Saturday, May 2, 2009

Colore la foule, colore mes veines...

I was in the Uncle Web shop checking the hair Shay posted on her blog, when I heard french spoken next to me... I turned my cam and here's what I spotted:

My first thought, I admit it, was "wow, that must hurt! what's wrong with her AO?" But then I chatted with them a bit and perved their profiles (*winks at Gin*) and the one on the right, Saelle, has a shop, called Color My P!xel. Since I am always curious to discover new shops on SL, I went there, and found a few dollarbies...

"Don"t touch!" shirt, bangles, hair star thingie and pink outfit, 1l$ each

And here is the next release from her shop (not free but oooh sooo kyoooot!)

As for the title of the post? Well it's a french song, and you can hear it here

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