Friday, June 24, 2016

Carefree Playing

It's Friday so we all know what that means!  Another round of Fifty Linden Friday. so here with a few choice items and more importantly some free group gifts.
Truth has a Georgina as the most recent group gift(you join the truth subscribo). PurePoison have Kyrah Sandals as the current group Gacha gift (free to join).

TRUTH Georgina - light blondes (GG) 

PurePoison - Kyrah Sandals – Gray (GG)  

-Pixicat- Carefree.Playsuit - Tropical (Fifty Linden Friday)

For details of the Skin and Mesh body-parts details please go to The Fashion Clinic

These shoes where made for......................

Greetings and salutation fellow sl'rs and  freebie hunters,let me introduce  myself . My name is Julianna and I have been in sl for 7 years 4 months; 2679 days and have been blogging for most of that time.  
I will endeavour to find  you quality freebies and bargains that allow you to enjoy your sl  experience with out bankrupting your rl experience. So that's enough about me I  am  sure you would rather know all about those shoes in the title...
#Empire store was quite new to me not long ago,but a friend told me about these wonderful shoes that are amazing value, lots of colour options and show a girls leg's in the best possible way.
The shoes are on the current lucky letters board at Empire 
going clock  wise they are :- #EMPIRE - Rudbeckia - dark grey, #EMPIRE - Gerbera - silver, #EMPIRE - Buttercup - gold, #EMPIRE - Nigella - cherry, #EMPIRE - Aster - bordeux, #EMPIRE - Primrose -  marine   (LL). 
To access the LL boards you have to join the group NOT the VIP group just hit the group joiner board that is under the LL Boards. It is free to join.