Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glimpse of a Pearl in the Night

Pearl is one of the latest bag of greatness released by Mirja Mills last saturday.
It is sensual and mystic... comes with 2 skirt options and is wow wow wow!
The Mariah dress (black) is actual groupgift so run and grab it!
And as per usual, a few hairstyles that you can see here

Outfits : EMO-tions
Hair: Analog Dog freebal

Am I...

Filthy ?
Exposed Bridal Gown
I don't know... but what I know is that I loved this wedding gown, all provocative and sexy at once. The prim work is absolutely excellent on this dress and the back ... is just made to make men drool.
Exposed Bridal Gown
But the other creations won't stay in the shadows of this "sublissime" bridal gown... just have a look at the latest groupgift... the French Maid. Make you want to do some house cleaning doesn't it ?
(left) French Maid *groupgift* / (right) Ultra Low Riders Blue Tone 1 + Summer Kami in nude
Note for the Ultra Low Riders... which are supa sexy .. that you should make sure to keep your panties on if you want to be "covered"
The Teacher
That's all for today, but make sure to learn your fashion lesson... or you shall be spanked!

Bridal Gown pics:
Skin and ears: Red Mint
Hair: D!va
Other outfits pics:
Hair: EMO-tions Paul
Skin: Elena in Pale tone by Al Vulo

Sassy !

Tons of news freshly brought back from Sassy !

Shredded Dress
This gorgeous dress is Midnight Mania gift... and there are tons of other goodies waiting for you!
[Boots aren't included] Left: Lawless outfit * Center: Indigo Cowgirl * Right: Naughty
While Lawless is CAW hunt gift, Cowgirl is Dare2BeBare gift! Naughty is stuffed in the Lucky Chair.
Left and Center: Vixen Bodysuit Set * Right: Poison
And you can get 50% off from the Vixen bodysuit if you manage to make the MobVend overheat, and/or grab the Poison dress from Creative Angel Hunt!

Hair: EMO-tions Paul and Olivia
Skin: Elena in Pale tone by Al Vulo

Because I L Y

Yes.. I love you.
As much as I loved unpacking my latest pretties from Schoen.
As much as Harm would love unpacking the gift now.
I love you comes in three colors; red, blue and gold... and althought it looks like a pretty (and so sexy) costume, it's meant to be swimwear.

Well summer's going to be hot.

Hair: EMO-tions Paul
Skin: Elena in Pale tone by Al Vulo

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We are...

...so happy to have eventually won this gorgeous dress from the lucky board at my favourite shop Kyoot!
More pictures here.
Hair is the freebie previously blogged from lamb and the shoes were from the dressing room blue

Saff x

C'est (encore) moi!

I mentionned C'est moi for the first time on The Fae, the Faun and the Wardrobe a couple of hours ago, and since then I went back to the shop and spent all my remaining lindens on a few pretties I'd like to show you:

 Gypsy dress, 150l$

 The Kissface long dress, 185l$
Ok I have to say this face made me think of Lady "Moisturize me!" Cassandra, one of 
Doctor Who's funniest villains (check her out here if you don't know her)

What I like about a shop is also the basics, like this cute buttoned high skirt (95l$), or the tank top (110l$) that can be worn with or without the attachment prim.

Oh my Stars !

Oh My Stars sim is having the May/June hunt and believe me... visiting the sim is really *worth* it! Tons of amazing stores out there and goodies to grab !
Plastik outfits + Duh May Flower boots + SyDS hair Flower Shower
Even if it some aren't part of the hunt, they were cheapies or.. just like the ductape shown below.. must-have ! Maybe because Harm dreamt so many times of something like this ... ^-^
Sonic Death Monkey tees and KiLiebe ductape
Vanitas Vesture Quixotic Dress + Studio Sidhe hat
Vanitas Vesture - Quixotic Dress (10L)

Poses: Tea Soup and LyndzMatic poses (box of goodies) from OMS
Skin and Shape: Elena by Al Vulo
Hair: (Pic1) SyDS at OMS (Pic2) Lamb and Magika (Pic3) Wasabi Pills (Pic4) Wang in Dye Vive 9 (free not sure how long it will last)
Ankle Jewel: Baby Monkey gift


Ivana is the latest release from Blue Blood. I love the kinky optional undershirt and open skirt option... Go grab it!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hot Topic

These two outfits really are not my usual style, but when I opened the blogger box from SD Wears and tried them on, I suddenly felt very sexy and just had to show them to you. The Hot Topic outfits each includes a bodice, an optional sheer undershirt, gloves, pants, back lace-ups, sculpted collar and shoulder pads for only 175l$. It is available in two versions, latex and pattern on the left, leather on the right, and in different colors.


Schoen latest release is a breathtaking gown with flowers wrapped around you from your waist till your shoulders... It is called Rondo and comes in 3 colors.
 Check the others colors and credits after the jump.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Check the L'Abel

Here are the new releases by L'Abel... perfect for those summery days !
I've been wondering and wondering on how to describe it the best.. but I think the best is to let you see the pics !

Cyri Black Shirt matched with pants from Enna Tan Set
Enna Tan set (Can be worn in lots of different looks; shorts, tunic etc...)
Farmer girl Pink Set (can be worn in several other look: tunic, etc...)
Hardanger Babyblue Cardigan matched with pants from Farmer girl White Set
Jessica White Lace set (can be worn in tons of looks.. with shorts, with longer or shorter tunic...)
Savannah Green Maxidress
Tinde Tan Cardigan matched Enna Tan Set pants
Summer Brown Pantsuit
Location: Gulf of Lune
Hair: D!va, ETD (no longer exist) and Lamb (all blogged previously)
Skin and ears: Red Mint
Outfits: L'Abel and Ivalde

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh my .. Hat!!

The Studio Sidhe hunt item for Oh My Stars is out and it's a fabulous hat with poses included !!
 Loved the cute summery look it gave me !!!
Run and hunt for it !!

Pretty Lamb

As you may have noticed in previous posts... I've mentionned Lamb *free* styles.
Yes I said free.
Yes .. I know you're biting your fingers if you haven't perved entirely the previous posts! Lol!
So.. style shown above is Unbirthday Redux in Ink... and below you can see Teased Up in Rotten Carrot (loving the color names!)

Hair: Lamb
Outfits: L'Abel
Skin and Ears: Red Mint
Location: Gulf of Lune

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Beloved Suzie

Now that the *#@*% Blogger will let me post... I shall show you the delicious and delicate latest release by Kouse's Sanctum.
On the picture above, you discover Beloved in Ruby... and below Suzie in Candy Heart.
Jump after the break to see all the colors available as well as the credits!

The Sea Hole

Searching for a skirt and I stumbled across The Sea Hole, I'd never heard of it before yet the clothes are stunning! This beautiful charcoal dress comes free when you subscribe to the mailing list. Have a look at the close ups and you'll see the detail of the skirt as if it's been batiqued by hand and there's also lace detailing on the chest which you'll see on the next picture

This is to show some lovely shoes being sold in silver at Duh! for Relay for Life, now as I've a rubbish memory, I *think* they were 40l but still, that's a bargain for a lovely pair of shoes and for a good cause!

So have a look and investigate these great shops!
Saff x

PS I found a skirt ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


As promised... Elena by Al Vulo
Natural / Peacock / Goth (bonus fatpack skin)
Red / Pïnk / Shine
 And .. for one I've decided I'd show you the cleavage option... so here it is.. normal is the left one, cleavage is the right one.
Do Not Stare !
Hair: Akane by D!va
Dress: Beloved in Amethyst by Kouse's Sanctum (new!!! tonight post will show you all !)

Play with Vickie

So.. of course.. who say Poised .. say must have for me. I love the style "I'm-casual-but-unforgettable".
I matched it with the latest release by Wasabi Pills "Vickie" which as you may see comes in a nice amount of colors!
So .. make up your mind, pick your style and take the limos !

Hair: Vickie by Wasabi Pills
Dresses: Play by Poised
Skin: Elena (latest release) by Al Vulo ! (check upcoming post for details on this line)


A tad late on that one for it got released on saturday, but was pretty busy irl, so i'm trying to catch now.
EMO-tions released tons of pretties once more on saturday, between which you could find this delicious dress called Morgana.
 Of course, it didn't come alone but with 3 hairstyles, Rieke (shown above), Larissa (shown below) and another hair not featured here called Loreen.
Note the hairstyles are full of surprises for you can change the band texture, hair texture, streak.. etc etc.
Thanks Mirja :))

It's a Lost Angel

Remember the Enchanting Siren pose I showed you previously ? Well I just had to show you more of LostAngel and specially of the goodies you can grab there.
So of course... the Enchanting Siren is out for onlu 1L$
It includes 3 poses, look after the jump for more.
But there is also the Model in a TV pose to get. For those of you who love to watch.. don't try to fix it... we control your screen (mwah mwah mwah)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Be a D!va

Yuppers.. You remember this hairstyle shown previously.
So as I said, it's from D!va.. which is offering supa-extra-mega-cute hairstyles. Why should you run there? Many gifts are awaiting you all styles are very affordable!
D!va Akane group gift
So I let you perv at the pick and hit the limo at the bottom of the post !
D!va More than 10000 group members gift

Oh how KYOOT!

This story starts with a skirt, a 50L Friday skirt that i got agessss ago! And for ages I've tried to find a nice, sophisticated top to match with it, in the end I decided to find the shop the skirt originally came from which is when I stumbled across Kyoot!!
As I arrived I hit the subscribo and got a lovely red dress! And I think it goes perfectly with the free hair from Lamb
So here's the skirt that started me off on this trip, it's 100L in store now and the blouse that I found (yay!) comes in different colours for only 50L each!
Also... to go off topic I fell in love with this naughty "top" that comes in different shades and is 150L (my little "splurge")Oh and finally, I couldn't leave you without a new gorgeous pair of shoes from my favourite designer spot The Dressing Room, drool!! (about 70L) there are loads of new items in the dressing room so I encourage you to go check it out
Saff xx