Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look what the cat clicks!

The title is kind of an inside joke between the morning lucky chair stalkers. Haha. Helena <3

Anyways just posting real quick some freebies I found the other day!
Left: +++Bee Cat+++ opening gift is this cute track suit. I don't really work out but it makes me look hawt so whatever! Haha. Bee Cat also has a cute rocking chair! Make sure to grab that as well. The socks were a previous dollarbie from Concrete Flowers. The awesome sneakers are in the lucky chair at *GIRLZ* Streetwear.
Right: The button down white tee is unisex! It is a subscribo gift from Blaze. Just go and click the subscribo. The tights are a freebie from SHOP Toshy. I love tights! SHOP Toshy also has a freebie photo studio right next to the tights.

The dress and the sweater are freebies from Hotch Potch. There were a couple more but I didn't have time to take photos! They also have two lucky boards! GRR They wouldn't turn I for me though. The hair is a freebie from Truth! I looove it. Tis the cutest updo.

That's all folks!

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