Monday, April 30, 2012

Dancing till the very end

Those are the very last hours of Fantasy Faire and yet I felt like it wasn't long enough, like I hadn't enough time to enjoy it completely and make you discover all the pretties.
Well I sure hope you didn't wait and went to check it yourself !
But for the last post, I have some splendid items still !
Elvenbreath, Angelwing, Yabusaka, Weather or Not and Old World.
Oh and a few something from Pose Fair which also ends today so ... log on and shop !
Elvenbreath Calolorn
Yabusaka Caliburn Gold
Angelwing Battle Fairy
Old World Huntress
Weather or Not - Genie Effect and Octopuss necklace
* Much more pictures and all credits after the cut !

The Fighter and The Rose

At Fantasy Faire ... You will find the Fighters but also the Roses.

More pictures and all credits after the cut

Fantastic Fantasy

Final hours of Fantasy Faire so you better hurry to grab those !
 For a entire look at the theater, closeup to the Elysium gown and all the credits, keep reading after the cut !

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I feel pretty .. oh soo pretty... and you could too !
Make sure to stop by Fantasy Faire before it closes, tomorrow, April 30th !
 More pics and all credits after the cut

So pretty when she smiles.

Incoming overload of cuteness ! All from Fantasy Faire !
 Closeups and Credits after the cut !!

Petites invaded the Fantasy Faire

Not much time left if you haven't been to Fantasy Faire yet !
And if you're a Petite addict, you'll find a lot of lovely things there. Look !

All credits after the cut

Spread your wings little one.

If you haven't visited Fantasy Faire yet... It's about time to spread your wings and fly over there.
And if you feel inclined, buy the Petite Dove edition made by Fallen Gods and Yabusaka, as it'll be only available at the Faire !
When I first tried it on, I loved immediately the look of it... but I was like.. how will I blog it?
I wanted to make sure my pictures would underline how graceful and heavenly this Petite looks.

So you'll tell me. But I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
And here is the direct taxi to Fallen Gods at Fantasy Faire.
Petite avatar : Petite Dove Translucent - Exclusive Fantasy Faire item - by Fallen Gods and Yabusaka
Wings : Seraphim Wings by Material Squirrel
Photosphere : Cave of Dreams by A.D.D - Only 199L and it helps raising money for a cat ! Read more about it at Andel's store !

Echo, Eclectic, (and Elika)

Happy Sunday Every onE! Today's post is about chEap and prEtty things that I found latEly. ThErE's a group gift at EclEctic ApparEl, and a sEcrEt salE at Echo... REady? 

Left : Arsene dress in snow (April group gift, still available for a short time). Right : Laura dress in tangerine (new group gift)There's a joining fee of 400l$, which might seem a bit high, but if you consider the 2 very pretty MESH dresses already available, and assume the E! team will keep up at that rate, I say it's totally worth it.

E2) Echo

Intermezzo dress - red and blue (50l$ during sale) MESH

Left : Etude sweater - green with stripes, comes with the necklace (1l$ during sale)
Right : Dissonance cape - red (25l$ during sale)

Left : Exposition sleeveless blouse - pink (1l$ during sale)
Right : Key MESH top - pink (10l$ during sale)

Other credits : 
  • Skin : Uptown - Curio (various make-ups)
  • Hair : Shine - brown 08 - Elikatira
  • Ears and MESH feet : Slink
  • Eyes : Spring - olive - Banana Banshee
  • Necklace (E1) : Kagetora - red - Mandala
  • Pants (E2) : Easy Days trousers - black - Jane (MESH)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's not over yet !

Yay !! Due to SL recent (extra dosis) of grumpiness .. Fantasy Faire will be extended and last one more day !
So time to shop some more !
Skinthesis literally released a shower of gorgeousness all along the Faire.
But haven't they all created delicious items ? Let's look !

 And if you're a tinie addict ... make sure to stop by Druscilla's Whirm on Jungle Bungle sim !
More pictures and all credits after the cut

Friday, April 27, 2012

Geometry of the Shapes

Life is about keeping everything in our "geometry".
Keep a well balanced life .. and shape, keep the budget in line, the house tidied and organized.
Everything in geometry, in symmetry...

And what about an escape to another kind of Geometry ?
Credits :
All clothes (except jeans) : Geometry
Jeans : Jeans classic in midtone by Jane
Pose : From Biscuit + Vendorlicious + Wizzlit - Pose Fair 2012 item - by Frooti
Feet : Mesh feet by Gaeline
Lashes : Fantasia Mesh Lashes by Gaeline
Jewels : Glamorous Earrings  by Phresh
Skin : Jenny by Filthy
Hair : Rush by Elikatira

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sitting near the fountain

Yeah Rosie... I did it !
A nakkie pic ! But no .. you won't be seeing much beside the gorgeous Aquavariel wings from Lost in Starnight and which are a donation item for Fantasy Faire !
Get there quickly because the doors will close on April 29th !
And talking about gorgeous, the Dragoness set from Ezura Xue is not any less beautiful !
My friend's first words have been "Gosh ! That looks like Shiryu from Saint Seiya!" Well .. maybe a little but then Shiryu got an extra sexiness dosis since last time I saw him !
Wings : Aquavariel Wings - Fantasy Faire item - by Lost in Starnight
Outfit : Dragoness - Fantasy Faire item - by Ezura
Hair : Caramel by Elikatira
Feet : Mesh Bare Flat feet by Gaeline
Skin : Previous group gift skin by Mynerva
Pose : Music is My Boyfriend - Pose Fair 2012 item - by Olive Juice

Get your blades out.

Yes .. time for some more Fantasy Faire stuff (since SL finally behaves a little).
So let's be quick before it crashes again !
All credits after the cut

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Time

Thought I was already done with Fantasy Faire ? No !!!
Here comes Kouse and co !
But there is so much to show and those are so pretty that I'll skip the blaberring part and run to the next post I'm preparing for you !
Enjoy ! And here is the music to go with it !
All credits after the cut !

Follow the Path to Fantasy Faire

Because there are lots of pretties all along the way !
Just like this donation item from Evie , a somptuous dress called Elora II.
No need to mention how talented is Evie so ... check the pictures, check the Faire, buy yourself something pretty and join the RFL train !
Credits : (For Fantasy Faire items, slurls given are for FF sims)
Dress : Elora II - Fantasy Faire item - by Evie's Closet
Pose : Blissful Pack 5 - Pose Fair 2012 item - by Exposeur
Lashes : Fantasia Mesh Lashes by Gaeline
Skin : Jenny by Filthy
Hair : Abbey by Elikatira
Photosphere : The Fountain by Garden of Dreams

Project : buy ALL the hair!

Very very quick post to let you know that Alice Project has a big sale until the end of the week! All color packs are 50l$ only (essential packs for 125l$) because she's changing her system soon. I grabbed these gorgeous numbers as soon as I logged in!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012

The Fantasy Faire is opened !!
Yes I know you're willing to see all the pretties, but this year I wanted to start with a tour of all sims... and of the sims only.
Here it comes.
Check the website for a sim per sim detailled summary of the designers.
To see completely amazing pictures of the sims, check Alisaundra's flickr. She has an incredible eye and finds the best angles and settings to take pictures!
Devil's Locket
Shadows Claw
Jungle Bungle

Nu Orne
Shifting Sands
Siren's Secret
The Tides
More pics after the break