Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunny Sunday.

Hello everyone, happy Sunday! Since I have a few days off work, I have a little time to blog, and I'm happy to show you a few pretty things that I got these past few days. First off, Evie released a while ago a lovely mesh outfit for Zodiac, called Kasia, that I had shown here. Since it was absolutely gorgeous, she decided to release more colors, and Petite versions. If you want my opinion, that's a brilliant idea.  As you can see below on the top right (normal) and bottom left (Petite), Evie puts as much care into the details for the Petite avis as she does for the taller ones. I've matched the outfits with the Sabina jewelry set from Krystal, another wonder of prim work, with tiny details and color change gems.

Of course I had to go buy another Petite avi, and I found out Al Vulo recently released a new one, called Polly II. I love the soft skin and overall adorable look of these new Petites! The hair my Petite avi is wearing is a group gift from Alice Project, it's her very first mesh hair specially resized for these tiny avatars. You may notice the glitch with the alpha and the mesh, I hope she fixes it for the official release, but I figured it's cute enough, and a gift, so I decided I'd show you anyway. It comes with the infinity color HUD (aka a bazilion different possibilities, color-wise)

I was even able, with a little twitching, to fit my beloved eyes from Poetic Colors (make sure to make a copy before any drastic change to an item). 

The hair worn on my normal avi are all group gifts too, from Exile. They come in all colors but I chose to wear my favorite tone from Exile, Marone. I particularly like the very elegant updo shown on the top pictures, Violetta. The ones below, Rayanne (left) and Betty Lou (right) have lovely color-change accessories.

Credits :

- On "tall" Rose :

  • Skin : Sprout, cocoon 2, Curio (+ Airhead tattoo eyebrows), not available at the moment.
  • Hair : Betty Lou / Rayanne / Violetta, marone, Exile (group gifts)
  • Jewelry : Sabina, silver (multijem), Krystal
  • Hands and feet : mesh hands and mesh feet, Slink
  • Ears : Sachara elf ears, Slink
- On "Petite" Rose :
- On both :

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkins vs. Bats

Riders Cardigan – Pumpkin groupgift by Foppish
Bat Pants Unisex groupgift by WTG
Skullrose Tee by Territees
Bonnie Pumpkinblush Skin Group gift by Modish
DR. H. Leopard boots by Hoorenbeek
“Almost had you” hair NEW by Exile
Witch way poseprop by Virtual Props and Poses

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not without my Electique bag

Long Denim skirt  and Poncho by DCNY
Electique bag by Je Suis for FAIR
Reema hair by Alice Project for FAIR
Susan Skin by YS&YS for TDR

Coffee Bean jewelry (Two necklace styles) by Izzie`s for FAIR
Pleated Wool skirt by ValentinaE for Lazy Sunday
Herringbone Blazer by ValentinaE
Your Winter hair by Exile
Sheer Tights NEW by Izzie`s
Electique bag by Je Suis for FAIR
Move Pumps by Elikatira

Friday, October 19, 2012

coldLogic New and almost new

We are wearing
Sheldon – Khaki + Onyx (Skirt with Leggings) NEW by coldLogic
Farrel – coal + Purple Shirt by coldLogic
Elly Skin by Pink Fuel
Yesterday hair by Magika
Beth Bootie by G*Field
We are wearing
Twist - Snow+ turquoise (Skirt with Leggings) NEW by coldLogic
Miller – contrast + blueberry Shirt by coldLogic
Alice hair by Wasabi Pills
Elly Skin by Pink Fuel
Beth Bootie by G*Field
  We are wearing

Swank - Soot + blue (Skirt with Leggings) NEW by coldLogic
Flockhart - black + blue Shirt by coldLogic
Sylvie hair by Wasabi Pills
Elly Skin by Pink Fuel
Beth Bootie by G*Field

Monday, October 15, 2012

Horns, ghosts and scars

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This week's post is a tad halloweenish, with Somnia's group gift, free eyes, cheap make up,fun horns and absofuckinglutely gorgeous mesh hands! See below for the detailed credits.

Credits :

  • Skin : Sprout, cocoon 2, Curio (+ Airhead eyebrows)
  • Make up : Payback tattoo layer, Adore and Abhor for Cinema (50l$)
  • Eyes : Classic gen4, oriental pearl, Poetic Colors (FREE)
  • Horns : Rawr Horns, teal and black, Somnia for Resting Place event
  • Hair : Darling Nikki, marone, Exile
  • Shirt : Boo Too, teal, Somnia (group gift)
  • Pants : Zooey, raven, Jane (discontinued)
  • Hands : Mesh hands, various poses, Slink (NEW)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Friends in Fall

Happy Monday everyone!! Shay and I did a blog post together! And since my laptop lags like hell when I put on shadows, it literally took me ALL day to get a somewhat good picture...

Credits :

   - On Shay :
   - On Rose :
  • Skin : Fall, owl 1, Curio (not available at the moment)
  • Hair : Paloma, latte cake, Sugarsmack
  • Outfit : Combo, ambrose currant, Coldlogic
  • Tights : Lil Piggies tights waffleknit, delicious, Jane
  • Shoes : Alexa Wedges, black, Maitreya
  • Ears : Sachara elf ears, Slink
   - Other :
  • Poses : Gliterrati
  • Pumpkin stand : 2010 hunt price, no longer available
  • Location : Izzie's