Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gift anyone ?

I so love the Gallery Gift Shop. You always find amazing creations there for a most reasonnable price.
Like the Seasonal Siren from Evie's Closet [shown here] or this cutissime outfit from 22769.

Outfit : TGGS creation from 22769 (store slurl) available at The Gallery Gift Shop
Boots : 22769 December Group Gift
Hair: Amandine by Wasabi Pills
Skin: Angel Petal Dark by Curio
Pose : Whoopsie by Boof

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tchin !

 Sweetpies, you will have to forgive me if I can't show you all the awesome things being releasing at the time... because they are way too much !!!
Anyway, I (once more) got a total crush on Alexohol items (part of TOSL) so here they are, along with some Baby Monkey's shoes, Juxtapose (pose of course !) and Wasabi Pills hair *drools*
 Yes, I have been drooling from the very second I saw on my plurk TL a little window saying "New Wasabi Pills mesh hair". Of course, fast as the thunder, I clicked on it. And that's when it happened.
I started drooling.
Amanding is absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about it. The braids, the (color-change) hairband .. everything.
Oh and for the "Tchin"... it's what we usually say in France for "Cheers!"

Outfits: Pic 1 is Jackie O's Rose in Maroon and Pic 2 is Dreamy Winter Sweater Dress in Black both by Alexohol (TOSL)
Skin: Angel - Petal Dark by Curio (actual group gift)
Hair: Amandine by Wasabi Pills
Shoes: Ultimate Lily by Baby Monkey (TOSL)
Pose: Goodbye 2011 by Juxtapose

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Something old, something new and something free... that's how SL rolls!

I somehow managed to do one more red post. Can you blame me? We just went through Christmas!

Truth be told, I am a fan of red-white, red-black and red-white-black combos, so I can't really pass the chance to make one more outfit with those colors. Plus, red lips skins are one extra reason to do so :p
Today I tried on this new release by Elymode - a dress or a sweater, depending what you need, plus matching leggings. The trick about it is that the outfit comes with resizable sculpted attachments plus an alpha layer, but you can also buy mesh add-ons for the skirt and sleeves. And guess what: this skirt is big enough to cover my bootie :D
The hair on Moniq is LeLutka's Christmas gift - a bit modded, though, and the Belleza skin is free at the Beachwood club, under the Christmas tree.

Skin: -Belleza- Erika tan xmass gift free here
Hair: [LeLutka]-AWE hair - AlmostGoth (group gift)
Dress & tights: *elymode* Annette Sweater, Dress, Tights - red / black / white (with mesh add-ons)
Boots: ISON - block platform booties (tribal)
Bag: *YS&YS* Cala Saona Bag
Jewelry: ::MOOD:: Chaos Ensemble
Poses: WetCat for the Props&Poses Fair (Starting on January 1st)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Introducing Jolene

 A little more of tameless since I know you loved Nadine look.
 Here is Jolene avatar. While in the picture below, I use my own shape, the top one is the complete avatar version... all included : Shape, hair, skin, piercing, outfit, boots and even eyes and lashes.
Below, beside using my own shape, I show you another hair from Tameless : Norine.
Here again, the hair is color change and so are the streaks !

Everything shown by Tameless

The delicate music of silk

Tameless has released yet another great gown, perfect if you are planning on being noticed while you walk down the stairs.
Churel (here show in white) comes the jewels matching the color of your gown.

Outfit : Churel in white by eXxEsS
Hair : Analog Dog - Quest in Oak (Point B actual gift)
Skin : Sundust Angel (Dark) by Curio (Actual groupgift and hurry as the group is free to join for only a few days)

Keep up the Hope

While taking a trip to old familiar places, I found those two jewels by Kouse's Sanctum, given out as gift for Avilion Grove Ballroom, a gorgeous place that I'm pretty sure you will want to visit if not already !
 So as the dresscode applies, Kouse generously supplies two version of the Hope gown in an adorable wine color, first one with a simple skirt, the second one being more elaborated.

Outfits : Hope gowns by Kouse's Sanctum, available for free at Avilion Grove
Hair : Analog Dog - Quest in Oak (Point B actual gift)
Skin : Sundust Angel (Dark) by Curio (Actual groupgift and hurry as the group is free to join for only a few days)
Poses : Glitteratti Model pack n°9

Exotic Christmas time ?

Angelwing is spoiling us with yet another new release and gifts!
The new release : Xylia.
The gifts ? A Christmas hunt with 6 angel wings hidden all around the store.
Each one containing one outfit and all the accessories ! And one of them containing the new outfit Xylia
 All the pics and credits after the cut !

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas !

Wishing you a merry and stylish Christmas !
Caution, sexiness included in eXxEsS group gift !
The middle version of the Magik outfit is actually available as a groupgift (no fee to join) but it also comes in various colors for a most reasonnable price, so if you're looking for something sexy, make sure to visit eXxEsS !

Outfit: Magik by eXxEsS
Hair : Clementine by Wasabi Pills
Skin : Miha by Al Vulo
Poses : Glitteratti for the side's ones and Lilau for the middle one.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Don't mess with My Xmas.

I have always been loving outfits from Severed Garden, but this one is a huuuuge crush for me. I want this in RL !
Nyle outfit comes, as per usual, in different colors and with tons of accessories each ones as cute as cute can be!
I matched it with the hair from Wasabi Pills, called Clementine, which i totally love too and the poses from Wet Cat (made for the Tropicalia Bazzar) are perfect to show you the cute boots included in the outfit!
Or the Zuffy boots, also new from Severed Garden !

Outfits and boots: Nyle (first 2 pictures) and Zuffy boots (3rd picture) by Severed Garden
Pose: Wet Cat for the Tropicalia Bazzar
Hair: Clementine by Wasabi Pills
Skin : Miha by Al Vulo


The name summarizes the look pretty well I think, isn't it ?
As far as I'm concerned I'm totally in love for that hair !

Full avatar by Tameless

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bubbles and Water

Legs up for hours
[...] To bathe for hours
Make my mouth water

Ok I must admit this got me giggling from the very moment I grabbed this poseprop at Glitteratti and ... ok ... I'm still giggling.
As you might have guessed, in a bath you're not that much covered, thankfully I had some foam bath.
Hop after the break to see more pictures with some of the poses included in this prop.

Hair is by Red Mint - n°5 (M)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A precious feather

 Haven't been yet to Under My Wings event. You better hurry for the vendors won't stay up very long ! Some designers will have them rezzed at their stores till January 8th but easier to check them all together at the same place no ?
 Specially when you know the sexy Scarlett outfit from Firefall Designs is out for just 99L ! Match it with eyes from Banana Banshee (4 styles at 39L each !) and you'll be the center of everybody's attention !
Go get your favorites !

Diving into Christmas spirit

Yes .. the wonderful Evie made a Christmas mermaid, the Seasonal Siren, after an idea whispered to her by one of her models.
And no need to say that a good idea + an Evie = a must have !
 Oh and ... for the ultimate girl-in-christmas touch... the outfit includes a special attachement to make those adorable snowflakes fall all around you !
 So run at the Gallery Gift Shop as long as it's there. And it's only 150L$ !

Outfit: The Seasonal Mermaid at The Gallery Gift Shop (150L$) by Evie's Closet
Hair: Ladonna by Analog Dog (free)
Poses : Imperail Elegance - Mermaid poses (no longer exists)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Toys For Tots Charity Event

It is tomorrow... Some designers will have creations out for you at a special price and ... it's for a great cause ! All benefits will go to Toys For Tots !

Join us ! December 17th at 12PM SLT at Second Night Arts Foundation !!

Have you been to North Pole ?

 Well, if not.. it's not that important, as long as you go to Analog Dog and Poised !
 Analog Dog spoils us again with a yet another freeball, filled with 3 wonderful hairstyles. Ladonna, as shown above, Caught as shown below and Pause Puff in the last one. Gorgeous arent they ?
 And yes... I mentionned Poised. Fallen outfit is a recent release which includes jeans, sweater and belt. The shown version is Serena, but it also comes in 4 others colors mix.
 But Christmas being on its way (and getting closer each day !!!) Poised also prepared you a little Santa helper outfit ! So me and Rudolf decided to play for the camera and for you !
But he is a lazy reindeer, so I had to start a snowfight...
 Credits and more pics after the break !

A fierce touch of fashion

Fierce has some limited edition gown out, and believe me those creations are a wonderful journey into your imagination !
First one is called Midwife. While the back seems simple, it's adorned with a flower holding two babies in its petals.
The front part is a true symphony to feminity.
This outfit comes with the hair, the accessories and prim feet. A perfect look to summarize it!
The second dress is total fun.
Think of yourself in your worse / best / more intense cooking day, and you're getting only a small idea of the dress !
I think the pictures will speak for themselves !

Outfits: Fierce Designs

Ode to Bernadette...

The Princess Shoppe has yet another cutie available for all of you princesses of the grid. It comes in a bunch of lovely colors and I'm in awe with the detailed pattern emphasized by the simple design. More blah blah, less oooh and aahhh :

Credits :

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simply Stunning, Isabella

KS New: Isabella Sapphire
Isabella - Sapphire

It’s no secret that I’ve been store modeling for Kouse’s Sanctum for.. uhh.. a while now, I have no idea when I started actually. But I swear my gushing isn’t bias, I was a huge fan long before I applied and still would be a frequent customer today. So now that you’re prepared..

KS New: Isabella Snow
Isabella - Snow

I’m totally gushing over this one! I’ve been waiting anxiously couple of days for the actual release and she finally put it out this morning. I am completely in love with this dress. It’s so simple, but so, so stunning at the same time. The textures are incredibly rich and slightly shaded just perfectly. The skirting.. it moves like fluid. Normally, blues are my favorite colors, no matter how much I try to mix things up, which includes red now and again. In this release, a red offshoot she’s called Garnet is probably my favorite color in the batch, it’s really incredible! Also, I have a thing about draped sleeves, back drapes and off the shoulder tops. This release makes me super happy on all 3 counts. Anyway, I picked a few to show here but it’s available in a few additional colors too!

KS New: Isabella Garnet
Isabella - Garnet

KS New: Isabella Forest
Isabella - Forest

KS New: Isabella Amethyst
Isabella - Amethyst

Dresses: Kouse’s Sanctum – Isabella
Hair: Elikatira - Just
Skin: Cupcakes – Embrace - Midnight
Blush: Tuli – Rosy Cheeks
Lashes: Redgrave – Daily 01
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – December Gray

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And my heart goes boom

Yes... bOOm ... I have been raiding siss boom !
And their closet is full of excellent things... but I had to hold back my own hand from my purse ... can you imagine ?
Well I'll save my blabbering for another time because I just want to let you enjoy all those gorgeous creations !
Sugared Plum

Sugared Plum again cos I love it


Dinner at 8 ... so vintage !

Idle hours
Outfits : All by siss boom
Shoes : Boston Boots by Reek and Simone Pumps by Baby Monkey
Hair : (Darker Blond) N°5 by Red Mint (Lighter Blond) Julia by Kmad Designs (Black) Ballet Hair by Pomme d'Amour (Red) Sachiko by Wasabi Pills