Friday, May 22, 2009

Put the lime in the coconut...

...but BEFORE you drink it all up, take a look at all the glamorous things I have to show you today!

First, Boaz Sands just put one of her first creations on sale before retirement, only 5Ol$! Put your margherita in the fridge and run to Simply Fae to grab it...

You're back? Good... Now sit comfy and drool... Aryanna, the extremely talented designer of Geisha Dreams Skins, has just released the third generation of Keiko skins... Here is the nude and the Deep Shimmer series:

Oh and the hair? Gorgeous, I know, and it's free from Truth, in every colors!

Other things:
Eyes: Poetic Colors Easter Lilac (bunny hop hunt item)
Outfit: Sand Goddess by Captive Elegance (blogger appreciation week gift but you can get it in the shop!)

Now, you can get your margherita from the fridge and drink it all up!

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