Friday, May 15, 2009

Deviant ? Me ?

Mhhmm.. kay.. Maybe a little... but believe me you'll want to be too once you've been at Deviance new store ... First because you'll get a nice gift.. the Green Bunny Outfit modelled by Sua. Second.. because you will *also* find all the delicious outfits shown in those pic.. Most of them have been sent as group gifts... Awesome isn't it ? Yep yes, the great designer of Deviance, Surreal Leshelle, is a most generous person.

Well there is even more to see than what is here so you better check both of the stores (Deviance at Walleye) and ehm... this post couldn't have been complete without showing you maybe one of my favourite dresses from Deviance. Something I'm very proud of too.
The Fairy Dress, which happened to become Rosie's wedding dress when I dragged her to Deviance in the times before she married Tan. Doesn't she just look gorgeous ?

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