Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flight of the Phoenix

And no.. I do not mean the movie, though it's a good one !
But today we got the pleasure of receiving a note from Phoenix Designs & Firefall ... about new lucky chair items only available for a limited time !
And I have the pleasure to show them all to you now ! So you know why it'll be so important to stick there ! Not mentionning Jasfrasa should be changing some of the gifts soon too.
From left to right:
*The Jaden dress. As most of the Phoenix and Firefall's creations, it comes with different options for the final look and the cuffs part are tintable. This outfit is a real must have for you ladies, if you want to have the perfect look which fits both fighting style and schmexy style.
*Isabeau eyes (Special Edition - Jasfrasa eyes) I often model the Isabeau skin with Suavana and those are freebie eyes to match with it. And they're Jasfrasa's... Aren't they looking wonderful?
*The Phonix Equestrienne Belt, shown here matching the Robin outfit in Rust (also in lucky chair) and the Phoenix Designs Highheels boots in black. 0% lack of taste from toes to nose.
*The Creed outfit in green, also comes with a hood and face mask and it looks to me a bit like a Rogue's outfit (*me gives a lookie at Rosie for her husband teaches Rogue's classes in Avilion )
* And last but not the least, the Antiope dress in Red. Elegant and formal, Antiope in black is one of the first outfits Suavana got when she opened her eyes in the SL world. You better get that one!

Now.. Someone (not called Rainy Tomsen at all !) whispered to me this should be lasting about a week... and whispered as well... you might want to stay tuned as next week should see a "Free for 2hours only" new item.

Hair: Modelled with Jasfrasa's eyes: Vixen's lucky chair prize ** Scorpio hairstyle - EXXESS Designs group gift

Enjoy the pretties ! Hugs you all.


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