Pye was an excellent find, which I found pretty well completed by Tekeli-li RFL gifts : Piscene jewels, Nixie hair and the tiny faeryfish pet. Here starts your mermaid's dreams... under a Foxworth's Off Sim Fae Moon.

Caverna Obscura will once more amaze you with her delicate and so detailled designs, like the Dream Thief Dark outfit which happened to match some of 7 Selection's wings like the Oleander Wings, so cute with their RFL ribbon and the Kimono Bat wings (non-RFL)

And to stay in touch with your inner fae
I'll strongly advice to get the Ambrosia gown still by Caverna Obscura (RFL item) or the Serenity and Peace wings, elegantly crafted by Material Squirrel (RFL items) .... those wings are really incredible !

And what does rythm with cuteness?
Well Angelwing designs probably !The Isolde (right) gown got me stunned by its simplicity and yet ... so beautiful. And it includes the accessories ! For a more mischievious and gothic look, the must have are certainly Blue Blood RFL items; Felicia and Carly dresses.

But faes... beware of the Drows ^-^
They can hide, even behind Wings Songs's wings.. so you better be carefull

Yes !! I'm not done yet with all the amazing designers from the Faire !!!
And once more... thank you for the priviledge of being a writer of this wonderful event !
Don't forget to check the official Fantasy Faire blog
So yes we were mentionning Drows no ? Well with the avie from Curious Kitties and the Anariel outfit from Caverna Obscura.. you'll get the perfect look !
But you can also get a perfect human look !
With Angelwing Sunset Dreams dress... you'll be able to make .. men dream !
And if the outfit isn't enough...
You may captivate them with a deep magic look in your eyes .... by Ibanez of course.

Another store I did love to visit was Animations Rising and more specially the Rising Silks (RFL item)
Those were just amazingly ... magic. I have no better way to describe how delicate and lovely it looks.

But if you want to stop for a moment, why not enjoy the swing by Silver Dragon Creations ?
So you can take time to enjoy your dress by fumi or the armor by Rfyre. You really get to love Rfyre for every outfit offers you a large panel of style possibilities.

And let's end our tour with Silent Sparrow and Evie's Closet
The two donation dresses by Silent Sparrow are just absolutely cute, and to achieve your mischievious look, don't forget to get your munch on faery from Evie !

And I couldn't resist but to show you the total look by Curious Kitties.
With the drow avatar, the Dark Elf Flora dress and the Enchanted wings (all RFL items) and also SpellBound Dollie Red dress !

Thanks you so much designers !
And thank you everybody taking part in this great event.