Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feeling excited yet?

Cos I do !
Tomorrow opens March Mesh Madness 2012 !
Keep your eyes peeled .. it will be raining mesh!

Curioser and Curioser

Hello dear readers! I am so behind on blogging it's not even funny anymore. So here I am, taking a little time to show you Curio's latest faces, Sprout and Mardi-Gras. Sprout is a lovely sweet face, especially if you like being blonde, and it has a hint of spring in it that I simply love. It's best feature is how soft it looks, although I must admit I miss a darker brow option, as I usually go with darker hair. Talking about hair, what I'm wearing is my favorite from Elikatira these days, probably because it's so close to my RL haircut, and it's called Shine.

Mardi-Gras has a much more sophisticated look about it, a yummy mouth, and it comes in lovely colors and even two mask make-ups that won't use up one of your tattoo layers when you want to party. The eyes I'm wearing are my latest design (Banana Banshee) and will be released sometimes tomorrow I think. They (and 3 other colors) will be exclusively available at March's Flux event. More colors will be released in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Koala and The Meero

Totally in love for those Evie...
You couldn't have made any greater and funnier cat tights.
Those pretties are of course from Sleeping Koala, mistress of leggings, tights and much more things (including some that can't be said out loud I heard !)
The smexy shirt is from 1Hundred, and this will be out for next XY ROOM round starting on March 1st. Rest has already been blogged and reblogged but you shall find all the links at the bottom of this post!
More of Mistress Evie with the I <3 boys shirts and yush, I totally love English boys :)
They can be as cute as meeros !

You know it.. it's all after the cut !

Do it like a Cat

and Purr!
I am a little late on that one but how could the Cat not blog about the Purr dress from Sascha's Designs ? Specially when you know how lovely are Sascha's dresses!
So here it is.
As per usual, you may play between different styles depending on the attachements you add like shoulder parts, stola, skirt size and so on and so on!
I got a huge crush on this romantic version in blue and white but if you're looking for something more colorful, why not this yellow and blue edition which is not any less cute !
  More pics and credits after the cut !

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mademoiselle aime danser.

Yes yes yes !! More of my Petite addiction (I love how naughty this can sound while being totally innocent!) with the Damselfly outfit from Evie's Closet, resized for the Petites.
And some more hairstyles which can be resized to fit your Petite ! Thanks Berta for the info!
More pics and every details after the cut

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In a hurry

No, no no no !! That time already !?!
How can it be that late ? Will I have enough time ?
Enough time to show you the brand new room set by Sway... which is totally cute and coming in red or blue tones and ...
Where is this book ?
Of course ... Under the bed !
This so looks like my RL room when I was a student.
Ok well, actually the pile of books with the coffee cup on it .. is still existing.
Oh and you may have noticed the gorgeous new hair from Wasabi Pills, Monique and the Draw up top by Red Mint.
Now you know what's left to do... Shop till you drop!
Room set: Haylie Single Bed Set by Sway's
Hair : Monique by Wasabi Pills
Skin : Romance by Heartsick (For Black to Black !)
Jeans : These old jeans by 22769
Top : Draw Up Top by Red Mint
Feet: Tip Toe Bare Feet by Gaeline

Sinful Giselle

Who is Giselle? And why is she sinful? Sparkle Skye has the answer!

Giselle is a most elegant Fairy outfit, which you can wear in different ways. Also without wings, if you don`t wanna be a Fairy. Gown skirt, short skirt, smexy Lingerie...chose your way of sin! I know you want it and i tell you where you can get it: at The Festival of Sin There are different colours available. I show you Purple, Lilac and green here...
Btw Sparkle Skye: i love you

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How did I end up here?

Sooo... see through corsets and biker leggings... bad girl, right? But this bad girl is wearing cupcake earrings and her face looks so innocent! And she's out there in the woods, in bright daylight! What does that tell you?
To me, it says that I love contrasts :D and if it's not about color, it's about attitude. And, in fact, it's proof that my new Gos boots (actually, my new favorite ever boots) work with both innocent and naughty looks. There, I said it!

Here's what you need to know: The Gos Triumph boots (red version is a limited edition), the Addict leggings, the Kyoot top, the Aura skin and the Je Suis earrings are all Festival of Sin items. The hair attachment is a prize in the Ricielli Valentine Hunt and the pouch is a subscriber gift by SHI.


Skin: [Aura] Helena - Cream - Breast Option- Gretta for Festival of Sin

Eye makeup: -[AddiCt]-Wrath Eyeshadow Glam for Festival of Sin

Hair attachment: Ricielli Attach Tuwa - choccolate (Valentine's Hunt prize)

Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo 2 - Almond (free at the store)

Top: Kyoot - Idolatry Top (Hot Pink) for Festival of Sin

Leggings: -[AddiCt]-She Devil Biker Leggings/Blood for Festival of Sin

Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots - Fem - Red for Festival of Sin

Earrings: je suis...miam earrings for Festival of Sin

Pouch: .S h i - Necklace Coin Pouch (subscriber gift)

Poses: (PDA)

Taxi to Festival of Sin

Monday, February 20, 2012


The Glamour is Hunt.. is on.
And I'm feeling so glamourous now, that I will also get lazy.
Hunt those down ! Start Here and get more info Here.
TGH Items : Tameless Clara Hair and SuPerBia Thoughts Written tatoo
22769 Cocktail Dress - Tameless Clara Hair - Fe Clutch bag
Moar of it after the cut !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Proposers Expo

If you haven't already visited this event, now is the right time to do so !
Lots of goodness in the Proposers Expo and while shopping there, you will support the Autism Society of America.
I'll try to give you more closer looks to some creations placed out there, just like Kmadd Crowd Poses featured previously here but don't wait for me !! Go there !

Healer and Cooker

I meant to blog about this pretty gown for like ages.. but you know how it goes.
Anyway.. time to make grabby hands if you're medieval or fantasy roleplayer because the Violante dress by Moonstruck is amazing.
Of course.. all the lovely accessories are included and you can play between different styles depending on which top, sleeves or skirt you wear.
 More pics and all the credits after the cut

Playing mischief

Is the best thing a faery can do. And even worse when she is about 2 inches tall.
Feeding my Petite Addiction, Evie not only released yet another one of her gorgeous outfits in a Petite Size but also made a free version of the Nyria dress for the Petites !
So make sure to stop by her store to get it, contemplate the lovely sim and then run at Yabusaka Market to get yourself a Hanging Out Chair Prop by Mole End !
 And yes.. I mentionned a new release and this time it's Ren !
So run and make your petite looks even better !
More pics and credits after the cut

Saturday, February 18, 2012

When Folly and Raspberry meet

Yeah yeah.. I'm a little late on last week color challenge... but to be honest, I have been looking for it and would never end up happy with what I got. I wanted something special, something different.
And then a miracle called Evie happened.
So it might not be exactly the folly color, but it's approaching, and I love it!
 So on the right.. you have Folly, with the Eden dress in Petite edition.. and on the left you have Raspberry wearing the Damselfly Petite dress!
And Luna... don't be too mean with next color.. Pretty please?
Outfit : PETITES Damselfly and Eden by Evie's Closet only available at Petites Market at the moment
Avie : PETITES -Elves (Sunkissed skin) by Fallen Gods
Hair : Lucerne by Calla (seems no longer be existing)
Pose : Picture Me Pretty "You Mad"

And then.. there will be some Mesh !

Yes sweetpies, you are allowed to have a Barney's wooohoo moment.
On March 1St will start an event like no other before .
On Fate Island, March Mesh Madness will open its doors and no need to say that all mesh lovers must visit it!
Stay tuned for more infos and maybe some sneak peeks !

My Dark Lady Love

A little late on that one but it's still available.
Kouse made an adorable dark Valentine version of the Brianna gown.
For 25L.. it's a steal.
Dress: Brianna Gown Special Vday edition by Kouse's Sanctum
Hair : Abbey by Elikatira
Skin: Romance by Heartsick (For Black to Black !)
Beauty mark by Blacklace (TOSL item)
Pose by Juxtapose

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Underwater adventures

"Nemo ... Where are you ?"
A submarine is sure not a place for a lady of good education.
But ... maybe with a touch of feminity...
But where did he go ?
"Nemo .. it's ok. I'm redoing the deco."
Noir Nightingale gown is brand new by Leezu.. and it's mesh. You all know I have a thing for mesh.
But with this splendid retro gown, I now definetely have a thing for Leezu as well.
Everything is included: hat, earrings, feather collar ..
The skirt bottom is underlining in a most perfect way the curves and suggesting much more to the mind than any revealing gown could do.
Gown : Noir Nightingale gown by Leezu
Hair : Abbey by Elikatira
Skin: Romance by Heartsick (For Black to Black !)Beauty mark by Blacklace
Pose by Juxtapose