Sunday, July 31, 2011

Elle .. She .. Beautiful

Elle has always been a bit funny name for French people as it means "She".. but in the other hand, isn't it the most delicate way to "underline" a woman's feminity ?
It's also the name of a recent release by My Precious.. and delicate is an appropriate way to describe her creations.
So .. I'll let the pictures speak for this delicate flower, ode to every woman in this world !

Location: Fallen Gods
Hair: Kara by [Me.] Hair
Skin: Ophelia Dream Nilpez  by Al Vulo for GSP

Dea ..

This is exactly the kind of clothes I wish I could get in RL !!
Saya Littlething just keeps amazing me each time she's releasing something.

Dea is just ... fresh, funny and so sexy !
Comes in Leopard
... Eyes
... Sky
... Dye
and Paint !

Enjoy !

Location : Fallen Gods
Hair: Dee by Tribal Soul

Feeling like a Goddess...

Some days... you're just lucky.
Yesterday when the little chatbox "Fallen Gods Inc." opened in my SL, I didn't think it'd end up with this post. But here it is, after facing (and winning over!!) the Fortune Teller, I found myself with a pretty package.
"Aureum" is a gorgeous and golden creation by Fallen Gods and while I tried it on, I knew exactly where to go to get some pretty pictures.
To Fallen Gods sim of course.
Alia is not only a talented builder but excellent with landscaping as well. His store sim as well as the sims around are on my "Picture Sites" list !!
Anyway.. time to go back to Aureum and to show you the pretty design !
(If you're wondering, yes this picture is slightly edited... no major changes don't worry but if you want to check the unedited one, hop onto my flickr here)
The second one is not edited at all .. just wanted to let you appreciate details in the jewelry as well as in the skin !

So... don't hesitate, go and try your luck with your friends at the fortune teller and if it's not nice to you... just take a walk around, it's worth it !

Not included in Aureum pack
Hair: Dee by Tribal Soul
Eyes : Cat's eyes by Banana Banshee

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anyone for a Magika Sale?

More of Magika's past items are being retired (sobs) so all the items in the sale section have been reduced further!
In this I'm wearing Moon in Ruby (left) and Blair in Ruby (right)
You may recognise Blair as being an old christmas gift and it was intertwined with fairy lights, well I had to grab the day-to-day version while it's still available. The red packs were 49L each!

So I suggest you hurry to Magika before the sale ends on August 8th!!

Saff xxx

Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog Hero - Don't fear the Reaper

My long-time friend and the one who perverted me to SL fashion, Shayariel Teardrop is organising a Blog Hero Challenge.
Understand, each week, Miss Shay will give us some lyrics and a theme and us.. pretty creative minds should come up with a picture meeting those requirements.
While I missed last week, I thought it'd be good to take part in this week's challenge, which is as the title said, Don't Fear The Reaper.
Here are the Lyrics from Shay's page:
"All our times have come
Here but now they're gone
Seasons don't fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain..we can be like they are
Come on baby...don't fear the reaper
Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper
Baby I'm your man..."
Believe me sweet pies.. I've been thinking about this picture enough to create myself a migraine !
First thing that came to my mind was "Hey.. remember that reaper costume you got from Boon years ago?" but as the page loaded, I saw Shay used it for her pics [note to herself to spank Shay]
So here started my LONG thinking. And then... here it came...
Click to enlarge the picture
I know.. I still used the Reaper outfit but .. I organised the story around those particular lines:
"Come on baby...don't fear the reaper
Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper
[...]Baby I'm your man..."
Well... enough from me, I'm now posting that link to Shay and waiting for her opinion on it!
Have fun and let her know you're taking part !

Hair - Dee by Tribal Soul
Outfit - Ariel by Evie's Closet
Reaper outfit - Long time groupgift by Boon

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haru Haru !

Long time since I had blogged about Rebel Xtravaganza.. I remember them taking part in the Look What the Cat Brought hunt thought.. and believe me, since that the designs kept evolving and getting better !!
Proof with the Haru skirt.. brand new and totally fashionita !
While I'll be showing you a fairly nice panel of the skirt versions... believe me there is MUCH more to see! Options with the belts, different textures etc... loads of options!
I loved the "floating" look of it and the textures are greatly made to enhance this appearance.
Speaking of enhancing, I thought the combination of the (Al Vulo) Pollon Fairy skin (bonus one in fatpack!) with the Becky hair by Truth (streaked one) and the bikini's top from Severed Garden was perfect for a fresh summery look !

Enjoy !

The Plastik

/me takes a deep breath and tries to calm down

OK, so calm-ness failed miserably but OH MY GOSH!!! To quote Agnes "He's so fluffy I think I'm gonna DIE!" but Aikea from The Plastik has decided to give away LOADS (and I mean LOADSSSSS) of gifties in both her subscribo and group. And there were SO many gorgeous tops, dresses, shorts, capris, skins, makeups, tattoos that I didn't have enough room to blog them!
How devastating is that?!
So what I've done is shown you a few of the gorgeous pieces that she's been kind enough to gift!

(The last pic, both the skin and the paint tattoo are available)

You should probably run to get them while their still available!

Saff xx

Paint my eyes

Quick one this morning... day is calling me !
Miamai sent out just a few days ago a groupgift that is just totally amazing.
It's tatoo layers for your eyes called Deco Shadows.
So here is the skin (Al Vulo Pollon Fairy still) without the tatoo layers.. And after the 5 different shadows you can try on !

Lovely isn't it ?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

69 Alert !!!!

Uh uh ... Hurry... I don't know how long this one will last so .. quick ! 69 released a new hair called Mia and one pack of red colors is free. Grab yours as long as it's here !

Je suis... Jolie

That's what tons of ladies in SL will be able to say once they got the latest release by Filthy, skin called Jolie (means Pretty in French)
Jolie in Fair 4, Ivory 5, Sunkissed 6
Jolie line comes in 6 tones: Bronze, Cocoa, Expresso, Fair, Ivory and Sunkissed. Each of those tones being available in 8 different makeups.
Jolie in Bronze 8, Cocoa 2, Expresso 3
And.. I wanted as well to show you the 2nd Hub groupgift.. which while it's not called Jolie, is surely as pretty !
How to get it... Well quite easy if you follow those steps:
1- Join/Register 2ndHub
2- Confirm your e-mail
3- Activate your account at the slurl given to you (which should be this one )
4 - Enter 2 or 3 fields in your profile (Marked with a star *)
5 - Join the group at this adress

Enjoy !!! 
Hair: In the Jolie pic: Grace by Lala Moon * In 2nd Hub pic: Becky by Truth

Kissy Kissy?

I found this cute make up

and this cute carousel

at Oh La La as two hunt items. The shop is very cute (currently under construction) and I just looove this carousel. The details of the rest of my outfit can be found at my blog

Saff x

Skin and Hair

Yes ... I know.. very original title, but while the items I'm about to show you are supa-great.. I couldn't come up with a equally great title.
So, I hope you'll appreciate the pictures :)
First one is Al Vulo skin from GSP - Nilpez Ophelia Dream.. Available here. I must say the eye's makeup was really the +++ point for me. Giving depth and style to your eyes [Mines being Cat's Eyes in Amber by Banana Banshee]. The cute & smexy hair I'm wearing is Becky by Truth. I'll show you more of it in another picture !
Second is ... Lala Moon hair. I just ran down this store at Hair Fair..and got a huge crush for a short hairstyle I showed you before [Grace shown here] and now I just wanted to show you that RuRu Nagy does not only rock short hairstyles ! This one is called Red Shoes and.. if you ask me, the messy&curly look totally works ! Thanks Ruru !
The skin is still by Al Vulo and I shall show it to you more clearly in soon-to-be-written post ! It's Pollon skin in Fairy version!
And as promised.. another look to Becky by Truth. For those of you who visited Truth District as it opened, Becky was the opening gift from Truth. Coming in a bunch of color, with or without the streak option, I really liked this creation with the delicate hairband, adding a touch of color and style!
Skin is again Pollon Fairy by Al Vulo.. so if you want to see more of it, stay tuned !! Upcoming post!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In my blouse

Still some of the pretties that were sleeping in my invent during this break.
Loving the style of them, casual but feminine and stylish!
First one is a creation by a designer which is still new to me; Kesseret from Miao. [I know.. you might wonder how comes The Cat didn't know a store called Miao.. well now it does!] and it's the Robin Empire Blouse (here shown in Amethyst, but loads of colors available).
Second is the Navy Blouse by Y&R. The "skirt" part was a great touch to the look if you ask me.

About the cute hairstyle, it's of course from Wasabi Pills and it's call Pompon (you might wear it without the headband if you prefer).

Enjoy !

A pinch of summer

Severed Garden released two bikini sets which are just absolutely sexy and make me want to go to the beach!
Bia comes in two tones: Natural (as shown in the picture before) and Sky (as shown in the picture below) ... but it also comes with a bunch of accessories, to make the perfect look !
The Hair Star, the necklace and bracelet... but there are also a amazing pareo (yeah i liked that one very much!) and anklets. And not shown in those pictures, but the set comes with an animated icecream.

Get to love Summer !

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Her name's Viola

Yes... once more this is not totally new since this pretty creation has been sleeping in my invent for a little, but I couldn't not show it to you.

Queen Viola was recently released by My Precious and it's one more ... absolutely breathtaking.
Softness in primwork, attention given in textures ... all leading to one more stunning piece of work.
The hat is Reborn in Black by My Precious as well.

Skin: Al Vulo - Pollon
Hair: Lala Moon - Grace - Ash in Silver

Pr!tty and Split Ends

Hey ... I know I'm being late but ... well without going into details, RL hold me away from you and .. well even late I really had to show you those pretty styles from the sadly-closed-now Hair Fair. But good thing is ... the designers are still there and I encourage you to visit their store for they're really full of talent !
First is Pr!tty... and the name suits quite well her creations!
Athena in Carrot Cake color
Indie Braid Version in Coffee Bean Color
Local Native in Blonde Color - Feather Band is optional
And then comes ... Split End's DBS Heart.. which is surely not any less fabulous looking!
Escape in Ebony
Chance in Sienna
Winnie in Deepbrown

So ... now you know what you have to do
==> Pr!tty
==> Split End's DBS Heart

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Mamboo Chic!

First off, congratulations to Mae, lots of love being sent her way from this fae!

And on to the freebies!
Ahh so two new Mamboo Chic freebies, gorgeous skins, as per usual, with delicious lips and the flawless skin I adore, perfect!

And the lovely hair is from Dura which is the summer group gift which you can collect instore. It's available in black and blonde but I just wore the blonde (with the resizer option) tinted it red, deleted the resize script and voila, I have ginger hair again!

I know you can barely see the dress I'm wearing but if you'd like a closer view visit Saffron's Place for details (plus another cheap hair and freebies!)

Saff x

Friday, July 15, 2011

A little bit of afkness

I just wanted to post a quick word to you all as I'm not writing much lately. Be sure i did not forget you and the Cat is looking for posting more and more.
I have actually tons of stuff I'd like to show you and will show you as soon as I get more time at home.

Truth is... I got a question to answer in RL life and it was "THE" question. So I said yes and now, I'm drowning under family meeting !! Which is totally great but it's eating the little part of time I had free beside working (bleh !).

So as the Cat has been for a long time part of my SL family, I just wanted to share it with you all !
That said, I'll be back to blogging asap and I love you all !

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pretty and Filthy

Filthy has recently released some great things I just had to show you, so enjoy because this is going to be my last post of the day... work is calling and this week sounds like it's going to be PITA.
First group gift !
Skin: GGF Bronze (July Group Gift) - Lips: Parted Lips Alpha layers 1 & 2
I'm showing you in the picture above the Bronze version of the group gift (also comes in Fair and Expresso tones). Second thing is... the parted lips. Ever wanted to give a more lively look to your face? Well it's now possible with those alpha layers giving you two "smiling" options.
Skin: Paige GSP edition
And to finish and even if i showed it to your in previous posts... the Paige skin for Grunge Soul Project is just gorgeous !

Pic 1:
Skin: GGF in Bronze - July Group Gift by Filthy
Lips: Parted Lips Alpha Layers by Filthy
Hair: Shoop by LeLutka

Pic 2:
Skin: Paige GSP edition to be grabbed here
Hair: N°11 - Hair Fair - by Red Mint

It's all about [Me.]

Because Me is classy.
Because Me is messy.
Because Me is funny.
Because Me is trendy.
Because Me is a lolita.

Hair Styles: [Me.]
Skin: Al Vulo - Pollon Snuggle New group gift!!
Top: Elena Corset Combined colors (B&W) by Blue Blood

Sunday, July 10, 2011

LeLutka at Hair Fair

Ok, this has been a major crush for me. So... you'll have to excuse me but I won't blahblah too much around for i think the hairstyles will talk by themselves and leave you, just like they left me, amazed and speechless.

Letluka at Hair Fair