Monday, May 11, 2009

Why can't I find a good title for such a good post?

Dang.. it's about dinner time.. Stomach is yelling and brains are suffering from hunger but gawd .. I had to post Miamai before to grab some food.
I was innocently walking across the grid when a blue window popped in my screen... Oh a notice... Oh from the Lucky Chairs Stalkers (God bless them by the way).. Heh... Miamai... How comes I don't know this shop yet ?
So of course... wearing my bestest friends for a "Imma-going-to-shop-all-around-SL" (me insists on pointing at the flats she is wearing) I went at Miamai.

Joined the group... Got the gift... Saw the gifts.. .. .. Fainted .. .. ..
When I woke up (dang marble floor is quite cold ya know).. I ran back home with a grumbling stomach, a terrified purse feeling a "You're-going-to-shoppin" wave coming and a urgent need of shooting those pictures for you.

Gawd... why are you still here now ?
Wasn't that enough? Do you really need me to insist on the quality of this adorable skin ? On how perfectly the clothes will suit you ? On the fact the outfit on the Sua-drow is supposed to be for guys but darn looking good on ladies?
Yeah thought so... Enjoy now ^-^

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