Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Love

In a hurry but still with love...
DSN treat this morning, the Jade by Vivianne Fashion (two different styles show on extreme left and right of the picture).
Corset shown in the middle is a treat to grab at Malt .. the freebie stuff stand is full of gifts from all the designers there !

My love for Phoenix Designs & Firefall keeps growing and all those lovely things are to get from the chairs.. new prizes ! (not the clothes but the jewels, belts, cuffs, boots for male and female and arm wrap)

Another gift from Malt is the featherish outfit shown in the middle, and the cute flower to chew on !

The red dress is from Irresistible lucky board ! yum yum

All along the post are shown the skins from Tuli... previously blogged and delightful for Sua's ones and the one Mae wears is a gift to find in the store; Kalista ! I love Tuli !

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