Monday, May 11, 2009

I Love Rock'n Roll baby

That's right.. I love Rock'n Roll ..
And Twisted and Spoiled .. Cos' I'm twisted and spoiled will you say ?
Hmmm ... okay maybe spoiled but twisted ? lol
Well anyway T&S is having a hunt.. 8 diamonds to get the smexifull stuff shown under .. Note the bikini is a group gift though.
The red hair is group gift from Exile .. There is one for guys too !
The black one is from Tiny Bird .. one of the hidden dollarbies you can get from there .. Grab the freebie and the subscribo gift too !

And not from Twisted and Spoiled but still damn good looking ...

The Pink dress is a lucky chair gift from Twosome , the white hair is from Volt's LC, the necklace is Modavia 10 000 members group gift and the boots are [AV] Vlodovic last MM prize !
And as we speak of MM... the yummy red outfit is called Forsaken and it is a MUST get at Naughty'N Nice in the Midnight Mania.

And Rock'n Roll All Night Babes !

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