Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hello Anastasia here again with my next installment on amazing SL jewellery designers. Many of you are familiar with the amazing work of Miriel Enfield. I had seen her work when I first started in Second Life but the news that her sim and shop would be closing sent me back there today to check it out before it's gone forever.
It's an amazing sim, beautifully built an a great way to explore it and get some amazing Miriel jewellery is to do her Golden Cage hunt. You get the starter notecard in the main store and you're off. This is not an easy hunt, you really have to think about the clues and explore the entire island to find all the prizes. There are 5 in all and they are all gorgeous.

Everything is currently on sale, which includes all the jewellery as well as 2 styles of hair and a gorgeous selection of eyes. So you should go do the hunt then buy out the store like I did!

All of the photos here are taken on the Miriel sim, I bought this beautiful Victorian style "Gibson Girl" hair and dug through my gowns to take the photos in character. In fact I loved it so much and it reminded me of Anne of Green Gables so I went back and bought it in a red as well!
The wonderful thing about Miriel's jewellery is the options, you choose your metal, stone and perms. All are mod, so you choose copy /mod or mod / transfer on any items including hair. All demos are free and there is a set of 10 eye colours free which double as demos.
The store and the sim will sadly be closing in the next few weeks so you should go now before it is gone forever.

Do the hunt, spend some money, take home some of Miriel's fine prim jewellery before she too escapes her Golden Cage and closes her store and her lovely island.

#1: Fleur necklace and earring set, L$185 peridot / Silver version is a hunt prize
#2: Medallion necklace in gold / ruby L$150
#3: Bauble necklace (colour change!) in silver L$60 and earrings L$25
#4: Blossom set in silver / jet L$180
#5: Secret necklace L$165 gold / mandarin garnet is a hunt prize

Hair worn throughout is Gibson Girl in Chocolate

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