Thursday, May 7, 2009

Avilion Vale.. Avilionians are talented people !

In Order to keep the blog easy to read and better looking ^-^ all the pictures shown below are in a small size, but please, click them to get a larger view and the infos on each shops. Thank you !

(From left to right) Pic 1: Warlord outfit (Avilion Mist) - Aria's dress in white (Evie's Closet) - Midsummer outfit - Midsummer wings (Avilion Mist) - Calliope gown in Onyx (Kouse's Sanctum)

Pic 2: Almarea gown Fushia (Kouse's Sanctum) - Element Outfit (Avilion Mist) - Celestial Empress redux Blood (Kouse's Sanctum) - Green gown (Evie's Closet)

Pic 3: Midsummer outfit (Avilion Mist) **the wings shown with the full lenght gown are included with the outfit** Dawn outfit (Avilion Mist)

Avilion Vale .. Avilion.. that's my home!

PS: A few outfits (Warlord outfit / Midsummer wings) are to be found at Avilion Mist

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