Monday, July 26, 2010

BOO!! ^.^

rl... rl... rl....
What can i say lol
i've been long-term avie-napped by rl ;-;

But i'm about to start blogging again
Poor Dagmar has been left holding the fort
But her posts have been sooooo wonderful so that is cool :-D

Well i thought i'd just poke my head in here & say HI i'm coming back soooon
And what could i show you that would grab ur attention and make u remember that i said HI?!


Totally adorable RoboCat Avatar!!! :-D
RoboCat is free from the Boxed Heroes lucky chair yayz ^.^

But this lucky chair is only up for.... 24 hours.... @.@
If u get urself there in time and u are lucky then u also could look as adorable as i do here... and see the bunnies adore me u could be adored by bunnies lol ^.~


Get yourself to Boxed Heroes lucky chair asap *asap* ASAP *ASAP*

U have got until Tuesday 27th July until 10 AM sl time then the chair will poof

Here is ur taxi with speedstripes to Boxed Heroes

Go go go

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm up

I'm up well past my bed time.. Don't tell anyone! But I just had to show off my new PJs
and look! I haven't even taken off my makeup... the lipstick matched the night clothes so well i just HAD to keep it on!
PJs - Miseria July Subscribo Group Gift
Skin - Corrupted Innocence (Free)
Saff xx