Friday, May 22, 2009

/me waves!

Hello! Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are.
I have some wonderful treats for you today.

LVS Drive has so many lovely dresses outside their store for 1L!
They come in all sorts of beautiful colors. These three were my fave!
But there are so many more to choose from!

The background is a wonderful dollarbie wall from Cyanide! AND it has poses in it. I love it!
The skin I am wearing is a Lucky Chair Prize from Tryanny Designs! Great shading&makeup.
The left bikini is from SWIM's lucky chair.
And the right is in one of the pearls in Yebizah's Pearl Hunt!

The awesome baggy purple shirt is a group gift from ARAI Group!
Join the Group and Check notices!
The fabulous bulky strapped heels are 0L at Aryanna's Closet!
& the super cute clunky bangles are like 1L at chuculet!


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