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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have a hope.. a MysticHope

Quick look at the actual lucky chair gifts, which are as usual gorgeous and elegant, feminine and attrative at once ! [Click the pictures for larger view]
Gildea Green Rose
Sindarin in White
Lady Terribly in Black
Balwarian Gown in Brown
And the camping chair prize .. Anfaela in Black
Do not forget these outfits are only from the Lady chairs, both camping and lucky chair. There is also one of each available for the gentlemen !
Have fun !

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Intorducing the new game !

Hey sweeties.. here is the game of the day !
Called... the Fashion game ! So take your cards and let's play !

Card 1: (dress) Seldom Blue - 1L *** (skin) Doux Petit Dahl - lucky chair *** (hair) Analog Dog - freebie

Card 2: (dress) [AV] Vlodovic - subscribo gift

Card 3: (lingerie) Reasonnable Desires - lucky chair

Card 4: (dress) Revnik's - Freebie

Card 5: (dress) PixelDolls - Group Gift (suscribo) ---> Much more to get from there

Card 6: (dress) [AV] Vlodovic - Camping Prize

Card 7: Joker ! [AV] Vlodovic - Lucky Board

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


*yawns* Oh my! It's way past my bedtime and I'm exhausted, so this is going to be a quick one...

Yes, Vox and I have gone camping again, at Mystic Hope, again...
MysticHope - Diablo Purple female and male outfits, 1 hour camping each

Left: Shirohato Black Canary dress, lucky board. Right: DP Yum Yum 30 minutes camping prize

*curls up in bed and falls asleep*

Monday, April 27, 2009

Camping and helping a kid get to camp...

I was camping at Blue Blood for the amazing dresses below, and I started reading other blogs... this is when I found this post on Gabi Fitzgerald's blog, SL Good Deals. Basically the idea is simple: buy this gorgeous hair from Exile and help a kid go to diabetes camp next summer...

Blue Blood camping price, 30 minutes, price n°1 (Laneth dresses pack)

Blue Blood camping price, 30 minutes, price n°3 (Enigma dresses pack)

Blue Blood camping price, 30 minutes, price n°2 (Lolita dresses pack)

Hair: Exile Laynie, 250l$ for a color pack

Thursday, April 23, 2009

F*Hair*ic day

I had promised you more tips for your updos !! Here it is :) and not only for updos..

All hairstyles showns are either freebies, dollarbies, group gift, lucky chair or boars or even camping prizes.

Savoir Hair (special mention for them as they gather the designer's cheapies)- Philotic Energy (dollarbie)-White Well (the "Hola From Spain" picture is to be found at Savoir Hair. The white version is a lucky board gift.. not shown here)
Magika (Easter group gift)- House of Heart (New Release gift)- Salon Cri-Cri (freebie+dollarbie+camping)- kMAD Designs (Hair pack as a group gift)

Romi Juliesse (group gift) - And more hair found at Savoir.

UPDATE: Not shown here but I just discovered today Curl up and Dye has a lucky board and two camping chairs SO worth hanging there.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mystic luuuurve

Mae posted about this shop a while ago ( here and here), and I'm pretty sure I've shown you some of the great things one can get at Mystic Hope (including the camping chair prices that you can see here), but a reminder can't hurt, right? And these are other outfits. Plus today, I have a sexy model to help me show you more awesomeness from this amazing shop.

All the outfits I am modelling (+ the cat eyes) are free from Mystic Paradise, either from lucky chair or lucky board...

And here is the handsome Vox, modelling what he found there yesterday... left to right, the first two are only 50l$ each (in the discount section, downstairs) and the other two are 400l$ each (but totally worth it)

Just click on the pics to see them better... and run to Mystic Hope!

Friday, April 10, 2009

More Morgana and Shop Seu

Right after I was done making the previous post about the Black Canary, I went back to Morgana's, where I was yesterday and there was a lucky chair calling my name, I couldn't resist and had to sit my bum on it... I won yet another charming victorian dress... then I went camping at Shop Seu (I was there to get their group gift hair, I think Saffie will show you later) and I got this glamourous dress, perfect for a spring garden party...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Camping at Morgana's

Earlier today my friend Rayne TPed me to that place that she loves, called Morgana, where she was camping... I got these 3 dresses! Left and right are camping prices (30 minutes each) and middle one is a lucky chair price... Aren't they awesome?

Thank you Rayne!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Camping at Mystic Hope

My friend Arthur and I went to Mystic Hope today and camped for a little bit. We got these gorgeous matching outfits :

On Rose:
Soullight Lilac female outfit, 60 minutes camping at Mystic Hope
Soullight Lilac female boots, 30 minutes camping at Mystic Hope
ETD Bobbi hair, 100l$ in the discount section

On Arthur:
Soullight Lilac male outfit, 60 minutes camping at Mystic Hope