Friday, May 1, 2009

Did I hear awesomeness ?

Yes I did ! And I ran at Pididdle as soon as Brutus' call to hunt reached my ears.
Why did I hurry so much will you dare asking ?
Because it is Brutus Martinek, because it is Pididdle, and because her creations are simply awesome!

So tp over her store (which just got a brand new look... simply adorable) and find 4 small present boxes to get not only one .. not only two dresses.. but two dresses, an hairstyle and a set of skin with wondercutable (wonderful and cute at once ^-^)
And while you hop and run over the grid, stop at Modd.G and grab this adorable floral dress. This is one version of the new release and it is *FREE* for a limited time so better get it now !

From left to right:

Black dress : Pididdle hunt

White dress-hair-skin : Pididdle hunt

Flower dress : Modd - New release free for a limited time

And here is a quick look at the other skins you can get from Pididdle hunt. 4 tones and all come in two versions; with or without freckles.. Certified 100% cuteness !

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