Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fantasy Faire: Simply Fae

I know Boaz for quite a long time now and I've seen her designs evolve and her skills develop and when I saw her creations for Fantasy Faire... I just had to say "Amazing".
Simply Fae Dart Frog Fairy
Note in that second dress, the wreath is included. Cutie uh !
Simply Fae Spring Maiden
Make sure you visit her store Simply Fae

Sucker Punch by EMO-tion

Heard about the movie Sucker Punch ?

Well Mirja Mills from EMO-tions did and she realised SL versions of the outfits shown in the movie... and it is .. W O A H
Sweet Revenge hair (part of the outfit)

Everything ('cept skin, eyes and cat stuff) is from EMO-tions so fashion mistakes will not be tolerated ! lol
Billie outfit doesn't include the hair, but you can still get it from the store !!
And if you prefer other hair color than black... be happy ! ^-^ It exists !
Talking about hair ... Marla is the new groupgift !
And last but not the least .. BabyGirl hair ...
And outfit !!

Fantasy Faire : Material Squirrel Wings

Material Squirrel has been a long time crush for me in SL... Got my first (and only) RP wings from them and gosh I seriously loved those!
Seraphim Wings:
For Fantasy Faire, the skilled mind that Kala Bijoux is putting out 4 sets of 10 wings each. Yeah you've read that right. 10 wings for 299L. And each time her creations are a delight. Now I shall let you see !
Moon Dust Wings


Acide is a store I've just discovered and from the first item I saw, I must say I thought it was stylish, sexy, surprising.
Enlace Moi is this set of gloves... fashion brought to your fingertips
Thumbs up Miss Innovia !

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pose a lot.

While digging in my inventory and looking for poses and I stumbled over a few poses from Virtual Props and Poses I had in it !
A pose for every situation and everyday !
Pose for the Sleepy ...
Pose for the Sexy ...
Pose for the sunny days ...
Pose for the Cat !
Pose for the Cutie ...
Pose for the Lazy !

Thanks Shay for letting me know more about Virtual Props and Poses !

Monday, March 28, 2011


Caution !!!! Do not read more if you are easily offended
Anthea silks are the RFL item of Deadly Desire.. and trust me.. Harm loves to play with Desire

SE Designs

Okay.. I'm a denim period. I don't know if it is due to my visit to WoE during FFL but now .. I just want to get sexy jeans !! So I was very happy to see SE designs latest release !

The pose room is a previous gift from Behaviour Body

When the Wolf isn't looking...

The Cat is playing at House if Silverjinx !
Sweet Little Red is one of the latest release by Dandilyon Jinx ! So ... yes ... this is surely not as innocent as the original one but.. who cares ?
Bench: Virtual Poses and Props
Hair: Charo - New by Simply Britnee

Baby Monkey

Happy feet is not only a cartoon with some SL designers!
 Selene Boots
 Ultimate Ingrid in Red
 Cynthia Pump in Steel
 Ultimate Zena in White !
Crissies Sneakers White !
Here are some of the latest release by Baby Monkey so make your feet happy !

Zipping Britnee

I promised I would show more of Yayo, so here it is !
The Zipped EyesTatoo is one of the gift filled in the Lucky Chair.
The sexy hairstyle is Charo, new release by Simply Britnee !
The Anatomy Tatoo was the latest Midnight Mania gift, and we sure can say all of these are ...
... "Beautiful" ... like this tatoo !
So visit the store !

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picture Yourself

Because you are wonderful at least as much as us, and your ideas gave us content to blog many many times, we have our flickr group opened for you to drop pictures as well !
Look What The Cat Group Flickr.

So show us your photographic skills and your pretty faces !

Yay(o) ... and co !

A bit of everything this morning ! Mainly hunt gifts and cheapies !
Yayo: FPWTB Gift - War Paint Black
Yayo is a store I've just discovered while hunting around.. and gosh .. I loved it ! The War Paint tatoo, gift for FPWTB is just so sexy ! Plus (as you'll note while reading this post) the store is filled with goodies and it's all great quality items!
EMO-tions: Hair (left) TTH hunt gift - Hair (right) Melina old group gift * Necklace : I need a dollar hunt gift * Skirt: Old Halloween gift (can still be found !)
EMO-tions was new to me before Fashion For Life, and now, I'm addicted ! I visited the whole store a few days ago and, Mirja Mills is seriously skilled ! Hairstyles shown in the picture above and in the one below are gifts at the store (or were, I've just read that the groupgift changed and it's no longer Melina), plus the necklace (I need a dollar hunt) and the skirt which was set out for halloween but is still here !
Left: Pim's out of Luck - Nom (mouth) DIHM hunt gift by Epic * Right: Skin: Vampy groupgift by Al Vulo! - XXX tatoo store gift by Yayo
Al Vulo! is yet another amazing skin maker. The skin on the right is Vampy, actual groupgift. The XXX tatoo on the right also, is from Yayo, free at the store. The thingy i'm munching on the left is Diamond is Mine hunt gift by Epic.
Left: Diamond is Mine Hunt - Hair by EMO-tions * Skin by Al Vulo! * Right: Eye Flower tatoo 10L at Yayo
On this picture, the hairstyle is Diamond is Mine hunt gift by EMO-tions, note that the headband is color change. On the right, I'm wearing my usual skin by Firefall matched with Yayo Eye Flower tatoo (10L) at the store !

Enjoy !!!

50 Flats !

I've been loving Ding Fotherington's creations for long. I love flats ... and hers are absolute cuteness !
Have a look at those !
 And guess what ? All of those are free !! So run at 50 flats and get a pair or two !

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Short one before to go to work (duh!) but I had to show you Evol group gift !
More to come later !!

Good day !

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Got you under my skin

Skins skins skins !! Lots of them and from talented designers ! But here let's focuse on Al Vulo. I've already shown you the group gift in my previous post but here is the latest release.
So here is Lalli ! Aren't those skins amazing ?
 Lot of different looks so if you can't make your choice.. then fatpack it ! It's so cute you won't regret it !
Hair : ETD Chel (store has closed)
Ears: Cat set by Atomic

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mynerva and Al Vulo

It's not fresh new I know, but I just got to discover it a few days ago ... and I found those skins so cute that I couldn't *NOT* blog them !
So Look What the Cat Brought back from Mynerva

All of these Mynerva skins are the latest groupgift, there is a 50L fee to join the group but it is so worth it !
The exception of this post is the skin shown on the left in the second picture. It is the actual groupgift from Al Vulo ! You have to join the group too but once more, you'll not regret it !!

Hair: Turnsol by Calla
Ears: Cat set by Atomic
Eyes: Fuji by Banana Banshee (PCF item)

I got my eyes on you !

And on you too Rose !
Rose just made a new line of pretty eyes called Cloverfield and yay .. one of them is called after meh !
PS: Maelenn is the one on the bottom line, right corner.

Visit Banana Banshee.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion For Life: Grimbros

 Ever wanted to know how we find all those pretties for you ? Easy.
We put out Fashion Tracking Device on ... discretly hidden under the apparence of glasses.
GrimBros Googlets
GrimBros Googlets are well done and are one of the FFL items.

Shiny Assembly heels
To stay on the accessories subject, here is one of the two pairs of shoes you can get from GrimBros

Corinne Pink Dress

And to finish in beauty.. Corinne dress. Victorian look, this dress is very elegant and it's price is a real steal ! Want to know it... then visit GrimBros on Stieglitz

I ❤ Japan

This is not the first post about the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, I am therefore going straight to the point : last count showed that the PCF event has raised more than 3 milion l$ so far, which is awesome! The World of Beauty market place is still open for a couple of weeks, and the mega-laggy crowd of the early hours has now somehow subsided, which makes it much easier to walk around the place and actually see what's for sale there. As you may or may not know it, my favorite color is red  *giggles*
 Royally has these 3 adorable turtleneck shirt in a 100l$ pack. 100% goes to PCF.

X plosion has this lovely  Sweet Lady outfit, it comes with 2 different skirts and 2 bras. If red isn't your favorite, there are other colors available. 450l$, 100% for PCF... The eyes (closed on that picture, I know) are the Maple edition of Banana Banshee's Japan series, they're 100l$ (100% for PCF)

As I was setting up my vendors, this incredibly sexy piece of clothing caught my eye, and I just had to have it. Shop is called Eclectic, and if you want my opinion, that's 225l$ very well spent!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fashion For Life: Peeps

Short one but cute one !! Peeps has a cute jewelry set out for FFL.

loved it !