Saturday, October 31, 2009

Goodies and beauties

Your weekly dosis of goodiesness by meh !
Oriental Flower Gown: Group gift from Inara's Fantasy
Hecathes: Miamai Halloween gift
5000 members group gift at Sascha's Designs

That's Elemiah !

I finally managed to do it ... AND to post about it.
Elemiah hunt ! Thanks for the tip Elemiah and thanks for all the gorgeous gifts put in this hunt!
Warning, the hunt is hard ! Little black pumpkins in a black store but heh.. look carefully and you should find those...
*whispers an extra hint in comments*
I also show here the black version of the Amerie dress available in the lucky chair. Rose showed the white one some days ago ^-^.

Hugs !

Friday, October 30, 2009

My favorite Halloween...

Kouse Singh is an amazing lady, I'll never say it enough. Not only is she incredibly talented, she is also a kind, sweet and generous person. She just released a new gown in shop, it is called Seraph and you will be able to see it here.

If you hurry to her shop you will be able to get the Halloween exclusive edition of her soon to be released "Princess" series, and for only 50l$ (but it will be gone on nov. 1st, so you may want to run...)

And since Kouse has been so generous as to share with me her little secrets, I'm passing on the generosity by giving you a sneak peek on this Princess series, the Ruby version... I am already in love with the butterflies, they give the simple design the touch of sophistication that makes it a piece of art...

In the field of talent and generosity, Lady Evie from Evie's Closet has no need to envy Kouse since she just sent her subscribo members this gorgeously textured gown... Judging from the detailed prim work I'd say it's based on one of her hits, the Saiyge gown... Go hit the subscribo, you won't regret it...

Hair on all pictures, Sai by Exile.
Skin by Curio, Breeze

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a real "Intrigue"

Yes yes i know.. I'm not around that much but meh finally found a job, which is not too crappy, and pay the bills.. But yeah.. it's time taking >.> Who ever got the idea to create RL anyway?
So let's throw some goodies in with my favs relaxed every-day look.
While the jeans are an old hunt gift (The first Look What the Cat Brought hunt) from Deviance, the cute hoodie is an Intrigue co. treat. But the final touch is given by ... Duh! Those babies are hawt and I just gotta love them. Cowboy boots, group gift so join Duh!

Woot woot.. Much hugs all

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finding a good title is hard...

Finding something interesting to say is too... I am jetlagged, can you believe it? They changed the time here in Europe last weekend and it seems my body refuses to go in winter mode... Can you blame it?

Cuties above, all free from Sister Strawberry, hair from Magika (sides, 10l$) and Truth (middle, free)

Also Sister Strawberry freebies, matched with clogs from Duh! (20l$ a pair only)

M+M group gift, get it in store

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Men Only?

Howdy all, Angel Slocombe here your new Guy about town.
I was Shanghai'd .... um I mean I was asked very nicely *cough* to contribute to this blog after I was spotted spending way to much time gabbing in the Make Him Over group chat. The group is dedicated to male and unisex fashion and right now until Nov15th the focus is on the second Make Him Over gridwide hunt. 174 stores with male and unisex fashion are supplying all manner of goodies in this hunt and the quality of the prizes is pleasantly good. In fact I know a number of female avatars who are also doing this hunt because many of the clothes can be easily adapted for them too.
The variety of styles available is what struck me after unpacking all of my boxes so I thought I'd introduce myself by showing off 4 different looks I achieved using the prizes from this hunt.

Clothes incl Shoes are all from the prize at Deetalez.
Skin is from one of the two prizes at Hunk Factory.
Shape is part of the prize from PEER.
Eyes came from the prize from Melodic.
Hair came from the MADesigns prize.

Hair in the prize from Bryce.
Silks from Animations Rising/Rising Silks.
Skin - Edward Earth Gothic (not a hunt prize) by Subaru Design
Shape is made by myself.

Hair from prize by Rock Candy.
Clothes & Hat from prize by H.I.M Fashion
Skin - Edward Earth Gothic (not a hunt prize) by Subaru Design
Shape is made by myself.

Shape from the Prize by Maverick Design
Hair from the Prize by MADesigns
Eyes from the Prize by MAXeyes
Skin from one of the 2 Prizes by Hunk Factory
Boots from the Prize by 7071
Clothes from the Prize by Poised

I'd like to take this opportunity to also give an extra shout out to Animations Rising/Rising Silks an incredible store for men I rediscovered thanks to the MHOH. All the poses above are from one of their model pose sets and today they released an absolutely incredible set of Silks called Mythic which truly live up to their name. I just HAD to show you.

If Silks aren't your thing there are also a good number of high quality menswear shops on the same sim offering all kinds of styles.

Are you worried yet....?

In rl I'm training to be a nurse and I thought this outfit would be perfect for me this hallowe'en... the real question is... are you worried yet?!

Dress and Skin can be found @ Suicidal Unborn (number 3 on the subscribo history)

Saff xx

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dilly Dolls and C'est la vie.

Hello all! Here are my finds of the day:

Dresses from the Dilly Dolls lucky board (there's a fourth color, purple, but I haven't got it yet...)

This cute casual outfit is the camping price at C'est la Vie! Relax for 20 minutes and get it.

Other stuff (the usual, not free)
Skin form Tuli
Hair from Maitreya
Faun parts from Titania's court


First off this item is NOT free, but BareRose has such beautiful clothes that I couldn't leave them unreported

My pretty dress cost 130l and I love it, go have a search and see what you may fall in love with!

Saff xx

Grim Bros again...

Hey there! Lua again, using Rosie's account...
As Rose showed you yesterday, Grim Bros always has great quality stuff in their MM board (btw the green dress on Rosie's post will be back in the MM eventually, so keep your eyes peeled). Today it's an adorable pumpkin pie dress and stockings that you can get (2 different boards).

I matched my outfit with my all time favorite clogs from Duh! and freebie hair from Curious Kitties.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick post for awesome group gifts

Bebae has sent out a new group girft, an awesome pack of skins, 1 make-up in pink in 3 tones...beautiful! *o* 200L$ JOINING FEE

Join hair shop nodoka group and check the notices, you'll find this cute hair (the hat is included in the hairstyle) :D

Di is back!!!!

After a far too long break from SL, my friend Dimawa, of D'signs, just got back and is already back to creating. She just released a new freebie... Run get it in her shop, and keep your eyes peeled for her next creations!

Non free stuff:
Hair from Maitreya
Skin from Curio

Grim Bros and Kusshon

Grim Bros has 3 midnight mania boards... The gifts just changed this morning and these are the old gifts but they give you a good idea of the very high quality Cutea Benelli usually releases...

Also on this picture:
  • Mayumi hair from lucky board at D!va
  • Clogs from Duh! (20l$)

Do you know Kusshon? It's a furniture shop right next to my most favorite eyes shop, Poetic Colors. Beolas Whitfield, the talented designer, gives out a free mushroom dining set that's so cute I had to show it to you:

Also on the picture, but not free:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday night finds...

Hello all!

I was wandering around the grid minutes ago and got called to lucky chairs and boards that needed a Y, and here's what I got:

White dress and hat: Amerie lucky board
Boots: Studio M'z lucky chair

Non-free stuff:
Hair from Tiny Bird (used to be a hunt gift), skin from Tuli, eyes from Poetic Colors

Friday, October 23, 2009

Interview from the After-Death

It's with a great sadness that I have to announce your beloved blogger passed out while investigating for more gifts and surprises! Excess of blogging can be dangerous for the health ?
Of course not ! Proof is, even while talking with angels, I still am fashionnable down in my grave !
So stop mourning this loss, and hear the joyfull songs of Heaven (as they get incredible fashion tips)!
Like all the news about latest hunts and gifts to be found in some wonderful stores of SecondLife.
How to become the cutest witch amongst the clouds...
...or the sexiest...
Or even where to find amazing halloweenie costumes!

Items showns in this post are to be found through ST-ROOMS halloween hunt, Analise sim,
or Onyx Sim "Horror Hunt".

Picture 1:
Blood Bath by *Mimic* - Horror Hunt
Devil outfit - Analise gift

Picture 2:
Grave with poses by Dilly Dolls - Horror Hunt
Angel outfit - Analise gift

Picture 3:
Fairy outfit - Analise gift
Mourning dress by tomoto - ST-ROOMS hunt

Picture 4:
All items from Horror Hunt
Panda dress by Avantmelon ** Boots by Heart&Sole
Black dress by Blue Blood
Scarecrow skin, shape and top by Shape It Up
Heart in a bottle by Blood Tea

Picture 5:
Dress by Liriope - ST-ROOMS hunt
Witch Outfit - Analise gift
Panda dress (Avantmelon) and Neko stuff by Mouse trap - Horro Hunt

Picture 6:
Lingerie by GL Designs - Horror Hunt
Shoes by SG Designs - Horror Hunt
Bloody dress by Bird of Prey - Horror Hunt

Want soup ?

Yes, it's cold outside so nothing better than a good home-made soup.
You can now do yours with Magika help! This funny avie was sent through her subscribo group as Halloween gift, and it's right in time for the up-coming costumed parties!

But if you are more shy and classy, hurry at Pididdle and receive this adorable sweater as a gift. I sooo love Brutus and her creations. She always crafts nice, cute, simple and also cheap items. Visit her store, you'll be amazed.

A Gothic Orage

What does a blogger do when Blogspot is borked? Well the blogger gets dragged by another into hunting and increasing the size of her yet ginormous inventory.
So yeah, Shay made me hunt at Orage Creations .. to get some fun stuff like those shiny pants, glasses, jewels... like this funny hat, boots or the cute Witch outfit !
And once you're done hunting.. stop at Gothic Passionate Dreams to try your luck at the Apple Bobbing to get the lovely red dress, and get the Halloween gifts which are those smexy silks!

Enjoy !!

I love *+*JILL*+*

Because her designs fits any of your mood, should you want to be a sexy working girl, a mischievious modern girl or just be yourself in a cute way.
Plus Jill Lemon is generous. And smart. Because you won't be ruined while shopping at her store, all is more than reasonnably priced.
Ok ... Ok... you can be ruined *IF* you buy the whole store, but heh.

So while you await the boards to give you some luck, and let you receive this smexy compromise between school and working style (the 2 ties are included, can be worn without or without leggings), don't forget to join her group and get the 1st anniversary group gift dress!
And there is also a second outfit to get in these board, an adorable dress which can be worn as such; short and sexy... Or with the sweater option, because winter is getting close and we don't want to catch a cold, do we ? ^-^

Cuteness can be found in boxes yeah ! And I hope Allana enjoys this casual halloween outfit !

Picture 1:

  • [Left] Dress: JILL TD Black (lucky board prize)- Hair: Magika Curl (non-free)- Flats: Orange Creations (lucky chair prize)
  • [Middle] Dress: JILL 1st anniversary gift
  • [Right] Dress: JILL TD Black - Showing another way to wear it (orange tie, cuffs with star buttons)

Picture 2:

  • Dress: JILL DR Black/Orange (lucky board prize)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wanted : Aria Swansong and Skyler John

Crimes: Both of those ladies have (abolutely not) horrible ways to make you spend your lindens. How ? Sales. And Gifts.
While Aria offered a special recolor of the Llyra gown as October group gift, she is also having a 100L sale at her mainstore ... Everything is marked down to 100L until October 31st! So hurry and get some of her gorgeous gowns while she is working on the final details of her upcoming releases.
But don't forget to keep some coins for Mystic Sky... Because even if you will be happy once the chair will be kind enough to show your letter.. you will also enjoy the 50% off sale on orange, gold and black outfits ! But this will not last long, ending on Friday at 8PM SLT so be fast !
What's the reward for getting those ladies... Oh well you know.. they're sweet so ... don't hurt them because ... anyway, I'm broke so I can't give you any reward ! *giggles and runs away*


Simple and direct, almost everything in this post can be found at Phoenix Designs and Firefall for ... free.
Skin in the lucky chair, boots and jewels in a hunt gift. Yes. A non announced hunt. Yes. A German hunt, so don't ask me to translate it. There are also men boots in the prize.
Other items:
Hair : ETD - Chel Black
Eyes : Poetic Color - Cat Moon Forest

HOLLOWeen gifts `,..,´

There is a fat pack of skins with nice Halloween/goth make-up at CHAI Skins by joining the group or just clicking the gift bags. The bikini I'm wearing comes to in several colours too =)

You can find this cute dress at Ruru@Pino

The pumpking shoulder pet is a gift from the suscribo of Epic Fantasy Wings And Clothing it! ^^

Dilly Dolls strikes again...

with that adorable dress... The fatpack is the gift from the MM board and is called Lolita II...

Fatpack of dresses (and bloomers), MM board at Dilly Dolls
Clogs from Duh! 20l$ for a pair, 50l$ for a color pack (3 different color packs)

Non free stuff:
Hair from Maitreya
Skin from Tuli
Eyes from Romi

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meow !

Wake up your wild side while I'm heading to bed ^-^
Go and stalk Moxie Polano chair to get this incredibly sexy catsuit, or several other prizes like a witch outfit (but the chair has not been liking me too much).
Night night xoxo

Red.. color of the night

With Avilion Mist priestess silks and hair from Analog Dog .. the High Priestess headpiece from Wishbox is breathtaking !
And hO wear today's freebie ! Lady in Red is gorgeous, to get before 8PM!