Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name, oh yeah

Hey hey new blogger alert yayz! ^.^ I'm Titania and i'm gonna be showing you stuffs i like, mostly freebies or cheapies, maybiez sometimes stuff that costs lindens cuz i've fallen in luv with it and begged/borrowed/camped for lindens to get it... and its soooo awesome its just gotta be seen... you know how it is... okiez so i'm really bad with txt spk LOL but i've made an effort to be grammatical in this post (with apostrophes even @.@) so if i'm still toooo incomprehensible pls lemme know and i'll try harder next time :-P

Anywayz for my inaugural post i thought i'd look at some awesome free stuff from a couple of fave designers ^.^   

See this dress? Awesome or wot? Who is it by u ask? Its by Star Fairymeadow of Wretched Dollies fame, but really, did u need to ask? Cuz the dress is called Logo Wear and its... well... covered in Wretched Dollies logos LOLZ. i *so* luv this dress... it flounces... it moves like a dream... i can smoulder darkly in this dress... perfekt for lurking in graveyards... some designers try to sneak a logo onto their clothes but i think if ur gonna have a logo on ur clothes then u may as well have a *LOGO* on ur clothes u know? Also what i luv about this dress... is its freeee yayz from the Wretched Dollies lucky chair. The awesome boots are from Studio M'z, were free in a hunt but free no longer sowwy :-( howeva equally amazing brown boots are in the Studio M'z lucky chair.

So lemme just show u a closeup of this outfit, bcuz, u so need to properly see the skin which is all kinds of wonderful... and yep thats also made by the amazing Star Fairymeadow as well :-D Its the Harlequin skin, it is so not free but u so know that u want it.... its upstairs at Wretched Dollies with the matching Harlequin dress. And look look look ZOMG are these demon horns cool or wot? See i can hang round looking cool and languid and... catch the moon with these horns woot! These were free from the MM at Nedria Cyr Designs, no longer in the MM but as she changes stuff in it pretty often they might reappear one day... meanwhile they are not so expensive really... 

There are other amazing stuffs in the Wretched Dollies chair, like this yummy pants-and-coat Pretty Paisley Cyan outfit (thrs a mens version also in the chair). This is so saturnine and elegant and also its practical for a gurl with a BIG sword it doesnt get in ur way when ur fighting lolz... which brings meh to... yeh the sword... every gurl needs a sword like this... its b-i-i-i-g its scripted no one is gonna mess with u wen u got this sword ^.~  u know u want it.... go hunt for it at sick the hunt is on until 7 june so *run* sick hunts are neva easy but alwayz so worth it... the hunt starts here click on the poster tht haz the piccie of the sword, get hud, wear hud... hunt for black data boxes with glowy blue lights... fill hud, find supercomputer, ask supercomputer nicely to give u ur enormous big sword... then go kick ass ^.^

So u need to see that skin betta also, it is from another fave designer - Roslin Petion of Fleur... lemme show u a close-up of it....  yummy huh i so totally luv it... guess wot.... this skin is freeee its Fleur's newbie skin in several skin tones AND u can get it even if ur over 30 days yayz...  pssssst Fleur is having a 50% off sale for a coupla weeks, i dunno when it ends so i would go there asap... when the sale ends i think that *all* their old skins will be disappearing like foreva cuz a brand new range is coming out... so bottom line is, if u want this free skin, dont mess about, go get it NOW at Fleur!

So here is my last piccie, wistfully abandoned all alone in a big spooky forest... im a leetle scared cuz the forest is *very* big and spooky but i got my teddy bear to keep meh warm... where did i get him? The Wretched Dolliez lucky chair of course yayz ^.^   Also in that chair is this impossibly womantic super awesome tophat... this hat does wistful so well... it sits so well positioned on ur head and is just the right size unlike many tophats that i've tried... and the skin is one of my most fave skins in all of sl.... its the Fleur Feline skin.... its in the Fleur bargain basement along with a coupla other skins and... all those skins are only 250L @.@  true! Get it before all the old Fleur skins disappear...

All the jewellery im wearing in this post is Violet Voltaire, the purple stuff wuz an old freebie, the cuppycakes set a cheapie, and i think these are not available any more... but she has other sets equally yummy... she is no longer running her sl business but still has 2 small outlets here and here.

Yayz! tht wuz my first blog post! Woot! Now im gonna press 'publish' and i so hope it works ok LOL ^.^

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