Sunday, November 29, 2009

It feels like Christmas !

Ho Ho Ho ... I just realised we didn't wish you an AMAZING Thanksgiving, so may you forgive us and hugs you all !
Explanation for that is very easy, for most of us are europeans, so we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But we love you still and we'll make it up with some stunning news of upcoming presents ^-^
Let's start with gifts from Pididdle and Aleida that will make you look like Santa's cutest helper.
Aleida spoils its groupmembers with a set of Christmas socks and ballerinas, while Pididdle gives to the faithful followers a lovely tee. Mwah thanks ladies !
Now let's sneak at Epic and try our luck at the lucky chair to get this sweet gold and black babydoll dress. And to continue with cuteness, let's now stop at Gumi's Bad Box !
I was very happy to discover this lovely shop, and I'm pretty sure you'll love their designs as much as me ! Just like the Domino dress which is the actual group gift, worn along with the flower crown available in store for just a few coins! Hurry and discover them !
Now, not a new store but a new subscribo group ! At A piece of Candy you can now find a new subscribo group, because the old one has gone grumpy due to so many of you jumping in ! ^-^
So join the new one and get the keyes dress as a welcome !
And last but not the least, and Rosie had gotten the tips as well it seems.. Fancolie Fashion is a great little shop to discover as well. Nice designs, cheap prices, and lovely gifts just like the Califleur gown Rosie showed you. When I got shopping there, I couldnt resist to La Sage Dasha, perfect for my feline myself !

Stay tuned for more great news ! xoxo
By the way, the cute Christmas Cat is a gift from ANAmations ! Yay

Friday, November 27, 2009

Medieval dollarbies

After I was given a hint from a lady called Maya (thank you) I decided to go check that shop called Francolie (it's a mix of France and folie, the designer is french) and found these 2 pretty medieval dresses, ideal for all of you roleplayers out there. The first one is for everyone:

The second one is only for group members, but there's no group fee and it seems there's a monthly dollarbie, I don't know about you, but I will be staying in the group from now on...

PS: Mae just told me she went shopping there and is probably going to show you her brand new outfit...

Somptuous doll

This release has been out for a few days, but really it is too gorgeous not to be shown.
Plus.. I promised you I'd do it. So here it is !!! Nahlayea by Kouse
But if you're looking for less formal but also wonderful, check out Ghanima latest creation, Dollheart.
In White goth version... or ....

Classic and sensual darker colors.

Get your copies now ! Those are cheapies !

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Free skins!!!

Sorry I'm not around much these days, I spend a lot of time stuck in that dreadful place called RL... To make up for it I have decided to treat you with not one, but 2 free gorgeous skin (or almost free). First, Tuli's latest group gift, an exclusive version of Bella, her newest creation:

The skin comes in all skin tones, with various eyebrows colors and a cleavage option. (Get in Tuli group, 250l$ fee and grab the pack here)

Second, my favorite of the moment, iRen, is offering her group members a nude version of Shane, the skin I was drooling about the other day here, in both skin tones...

Other stuff:
Hair from Maitreya (not free)
Lingerie from BlackLace (not free but oh so pretty)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Here, there, and oh what's that?

What was that? Who am I? -*giggles nervously*-

Ok Ok I admit, I've been absent far too long, but darlings, wait til you see what I've got to show you! First up, a wonderful item on sale for 24 hours only, from Lestat Reuven I have "Blizzard". Just take a look at the wonderful detail on this lovely hat, decked out in snowflake embossed satin with a jaunty batch of holly at the side!

Whether you are getting ready for a holiday ball....

Or staying in to admire the tree...

Leaning closer to the fire...

There's even an option perfect for slipping off to bed!

At only $100 today only, I predict a blizzard of sales for this beautiful set. (Hey now, no booing the bringing of good bargin news! -*grins*-)

But wait, there is more! From the sweet rose on her cap and the warm fur over her shoulders, this long coat from Montagne Noire called Soir d'Hiver modeled by my friend, Perdita, is sure to please.

Look how the lovely long skirt is trimmed out in mink! Naturally such elegance is not free, but you can buy it for a song at Astolat's shop in Antiquity Township. Though it's meant for Victorian roleplay, this outfit will keep you warm wherever you travel this winter.

You may wonder why oh why is Gertie engaging a model today? I have the perfect excuse! See that lovely, red, rich chaise? It's the newest release from Diesel Works. This gorgeous chaise comes with over 20 menu-selection poses, no pose balls to crowd your prims! And if that isn't enough to make you smile, a second settee is included, no extra charge, built just for photographers! You can see it here in this candid shot, a bench made just for the photographer. From it you can chose the poses for your models, what a wonderful innovation!

While we are chatting about the setting for these lovely photographs, lets talk about all the lovelies surrounding me. I've told you about the marvelous Diesel Works Debutante Chaise, but what about that Aubusson rug? If you see her round the grid, please tell Joyus Sohl how much you admire this lovely rug from her shop, Joyus Living. This glam rug really brings out the beauty of a room and the people in it, but there's a bonus, reverse for a round rug! And if the color isn't quite what you are searching for, browse her shop for many more reasonably priced options. The rest of the furniture you see in the pictures was free from the midnight mania board at DeSTinny Designs - today it's a gorgeous winter wonderland tree house. Say hi to Tintin Tuxing, the creator of the lovely tree, fireplace, lamp, table, and foot stool.

I've got a great freebie perfect for the season pictured below from MORBID MAUSOLSEUM midnight mania in the attic.

Although the version above is beautiful and warm, there's also a sexy version, perfect for evenings by the fireside with a handsome hunk. Check out the sexy stockings and garters displayed when the top skirt is removed, leaving only this thin, filmy, elegant lace skirt.

Don't I look lovely in this beautiful, warm winter dress? It's called "Melanie" and it's free if you can just get enough of your friends to touch the Midnight Mania board at Morbid's. Don't forget to look around on your way upstairs, I found many bargins downstairs, including a lovely autumn-themed outfit for only $29L.

Here's an closeup of my awesome winter boots from Vanilla C. Designs. They're called "Victorian Fur Boots" but they'd be great for walking in the snow in any time, not just Victorian rp.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kewtness with a capital "K"

Hi y'all !

So I hope you're doing well and liking the new look of our blog. Plus welcome our new writers, Ryu and Dagmar who are doing wonderful posts ! Mwah !
Now about the goodies, I couldn't help but to show you one of Kouse's new release, Princess. I totally fell in love for the butterflies, and the whole romantic and elegant look. An amazing set of colors is available, as per usual, but god, Kouse doesn't make it easy to pick. So if you were around when the notice got out, you might have been one of the lucky people who took advantage of the "Buy one Get one free" offer.
Did I mention I loved those butterflies ? The design is incredible, and the texture work.. just wow. But wait till I show you Nahlayea... it's S-T-U-N-N-I-NG and I'm not even stuttering saying it.
Another piece of gorgeousness is Mystic Sky latest lucky chair prize.. Annabel in peach is just making you want spring to be earlier. As always, the dress comes with a cloak, but this time, it comes even with two. One green and one peach with a hood. Plus two skirt sizes, plus flowers for your hair... I love Skyler.
But god... when I saw that little avie from Risusipo I just couldn't resist. 60L is a steal, and you can win in the lucky boards two different outfits for it ! Hurrrrrryyy


ChiChi of London is this really cute new shop that i have recently discovered.

AND at ChiChi of London there is a 24 hour opening sale going on right now **50% OFF** ON TIL MIDNIGHT TODAY ONLY.

The designer is the so talented Gaius Luminos and she has made such uber lovely dresses, her work is so finely detailed. Gaius is influenced by victorian and tudor historical dresses and she researches the styles from rl history also. They are all quite amazing ^.^

U should get urself there asap - and before midnight tonight - if u want to catch this sale. All the dresses are 50% off until midnight YAYZ!! Here is ur taxi

I am in luv with this outfit by ChiChi of London called Emerald Girl and until midnight tonight it is only 225L WOOT ^.^ Lookee lookee lookee how amazing @.@

Guarding The Flame

And AND *AND* there is a bonus!! - u get the boots too yayz!

OH! Oh my did i forget! There is ANOTHER BONUS... u get the HAIR ALSO WOOT :-D

This hair is gloriously tumbling chestnut curls... this kinda romantic look is not my usual style but oh my how cute! im enjoying being so girly hehe... might do the all romantic thing more often hehe look here is a close up of the hair ^.^


OH! There is more! Another bonus! A third bonus!

Are u at ChiChi yet? U see the vendor pic? The model is wearing a really cute flowers hat and u know u would really luv to own that hat? Well Gaius is going to make a version to go with the dress, and if u buy the dress u will get the flower hat for free once it is finished. WOW wots not to like... dress boots hair and hat for 225L if u get urself here before midnight :-DD

Wot are u waiting for? Go go go go go go go LOL ^.~

Another dress: this is Isabelle, its so gothy and moody and spooky and wonderful, this is only 350L until midnight... and... ummm... im still wearing my old favie ripped stockings DOH the dress comes with its own fishnets though ^.^

Zombie Mash

Of course, once again, there is a BONUS or should i say TWO BONI (hehe) because it comes with the HAIR and also THE HAT... so here is a close up of me lurking moodily in the graveyard at FallnAngel sheltering from the moonlight under my floppy felt hat:


ChiChi of London has this interesting history... Gaius' auntie had a rl shop called ChiChi of London in Carnaby St in the 1960s... this is carrying on the tradition isl... luvs it :-)

Here are a couple of pics i grabbed from the store vendors... two dresses which are victorian inspired... Regency and Dutchess which are 350L and 400L til midnight tonite... yummy:

Vendor Pics

Finally... im sure u noticed my skin? LOL of course u did cos it is amazing ^.^

This is one of the amazing skins made by DrLife, which is a partner company of ChiChi of London... there is an amazing skin in the lucky board right now at DrLife Moon Park branch... i am wearing a DrLife skin in all these pics but its not the lucky board one cos i havent won that yet despite assiduous stalking for days :-P BUT u can see how luvly this skin is, the one in the board is equally luvly, so u know u wanna stalk this board right? ^.~

These pics were taken on various of the FallnAngel sims... such glorious places go check em out if u haven't already...

Run and check out this stuff before pumpkin time at midnight ^.^

Sunday finds

Lingerie: So Fab, DSN gift
Outfit: Ilaya dollarbie

Di is back!!!! Again!!! LOL

Simplicity. That is the first word that comes to my mind when I look at the new series of dress Di from D’signs just released. With 2 different skirt options and the lovely christmas pattern, the Christmas Wench dress is the perfect outfit for tavern workers or medieval maiden…

Oh and lucky you! This silver version is the current freebie in store!

Friday, November 20, 2009

My heart goes BOOM!

I got a note this morning that BOOM was having a discount section. I went there and BOOM! I bought lots of cute little dresses, most of them, of course (but there are plenty other colors, just go check it out!)

2 on the left, 3l$ ~ on the right 5l$

all outfits shown here are 2l$

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Turning back the Clock

So I decided I like to look like a Gentleman from the Victorian era, strong yet elegant. Too many guys in SL in T shirts and jeans we need to have more fun.
Anyway off I trotted to my favourite store for such styles. BlackOpal. They have male and female victorian / pirate / steampunk styles and everything in that store I completely adore.

First off grab the freebie at the entrance, a very dapper burgendy suit which I'm wearing here along with Dragon Boots which were a group Gift at another fine establishement for Victorian/Steampunk clothes SPN 

What you won't fail to notice at BlackOpal is the quality of the clothes on offer and what great value for money they are. Here's a couple more outfits I totally adored. Dastardly Pirate $L450 and the Black feather Suit for Men $L550, each with the Laced Boots For Men also from BlackOpal $L500.

I guess you see now why I love that store *grins*
So guys mix it up a little, lose the T shirts and jeans, this is Second Life not First Life, have a little fun, in fact you don't even have to stick to just one outfit, mix and match like I did here, with the Coat from the BlackOpal Feather Suit, Leather Pants from Roosters and Biker Boots from Edelstore.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New skin line at Iren

When Irischka Hotshot from Iren sent a demo for a new skin line she was working on a few weeks ago, I was tempted to post about it. But then I figured, a blog post? about a demo? no way... well now at least I can show you the new skins to my heart's content because I went on a shopping spree! Skins are sold for 850l$ each and include lots of options, like freckles, cleavage, bikini tan lines, and tattoos... Less words, more pics:

Geisha, cleavage and no cleavage

Dark Smokey, without and with tan lines

Cry, no mascara and mascara, this skin makes me want to go back to dating, just for the sake of getting heartbroken again and sad and look awesome, still...

Circus, with or without freckles

Candy, with or without stars tattoo... and here are the tattoos:

Ooops! Me nekked!

I am officially a fan!

Sensual Mistery Gifts

Hopped on by to Sensual Mistery to pick up this month's male group gift, available in the subscribo history. A simple outfit, knit sweater in 6 colours.

Continuing through the store I noticed they still have their Make Him Over Hunt gift out. Giant orange male symbol, you can't miss it.

In it there are FIVE great men's outfits you would be sad to miss out on. I don't know how long its going to be there, the hunt already finished Sunday, so I suggest you hightail it on down there!

Gift #1

Striped Polo shirt, great collar and sleeves, hey I've even got a chest pocket.

Jeans with 3 sculpted legs options, straight, flared and cuffed.

Gift #2

Now I don't usually wear hats, I'm not a fan of hat hair. But I've got to say I'm sporting this one pretty well. The tie is just a great added touch.

Gift #3

A simple open white V-neck shirt, looks great for lounging about. Paired with another set of their great jeans, you're in for a nice relaxing day, just bring on the margaritas.

Gift #4

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Real men wear PINK! We just find excuses not to! Except now. Pink or not this shirt looks great, and with those blue shorts to show off the legs you're set. Embrace the colour men! There is more than just earthy tones for our wardrobe!

Gift #5

And last but not least, letting out my bad side.

Lots of options for mixing and matching guys so head on down to Sensual Mistery before they're gone.