Saturday, April 30, 2011


.. is the latest creation made by Madison Creation
You'll note all those lovely details .. attention given to textures and prims work.. it is simply stunning.
I'm showing here to you with poses from Olive Juice grabbed at the Albero Gacha Festival (thankies Shay).
Have closer looks right after the cut !

The wind is blowing for Mariannah

And for Mirja with yet another great creations.
A fantasy/roleplay gown, Mariannah, simple but wisely realised ! And a new hairstyle, Windblown.

Enjoy them and visit the store in-world for more !


And yes! We'be been spoiled with another treat by Surreal from Deviance!
Arcane Dancer Silks.
It's gorgeous (as per usual), delicate (as per usual) and sexy (as per usual!). Warning though.. it's only prim so... might need to adjust it to your own shape ^-^. OR you can wear it with the shape generously sent with the outfit! Note it also comes with two options, gold or silver !
Demon's Mistress Outfit
And playing with this outfit, I fell inside my Deviance's deviance and decided to dig out my favourites for you. Yeah I know... spring cleaning and nostalgy go well together but you'll see it's all good and major part of those were gotten as gifts ! Some are still available at the Lucky Chair or the Apple Bobbing!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


*squeals* One big joy in a blogger life.. or well.. in my blogger life is to get pretty poses to blog. And I've been to Glitteratti... I knew I'd find amazing stuff.
What I didn't know is that I'd find that MUCH of amazing FREE stuff ! So I got MUCH MUCH MUCH fun playing with those and here are my piccies !
This fabulous box is gift for Best Selling Creations Hunt.. and the light orbs come with it.. About 10 poses are stuffed in it so be sure you'll see this regularly !!! ^-^

The Lapdance couch is here.. for free.. waiting for you at the entrance. 3 females poses / 3 males poses.. Color changing cushions.. and glasses of champagnes for free !
Those upcoming pictures will show you the Season Hunt gift, including tables, chairs and pennant !
Needless to say tons of poses included.. isn't it ?
Hurry !!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Magic.. fenglick

I know.. the name doesn't mean a thing but that was something my little bro used to say as it's magic word when he was young.. and Kouse as per usual is a fashion-magic-maker .
Just have a look at her latest releases ...
Selah in Amethyst
All piccies after the cut .. and that's just part of the latest releases!

More Dressing Room - Blue Style

Now first off I've done some small edits to Saff's shape and I'm curious if people notice and what they think so any comments would be gratefully received!

And now to the fashion!

The Dressing Room has a sibling under the guise of The Dressing Room Blue and they're having a birthday too all the items are under 70l$ in The Dressing Room Blue so I won't put prices by the images

So first we have hair by Exile Teyone, the hair is gorgeous with deeper shades mixing in with the fly away style, it comes in chilli (shown here), brown sugar, marble and sand. So you're not limited to being ginger!
Here we have two outfits for the price of one designed Kletva, if you don't like one - wear the other! I love both the outfits the first is simple, stylish and very lady gaga with the feathery plumes ....

And I love the monochrome look, effortlessly chic and stylish

Now let's take a closer look at the skin which is designed by MONS. I adore the little pouty glossy detail to the lips (nicely hi-lights Saff's new lip shape) and the smokey eyes are sultry and sexy. All in all a beautiful skin!

OH! And before I forget, I couldn't just walk past these AWESOME eyelashes and not buy them, it would be a travesty! They're by [glow] and in my opinion are easy peasy to fit (and I find lash fitting difficult) they're adorable, I love poppies, they're summery and so lovely to look at so having them on my eyes is a major plus!

So why are you still reading this?! Head on to The Dressing Room Blue and grab what you like before they're replaced with something new and equally exciting!!

Hair - (pic 2) Magika

(pic 3 & 4) Tiny Bird

(pic 5) Truth


Saff xx

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tribute to Tiny Bird

As you've most certainly heard about it now .. Tiny Bird is closing and *sighs*.. that's breaking my heart.
Autumn Hykova has been "dressing" my SL head for long now, her creations always sitting in my favs folders... so I figured I would show you my favourites before they're gone.. so you might want to pay a visit and let her know we LOVED you !!
So.. let the pictures talk for themselves now!
Tiny Bird has always been spoiling customers - One gift is available at the store right now !
 Jump after the cut to see all the piccies (and yeah.. I only picked my favourites so that gives you an idea of Tiny Bird folder size).

One Word...

To be sexy !
Guess what ? These amazingly cute and sexy outfits are... free. Yeah. You've read that right.
So hurry at Poised and get your favourite as long as they're here !

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ze Bubbles, ze bubblez ze bubbles....

MY BUBBLEZ! I was having a look through one of my favourite flickr groups (what the fug) and stumbled across the name of a shop that I saw had lucky boards! So i wandered into the shop and found these adorable cupcakes! Great freebies, if only I still owned a SL house!

So after hanging around at the Lucky Boards for a while (must join group to use, free group though) and won these lovely earrings! I won some other things, top, jeans, blind fold, there are loads of boards there!

Ohhh, like my hair?! Yeah that's Magika (only 199l)! I thought I'd trial the punk look and decided I adore it! (Bald Base is free @ Tiny Bird)


Saff x


Let's see... Perfect prim work, detailed textures, rich colors... Yes, that's a new gown from Kouse's Sanctum! Naomi is one of her latest releases and a new favorite of mine. I'm showing it with hair from Elikatira, that has a (not so) secret sale this weekend only, everything is heavily discounted and the different hair displayed are only 80l$ per color pack.

Kouse has a special color of Naomi up as an Easter treat for 100l$ only, read more about it here...

 More pictures after the cut...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New at WoE

Remember the smexy stuff I've grabbed at the Faire from WoE ???
*screams with excitment* Well there are new stuff !!!! And it's jeans !!


Yay .. it's the weekend.. time to get some your sprot jumper out ! And thanks to 22769... you'll do it with style !

House of SilverJinx B-day

Happy Birthday House of Silverjinx !!! And to celebrate two years of SL... they're giving away those two fabulous pairs of boots!!
Isn't it awesome ??

Thalia is famous !

To thank the group members for loving her (though it's well deserved !) Thalia is offering this amazing outfit !
Includes everything ... boots, hat, necklace and outfit of course ! Get a closer after the break

Tiny Bird New Release!

Tiny Bird's still closing (big sobs from Saffie's part) but that doesn't stop them putting out new releases! yay!

This is Soon Enough II in natural red. Very simple, very pretty and very cheap, this one I grabbed for 50L and you can get the full fat packs for 100l!

Saff xx

Al Vulo! Renzie Milk tone

As promised here is the closer look to Al Vulo! Renzie skin in Milk tone. As per usual, there is a bunch of makeup options to pick from, so if you can't make up your mind.. buy them all !
Al Vulo! Renzie Milk skin

Poised is pretty

... And original ! I've loved my visit to this store and I've brought back for your eyes many pretties...
Poised Spring Pressies
Or should I say tons of pretties ? Discover them all after the break !

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I woke up a few days ago with a group gift from Ripped ... and it contained all those pretty jewels.
 Celtic bracelet ..Celtic necklace .. with those beads, you'll be able to make it match tons of styles!
But ... there are also free outfits available at Ripped.. look at them after the break !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wasabi !

... been wanting to show you this for a while.. because.. it's great, and sexy and stylish, and of course.. from Wasabi Pills.
 Khalon Armor is to be grabbed at the main store... Now !

Hair - Tiny Bird (soon closing so hurry)
Skin - WSH Hunt gift by Style by Kira

Check the L'Abel

So I decided to catch up on what shops were still around and was happy to find that L'Abel is still going and has a lovely discount section upstairs!

the beautiful dress on the left was 99l$ and the very sexy wrap around dress on the right was even less!

AND the gorgeous gold dress can have the skirt whipped off to make some very sultry lingerie!

The lovely red hair was 100l for the fat pack at tiny bird which I was gutted to see that Rosie reported it's closing!!
So run and grab them while they still last!



Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here is another store i've just discovered and which I'm very much liking the definition of "fashion"
 So let me show you one of their latest release... Kiss me

And i couldn't help but to have this song in my head...

More pics after the jump

Riddle @ Chic LTD

I told you a few days back about one of my new favorite stores, Riddle. Well this month, Riddle takes part in the CHIC Limited event and if you liked the Meia tunics, you're going to love these exclusive "cherry blossom" (that's the theme this month) editions.

They come in packs of 2, for 250l$ each, or you can do like me and buy the whole bunch for 500l$, knowing that the pink trim ones are limited to this even and won't be available afterwards... just saying.

The belt comes with a HUD that allows you to change the texture and color for a bazilion different possibilities.

And since I'm soooo predictable, my skin is Curio's Pout, my hair is's Amelia, my eyes are Banana Banshee's Cloverfield (Autumn), my ears are Panda Express' Sad Elf and Duh! is the name of the shop where my shoes are from.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cute dress FUR Japan.

Hello! The Project FUR Japan event is still going on, and if you haven't yet, I strongly advise you to go take a look. Hundreds of talented designers have got together to raise money to help the animals of Japan, innocent victims of the earthquakes and tsunami of last month. This very cute and romantic dress is from Honey Soul, it's only 150l$ and 100% of the profits go to the animal cause, all the more reason to get it.

I was thinking I haven't done any shameless self advertising in a while, so I'm wearing the Oak eyes in brown, that are also sold at the Project FUR Japan sim, along with 3 other colors. I made these eyes for the event, and they will not be sold after it's over, so you might wanna grab that limited edition too, for 100l$ only (100% also going to PFJ). Should you want to see other eyes from Banana Banshee, you can visit my shop, where a lucky board and 3 dollarbies are set up for you.

That lovely hair I'm wearing is from Tiny Bird's closing sale, 100l$ for a color pack, along with all their other hair, and heavily discounted clothing. You can read more about it here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

House of Xevion

Let me show you some pretty creations I just happened to discover by House of Xevion.
And let's start with the gorgeous dress Pray For Japan. I have been stunned by this dress, how it embraces the silhouette and the prim work is just incredible.
And although usually I'm not that fond of hats, this one is just perfectly completing the look.. *the* touch of glam.
But if it is not all... I decide to "investigate"... and guess what I found as group gift notices? Answer after the break !

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Show must Go On

And with Virtual Props and Poses... you're always rocking the show ! Now spice it up with a skin from Al Vulo! and outfits by Fantasia and you get ...
... this !
My dear friend Shay kindled directed me to this fabulous gift by Virtual Props and Poses, specially set out at Shay's HQ ! It comes with 10 poses and you can also make your own background.. isn't it amazing ?
The sexy skin is the actual group gift by Al Vulo and is a special version of Renzie line called Eclypse.. and I'm getting each time more in love for those skins!
And the sexy outfit is made by Fantasia, store that I've just happened to discover lately from the Fantasy Faire and I have to say I've very much like what I saw there ! I hope to show you more of their creations soon!
Hop after the break !!!

Newness at Kouse's Sanctum

With Beatrice and Faith..
Left: Beatrice in Shamrock - Right: Faith in Sea Breeze
All the pic and infos after the break

I'm back!

And just in time to make the 700th post for LWTCB!!
Now may I wish the Dressing Room a VERY Happy First Birthday!?
I'll save you the singing and get down to the facts!

The Dressing Room is a special discount location for some brilliant designers! And for their first Birthday they're selling a good few items for 40L$
So those gorgeous shoes? 40L$
That sexy dress? 40L$

They do have loads more, skins, shapes, jewellery, hats, shoes, tops, pants.... eeeeee the list is endless!!
So mosey on down to The Dressing Room and appreciate their fantastic things! (all their other items tend to be under 100L$ as it is!)

Saff (The Fae)

Meet Renzie by Al Vulo!

I think no words are needed... work is just stunning.
Hop after the break to see all the pretty faces !