Saturday, May 30, 2009

lucky chair dresses!

So, first of all. Yay! Icing has finally put a lucky chair in their store. I love Icing. Amazing, and absolutely gorgeous dresses. They certainly did not fail to deliver on the lucky chair dress. The dress is superb! Full of colour and great detail with the gorgeous florals! It makes me swoon. /me smiles! Go stalk it now. There is sure to be lag. So keep the prims down!

The next dress is a lucky chair prize from idk. The store is called IDK. I do know the name of the store. LOL It's super tight and sexxxy. I love the shading. Some outfits have no shading if you have larger breasts and it makes the outfit look kind of weird. This dress completely defeats the weirdness with some wonderful handrawn detail and shading!

and OMG, the look what the cat brought hunt is tomorrow!
I cannot believe it! Are you as anxious as I am?


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