Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tattoos & T-Shirt Blues

Happy Sunday! Just a couple of must items and cheapies!

Starting from the left:
Barb Yeah! TShirt is a subscribo gift from This is A Fawn!
White Skirt is 0L on the cabinet of NINIKO! It's tres cute.
This whole outfit, including belt and gloves! is a group gift from Emery.
Join the group and check the notices.
Right: This amazing tattoo was ONLY 50L at the Glass Earth Sale.
Everything is on sale, hooves, tails, elven ears, skins!!
Go check it out, not sure how long it is going to last.

I love T-Shirts! They really can show your personality with a nice sleek pair of jeans!
The two shirts in the middle are BOTH only 5L!
Reek makes the best shirts, at such an affordable price!
The T-Shirts at the end (the blue one and the one with the cutest bat everrr) are 0L at idk!
This is a new store and I have sooo many great expectations for it.

Everyone have a wonderful Sunday!


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