Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Secrets d'alcove

There are some of them I am glad I can share with you...
Like when Rainy (not so) innocently let me know the lucky chair prizes will be changed soon... and there will be one exclusive and limited time one...
Then she (still not so) innocently ask me if I'm interested in having a peek at it..
--> Suavana Maiman: Ask a starving person if she wants food !
And here is what I received.... *me squeals*

Marquise will be soon to get in the lucky chair... and if luck is not on your side, you can still buy it. But all of this for a limited time. When .. When ... will you ask me... This is the "secret d'alcove" and how can you know ?
Easy .. head at Phoenix and Firefall .. Join the group.. Group members always get the special offers announced first.

Oh about the water sound in this post.. I'm sorry.. I just can't stop drooling.

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