Monday, May 4, 2009

Catch a moonlight at Avilion Mist

*smacks her forehead* Here what happens when you got sidetracked by too many things going on... I just found today that Serenity Sieyes has once again surpassed herself.

First, a set that will be a delight for every drow lady. The Priestess is, as its name says it, made for the Drow's priestesses. Of course it comes with several options and styles to wear, and has an Avilion friendly version (i.e. meet the dresscode requirements in the RP areas)

For the little story, Avilion drows are Eilistraee's followers. The nude drow goddess dancing in the moonlight, promoting arts in every ways.
And to tell the truth, this outfit perfectly meets every single dreams a drow like me can have !
It is soft and delicate, the fabric is light as a feather and and the details are just incredibly beautiful. And it comes in several colors !
So go now at Avilion Mist and get it !

And remember the delicious Genevieve gown? Well, if you loved it it, you'll necessarly love the new colors of it. Yes, it is now available in many differents colors and just as beautiful !

And stay tuned for more about Avilion... I'm going to show you the home my heart choose is simply awesome !


  1. come there is never a nude Drow dancing around when I AM being creative?

  2. ROFL Luke !! I'll see with Harm about how to fix this problem !

  3. Because you're MARRIED? (I don't know about Sua, but i wouldn't want to upset Leena...)

  4. Because those privlages are reserved for the Ghost and Protector of the Moon Struck Night, been that person I have to tell you having preistess dance naked around you is not all its cracked up to be........well it is but shhh dont tell....;-)