Friday, May 15, 2009

Yay More Japanese Clothes!

First stop! Hal*Hina!

Hal*Hina is hands down one of my favorites!
Jacket: Black Bolero Group Gift (also comes with Ivory)
Dresses: Ivory Zipper Dress (camping 20 min)
Light Blue Lace Dress (camping 20 min)
Lavendar Dress (comes with tunic option) (lucky board 10 min.)
You need a group tag to camp and get the group gift!

Next Stop! Parallel Love!

Blue and Red Dress are lucky board prizes!
There are three options to wear both!
There are two boards and I believe they are 5 min each.

Last Stop! Kuri*Style!

I LOVE kuri*style! The dresses and outfits are cool, eccentric, lots of patterns!
Starting from the left:
K*S ONEPIECEmind of kuri 0L
K*S ONEPIECE177F scull 2L
K*S ONEPIECE178F scull 2L

These are at the K*S sock shop!
K*S socks160DOT&DOT 1L
K*S raincoat77 1L

That's all for now!

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