Monday, May 4, 2009

The show must go on

The smexy black dress is the Black Beauty from hO wear .. Free till 8PM today only.
The Alizée... uh.. I mean babydoll dress is from Ivalde discount store a real must have for 10L !
The boots on the last outfit are from [AV] Vlodovic , a MM to go and touch ! And the skirt is a lucky gift from Naughty Neko Designs . It was my first visit there today, thanks to Dylana Wetherby... She called us for a MM to slap and I got the lucky chair as well !

Now some more pretties...

The blue bikini is Sweeter Than Candy last group gift.. Head there, give a look at the whole shop as it is SO worth it and join the group. If you check history you should be able to find this gift ! The red outfit is a gift bag from E'Dior and it comes in gold and black as well ! The pink dress is as well from Ivalde discount store, again a great bargain ! About the gold dress you so must pop to Badger Spirit to hit the MM and get it !

And about the title.. well I had that song in mind while doing this post. That's all for now !! Hugs !

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